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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Sunshine on My Feetsies Make Me Happy…

My favorite color has been purple for awhile now, but before that, I loved a very specific bright watermelon pink, sea green, lime green, and hunter green (looking back on this list, I never realized I was such a green fan).  In general, I’m a big fan of colors, and I really don’t discriminate.  Emerald greens, rich burgundies, silver, turquoise, and royal blue have all been known to make me ooh and aah.  My entire month was made just by the single purchase of a 150-count Crayola crayon telescoping tower.  Put succinctly (and mildly):  I love me some colors!

This spring, I watched with part horrifying flashbacks, part awed amusement, as fluorescent colors reminiscent of my favorite flower of highlighter pens made a comeback.  Now, I’m not completely clueless when it comes to fashion.  I realize that all fashion recycles itself.  But for some reason, I thought 80s fashion was dead and buried with my coveted slap bracelet.  Alas, to my unsuspecting eyes’ dismay, I was wrong.  I’m not quite sure why it had to be neon that recycled itself.  Couldn’t it have been jelly shoes instead?  I would’ve totally jumped onto that bandwagon.  What is it about bright colors that prompts fashion designers to think, “Yes!  THAT color must be in my new collection!”?

Oh, but the joke’s on me now.  Because I loved those bright colors in the 80s, and I secretly love them now.  And when I wear my neutrals and darks in this sea of Day-Glo colors, the light beckons me.  I go toward it slowly, mesmerized and slightly entranced.  I’ve always been one who needed to have a pop of color in order for my outfit to feel complete, whether it be earrings or a scarf or an article of clothing.  Indeed, it’s written into my personal fashion profile, which I’ve defined as “sophisticated and colorful with a little bit of quirk.”  But it’s usually been a pop of turquoise or jewel tones.  Not these colors that sing to me happily while being worn by peppy dancers who groove to Alouette (yes, I love that commercial).

But the more that I looked at my wardrobe, the more I wanted to introduce a new pop of color.  I saw the amount of gray clothing I was accumulating and decided that yellow would be a great complement to it.  And once that thought entered my mind, it ran wild.  I realized that yellow would also look spectacular with the dark blues of my jeans, and would provide a good pop of color to black slacks.  So then and there I made it my mission to have yellow in my wardrobe.  I have since bought a yellow top (with gray, black, and white) and a solid yellow tee, and they’ve become two of my very favorite staples.  I feel happy every time I wear either one of those.  It’s like an instant dose of happiness.  (Side note:  I also fell prey to bright cobalt-y blue.  Looks wonderful with yellow and also with pink!)

So when I ran across this how-to on one of my favorite crafting blogs (admittedly, I clicked on it as a digression from my original want to do dictionary shoes…which I think will be next week’s Ta-Da Tuesday project) and realized I still had yellow spray paint leftover from my word transfer art, I put two and two together and decided to make myself a pair of yellow shoes.  Here’s how it turned out:

I’m not satisfied with them, since I ran out of spray paint to sufficiently cover the shoes, so I think I’ll make a run to the craft store for some more so I can finish it.  But they’re not horrible, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear them as is.  I still don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of spray painting yet, so I guess I’ll have to add a few more spray painting crafts to my list so I can perfect it.

I pretty much followed the same steps as the blog did, using old black Partners shoes (they were super-old and starting to fade so I didn’t mind at all coloring over them) and Krylon spray paint in “Bright Idea.”:

Just apply several thin layers, letting each layer dry about 2 minutes in between.  That’s it!  🙂

Wishes for Your Own Pop of Happiness,


2 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Tuesday: Sunshine on My Feetsies Make Me Happy…

  1. Very cute! I ended up painting a pair of black flats purple once, for a Halloween costume. I used acrylic paint, though, because I wasn’t thinking about making them last very long.

  2. Looking back, I think I would’ve had better luck using a paintbrush and some sort of glossy paint. I think perhaps I wasn’t meant to be a spraypainting artist. 🙂 But I’m committed now, and I like the color, so I want to finish this up (i.e., put another coat on when I get the funds to get another can) then retire from spraypainting for awhile.

    How did acrylic painting the shoes work for you? I’m wanting to paint a pair of canvas shoes for my mom because she’s always admired a pair of mine that’s a very specific color. I called around and I just couldn’t find it in her size, but she laments the fact she doesn’t have them every time I wear them.

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