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Fashion Friday: Not-so-unlucky 13! (Skirt inventory)

 Organize skirt inventory, complete with pictures.

I have to start by saying that Fashion Friday was the one day out of the week that I’ve been looking forward to the most.  No thinking, just picture taking and captioning.  Just a “get ‘er done” type of thing.  That is, until I started.  Though it was quite rewarding (and I get a checkmark, which I haven’t had in a few days!), it was also more time consuming than I thought it would be.  It also showed me that I am in really bad need of a spring cleaning.  Usually, my clothes are much more organized than they are now.  So, another thing to add to the checklist, I suppose.

Did anyone have anything weird happen today, since it’s Friday the 13th?  Nothing weird with me, except for the coincidence that I own 13 skirts.  I don’t really consider 13 unlucky anymore, especially since it’s Taylor Swift’s lucky number (Yes, I know.  She’s my not-so-secret guilty pleasure.).

Before I go through with the fashion edition of my blog, I must give a shout out to some people who have been doing fashion blogging longer than I have, and quite well, I might add.  In fact, I suggest you probably check out their blog before mine, as theirs is much more entertaining than an inventory of clothes.  That, and they have a cool name:  Please enjoy both of their wonderful styles (and their current 30 in 30 adventure)!

So here is my skirt inventory, again using the Lucky Shopping Manual 2003’s “you’re covered if you have this in your closet” list:

__2 all-season work skirts (tropical wool)

Gray suede skirt: dressbarn (gifted).

*Okay, I admit I have no idea what tropical wool is.  This is more like a suede material and I count it as

an all-season work skirt for sure.

*Own 1, need 1 more

1 day-to-night skirt (dress it up or down)

White skirt with black & silver flowers: JKLA California (gifted).

1 denim skirt

Short denim skirt: Passports (gifted). **I swear I’m not spoiled.  My mother just keeps giving me clothes without me asking for them, sometimes even after I turn her down.

2 summer work skirts (crisp and structured)

Black and white floral skirt: Jones|Wear (gifted).

Cream skirt with brown floral stitching: Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted).  Tufts of black fur (even though I vacuum once a day):  My shedding dog.

 2 summer weekend skirts (dress them up or down)

Brown waterproof cargo skirt: Mountain Hardwear (bought from REI 2010).

Purple, green, and black floral skirt–my very favorite skirt! : dressbarn (bought 2009).

Extras (skirts I own that are in addition to those on the “you’re covered if…” list):

Brown long, stretchy, tiered skirt: JohnPaulRichard (gifted).

Black & white polka dotted skirt: Charter Club (bought from Macy’s 2008…I think)

Khaki corduroy cargo skirt–say that 3 times fast! : American Eagle Outfitters (thrifted).

Purple/dark blue/black/turquoise tie-dyed skirt: RQT (gifted).

Gray/white seersucker-patterned denim skort (yes, skort!): Christopher & Banks (bought 2012)

Brown button-embellished wraparound skirt: CATO (gifted).

Skirt I ended up donating:

Purple skirt with black embroidery: liz&co (gifted).  I haven’t worn this skirt

in almost 3 years and only ever wore it with one specific black shirt, which

breaks one of my cardinal rules where everything I own must go with at least

three things in my wardrobe.

My ruined favorite skirt:

Cream corduroy skirt with gold embroidery & beading: Faded Glory (thrifted).
My dear hubby, trying to be helpful after I had a long day of work, decided to take over laundry duty for the day but failed to separate my dark blue jeans from this light cream skirt.  While I was extremely grateful for it, and by no means did I get angry at him, it is sad to see my favorite skirt ruined.

What I’ve learned:

*My skirt style is much more structured, mature, and classic than I thought it would be.  I guess my style is leaning towards something more grown up.

*I have somehow, without my knowledge (until today), managed to collect three solid brown skirts, yet I don’t have many shirts that go with the color brown.  Contemplating whether I should get rid of brown skirts or buy more compatible shirts.

Skirts I haven’t worn yet:

Cream & brown Ann Taylor Loft, grey and white seersucker skort, & multicolored tie-dyed.  First two I don’t mind a bit, because I just bought one today and the other yesterday so they’re both brand-new.  I actually plan to wear both in the next week or so.  As for the multicolored one, I received it as a Christmas present and am planning to wear it in the summer (I didn’t really think the colors fit in with either winter or spring).

Final skirt shopping list:

__1 all-season work skirt

For all you fashionistas/fashion-interested out there, some questions:

1)  What is your favorite skirt out of the above?  Your least favorite?  (As in, do you have any “what was she thinking?!?” impressions of any of the above?)

2) Aside from what is noted above that I need to add to a shopping list, is there anything glaringly missing from my collection?  Is there anything you would suggest to round out/compliment what I already have?
3) After seeing the pictures, do you think I’ve miscategorized anything? 

4) What exactly IS tropical wool?  Does it go by a different name?  Because I’ve never heard of it.

5) Do you think any of these skirts are out of place in my wardrobe (i.e., does one or more skirt(s) not fit the fashion profile/personality of the others)?

