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Making Memories Monday: Chasing Rainbows

(<—Side Note:  Do you like the new checkmark picture I made?  🙂  )  Pictures to Take Throughout the Year–

April (week 4)

      As you may or may not remember, during my first April Making Memories Monday post, I was bound and determined to find rainbows in the plural sense.  I found a real one during week one, then during week two I found a couple more, but cheated a bit.  Though they were great rainbows in their own right, they weren’t the real rainbows you see in the sky during a marriage of rain and sun.  So this final week, I made it a mission to go on a rainbow hunt.  I thought it would’ve been perfect weather for it since we had a lot of rainshowers during sunny days (or sunbreaks during rainy days? whatever.).  And I was right.  Two friends in my area promptly posted beautiful rainbow pictures on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to see those rainbows because they appeared before my normal waking time  (both captured their rainbows around 6am, which is crazy talk for a time for which one should rise!).  Then, something amazing happened on Sunday that more than made up for it:  a double rainbow!  Luckily for me, I wasn’t the driver when I spotted it, so I was free to try and capture the perfect picture while my hubby and I were on the move.  These were the results:

Sunny part of the rainbow vs. rainy part of the rainbow.  (Double rainbow can’t be seen here, but see below!)

Double rainbow!  The first one was SO bright!  I realize the second rainbow is quite faint, so I drew in an arrow to point it out.  🙂

And as an extra added bonus, here is a rainbow that I threw together in the case that I wasn’t able to find a real rainbow.  Warning: it’s extremely amateur, but (hopefully) amusing and puzzling and wonderful all rolled into one (at least, that’s what I thought about it):

Okay, so I’m sure an explanation is definitely needed.  Basically, I went through the ROYGBIV that is the typical rainbow and picked out some of my favorite pics in each color. 

Red:  A Christmas present I wrapped for my mother-in-law.  Her favorite color is red.  I will be sure to post more of my wrapped gifts, because I am definitely a self-proclaimed wrap diva.  Okay, not so much self-proclaimed, because many friends and family have raved about how beautifully and professionally my presents are wrapped.  🙂

Orange:  2009 was a grim holiday season for me.  I went to the dentist after not having gone in over 10 years, and they found many things wrong with my teeth.  I had to get no less than 3 fillings, 2 crowns, and a root canal, all in the course of a 2-month period.  That meant a very mushy/liquidy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and no cookies.  I lost 10 pounds during those months, but it was the most miserable weight loss I’ve ever gone through.  So I came up with all the things I wanted to eat once I was able to use my teeth properly again.  I wanted pizza, cookies, caramel, chips…so many different things, it got ridiculous…but most of all, I wanted Cheetos.  This picture you see here is my victory pizza, topped with Cheetos.  Sounds gross, but it was so amazingly delicious!!

Yellow:  Did you think I’d get away with not including daffodils when I had the chance?  These are the daffodils from mine and my husband’s anniversary celebration this year.

Green:  This is my husband’s hilarious rendition of our dog.  I assure you our dog is much cuter than that, and only very remotely resembles a fuzzy pig with a kangaroo tail.  😀
Blue:  This is a snapshot of clouds during a road trip we took.

Indigo:  Though it looks just like a painted-on stripe, it’s actually a part of beautiful dark blue water.

Violet:  Aren’t those eyes creepy?  Yeah, I thought so too.  They happened to be painted on a toilet at a restaurant I went to, and believe you me, I screamed bloody murder when I saw it for the first time.  I went back to the table and told my guy friends about it (because I could just let the girls in to see for themselves), and they didn’t believe me, so I grabbed a camera and snapped a picture for evidence.

This concludes April’s portion of pictures to take throughout the year.  Bring on May!!!  😀

Hope you were able to find something beautiful and amazing (or something that makes you laugh with amusement) too!  🙂


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