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Hmmm…well, that sucked! Like a vacuum.

Dear Readers,

      I promise there will be a lot less typical letters to come and more actual posts.  Looks like my double-down catch up challenge was a flop, largely due to it being replaced with planning and prepping for my 30th birthday party.  So I’m taking this opportunity to start anew.  It’s time to take my blog title to heart and do a bit more loving and laughing, which involves relaxing and not taking myself too seriously.  And to check things off one day at a time, rather than checking many many things off and trying to fit it all into one day.  I’m not ruling that possibility out, especially when I’m on a roll with accomplishing things, but I’ve resolved to try and not get too worked up about it.  So I hope you enjoy listlovelaugh, version 2.0.  I’m sure there will probably be many versions to come.  After all, this is a new blog, and it’s a learning process.  🙂

To More Loving and Laughing (and less stressing and neck-breaking),


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