6) Do you have any suggestions at all for getting the blue dye stain out of my favorite skirt?  I feel as if I’ve tried everything (hairspray, stain remover, bleach, multiple washings), but I can’t bring myself to give up on it.  There may even be a prize involved if your suggestion successfully takes the stain out.  I would very much appreciate it!



2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Not-so-unlucky 13! (Skirt inventory)

  1. 1–Polka Dots & the Cream with Brown Floral Stitching are my favorites. I don’t have a least-favorite, although I will admit to being tremendously hesitant on anything tie-dyed.
    2–I would say all of your skirts have the same wide a-line shape to them, which is a good shape, but maybe push yourself for a pencil skirt. I know anyone with even the remotest hints of a tummy (myself DEFINITELY included) are wary of pencil skirts, but with the proper fit they’re still super flattering and lend a great professional and crisp look (yes, Vi, feel free to point out that I’ve almost never worn one on my blog. I never said I walk my own talk).
    3–I think the polka dot skirt should be in an actual category, instead of just an extra. But pretty much only because it’s my favorite one.
    4– “is sturdy but lightweight and airy, making it perfect for summer clothing.” (thanks, Google)
    5–Apparent from tie dye (I think my hesitation is largely rooted in a bad summer campe experience. Maybe I’m just a hater?), the long tiered brown one is different from the others–but I think that’s a good thing, since all the other skirts look almost identical in structure. So yay!

    Also, I’ll say–brown is a neutral, and goes with everything. It’s also a color that looks particularly good on people with darker hair, so cling to those skirts and you’ll realize that 99% of your tops do, in fact, work with them.

  2. Sequins,

    I’m quickly falling in love with the cream & brown skirt, too. I realized today, however, that it’s dry clean only. Curses! Somehow I always fail to check the care instructions when I spy a super-cute article of clothing. So I guess I won’t be wearing it as much as I thought I would. 😦

    I noticed too as I reviewed all my skirts that the tie-dyed one stuck out like a sore thumb. I think it’s a remnant of my late teens/early twenties bohemian chic style that I find myself reverting back to when I feel like being less grownup and more whimsical. Maybe it’s important to note here that about a year ago I finally defined my fashion profile: sophisticated and colorful with a little bit of quirk. I also defined my fashion icons to be Jillian Harris (of Bachelorette & Extreme Home Makeover fame), Lorelai Gilmore (specifically the fictional character and not Lauren Graham, as they have completely different fashion tastes), and Taylor Swift. Perhaps the tie-dyed skirt is channeling a little bit of Taylor? Who knows. All I know is that I love every single color in it and was grateful that my purple & green floral skirt had a non-neutral-colored-skirt-partner-in-crime. 🙂 So I’m determined to seamlessly incorporate it into my wardrobe.

    Regarding pencil skirts, I actually used to own a black one all the way up until about four months ago because it didn’t fit anymore. I always intended to wear it to work but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even though it fit well (at the time), I felt self-conscious wearing something more body-hugging than I normally did. I think my draw towards A-lines are the twirl-factor. I’ve always been a sucker for skirts with a good twirl-factor. That being said, I will add a pencil skirt to my list, because you’re right. It does lend a professional and crisp look. (Also, I wasn’t going to mention the whole you-don’t-wear-pencil-skirts-much thing, but now that you’ve given me permission, I might take your permission to finger-point and use it on a future post if the mood strikes. Ha. Just kidding.)

    What extra category do you think the polka dot skirt should go under? Are you suggesting that maybe I need more polka dot skirts, and if so, what colors do you suggest? I must say I’ve really fallen in love with the sophisticated vintage whimsy that polka dots lend to clothing. I find myself being drawn to polka dots more and more. I’d love to own a good polka dot dress (I used to have an adorable brown one, but it met the same fate as my black pencil skirt. Sigh…)

    Thanks for finding the tropical wool information. In that case, then, maybe my gray skirt doesn’t quite fit the tropical wool bill since it’s neither sturdy nor lightweight and airy. Back to the drawing board, I guess…

    …also…one of these days I’d love to hear your summer camp tie-dye bad experience story. Because I love a good story. 🙂 I wore the brown tiered one on Easter and I have to admit that the different structure felt strange, but freeing. I felt I went a bit too dowdy hippie rather than the stylish hippie look I was going for, so styling with that skirt is going to need a bit of work. I do love it, though.

    I will have to invest in some OxyClean and see if it works. If it does, I’ve decided that there will most definitely be a prize. What the prize will be is to be announced.

    Thanks for your suggestion about the brown skirts. I’m still stuck in the mindset that browns are not a neutral but a warm tone. Most of my shirts are cool-toned. The things I pair most of the time with my brown skirts are turquoise and pink (though I very rarely wear pink…I only just now started to embrace the color because I’d previously always been turned off by its extremely feminine and cutesy associations). But again, you’re right. Brown indeed is a neutral. Perhaps this is where I can start to stretch when it comes to my fashion.

    Thank you for contributing your thoughts! 🙂

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