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Violet’s Double-Down Catch Up Challenge! (Not to be confused with ketchup or catsup)

Dear Readers,

On this Wednesday evening (actually, it’s technically early Thursday morning since it’s now midnight:01), I decided I wanted to catch up with all my blogging.  I was super-busy last week and fell behind on my daily posting schedule, and ever since then, I’ve been desperately trying to catch up (as you may have noticed because the day titles don’t match up with what day it actually is).  Today until Saturday, I am going to be doing double-posts in order to equal one post a day for this month.  Tomorrow will actually be a four-post day, since I’ll be posting a double-Wednesday and double-Thursday.  It’s a challenge I wanted to do to prove to myself that I am actually able to post daily for my first blog month.  Wish me luck!   At the end of Saturday’s double-post, you better believe that a big, huge checkmark will be awaiting me!  And possibly a few cookies.  😀  I hope you enjoy the extra dose you’ll be getting in the days to come.

 Here’s to taking a huge challenge of yours head on (and accomplishing it!!!!),


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