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Tying Up Loose Ends

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Since we are coming up on the end of spring, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little bit of blog spring cleaning of sorts.  These are updates, pictures I’ve been meaning to post, and various other miscellany.  Enjoy!  🙂

1) Since posting my first two Fashion Friday posts, I’ve acquired some clothing to fill in the gaps that I had.  I’ll also update the actual posts, but I’ve had several requests to actually see the clothing on me because they’re curious about my style, especially after my posts on my DIY yellow shoes and shirt-to-skirt.  So I put together some outfits with my new additions.  Much fun was had!  😀  Here are the results:


2 more tees in unpredictable colors (preferably navy blue & yellow)

Navy blue t-shirt: Mossimo (bought at Target in 2012).  Khaki shorts:  Eddie Bauer (gifted).
Belt & feather necklace: ???
*Author’s Note:  Coincidentally, I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago, and this is the first
official picture that I have of it.  Mostly because this is the very first day that I didn’t loathe
the way my hair looked.  🙂

Yellow t-shirt:  Merona (bought at Target in 2012).  Jeans:  Avenue (bought 2012).
Earrings: Target (bought 2012).  Scarf:  ??? (gifted).  Owl pin: handmade by Sequins–check out her & her friend’s awesome fashion blog!!  🙂 
1 cream or white long-sleeved tee

White long-sleeved t-shirt:  Herman Geist (thrifted).  Dark purple pinstriped skirt (part of a skirt suit): J.B.S. Limited (thrifted).
Gray fedora: Charming Charlie (on loan indefinitely 🙂  )  Gray belt (shown here tied around neck as a necklace):  ??? (gifted).
*Author’s note:  I had fun putting together the styling on this one.  I know the typical, classic styling of a white
tee is with jeans and perhaps a scarf, but I wanted to show the versatility of this classic piece, so I pushed my
fashion boundaries a bit.  I love the result!

1 all-season work skirt

Gray & black colorblocked skirt: H&M (thrifted!  score!!!).  Black sweater: Charter Club (thrifted).
Earrings: ??? (gifted).  Necklace (shown here tied around waist as a belt): ??? (gifted).  Cream flower pin/clip: booth from an expo (bought 2012).

2)  Confession time:  Even though my Memorial Day experience was indeed memorable and I said it was enough to not make me worry about the fact that I didn’t finish my May pictures to take list, my strong dislike for leaving things unfinished took over.  So here are the missing pictures from the list, no longer missing.  😀


From the pool-opening party at our complex.
Prom happenings
I was unable to actually take a picture of prom happenings since a) I am no longer prom-going age and b) I don’t have a child who is prom-going age.  There were some missed opportunities as hubby and I were driving around these last two weekends, but alas, I forgot to bring my camera.  (One highlight I especially regret missing:  dressed up teens getting into a white with black flames Hummer limousine.  White with black flames!!  Epic, I’m telling you.  Epic.)
So instead, here is the picture I have for you:

Violet’s Senior Prom, 2000.  I thought the gloves were tres elegant, and I custom-made
the shoes by hot-gluing red roses onto them to match the rose pins in my hair (both of
which are hard to see in this picture).  Um, Senior Prom was awful.  But that’s another story
for another time.
Cinco de Mayo celebrations
As noted, my Cinco de Mayo celebration was…interesting, to say the least.  If you didn’t read that particular post, the Reader’s Digest version is that we ended
up celebrating it with a Taco Bell Doritos locos taco by the lake.  Here is the picture I promised:

“Derby de Mayo”, 5/5/2012.
Students moving out of the college dorm
I’d like to go on record to say I don’t just randomly stalk college dorm rooms to see if I could snap a picture of a complete stranger coming out of their dorm rooms.  🙂  That said, here is the last picture I took of the view of the very last dorm room I stayed in my final year of college, right before I locked it up and drove away:

As an added bonus for you, Dear Readers, is a snapshot of the rarely-seen Pointerfingerness Monster.  😉
But seriously…that’s what gives this picture so much charm for me.

People drinking mint juleps or wearing hats for Derby Day
Again, you need to reference the “Derby de Mayo” post to fully understand this picture, but basically we didn’t have mint juleps.

Pie shake combining sour cream lemon pie and vanilla ice cream.  Yummy!

Fabulous Derby hats:

These are pictures from the TV when we watched the Kentucky Derby.  I love the blue hats!  They’re fabulous!

The actual hat I wore on Derby de Mayo (forgot to take a picture of me wearing it); late Derby hat donning with a friend while at the mall (substituted coffee for mint julep).

I know your minds probably have some great comments developing, but just in the off chance that you don’t, here are some questions:

Which of the above outfits is your favorite on me?  Any styling tips?  Any fun Derby de Mayo (and subsequent Super Moon) stories of your own that you’d like to share?  Any stories of tying up your own loose ends?  How was your senior prom?  Tried any new fabulous drinks lately?  What’s your favorite BBQ food item?  Any great moving out of college stories?  I’m all ears!  😀



2 thoughts on “Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. Yay that was my pin! I’m glad you wore it 🙂 It looks good on you. Also you are a hottie-puh-tottie in that black skirt outfit. I bet your mister likes taking you out in that outfit 🙂
    Okay so..
    1–the black skirt, duh
    2–wear that belt (paired with the black skirt) with frickin everything, or let me steal it
    3–Not really.
    4–My entire (personal) blog is one big loose end that needs tying. I’m trying not to think about it.
    5–The dinner beforehand was AWESOME but the dance itself was uneventful and fairly low on the drama / boring as heck.
    6–Yes! I got a mocha/salted carmel milkshake and it was amazing. I have pictures and there will be a post forthcoming.
    7–God I’m a sucker for ranch-based dip.
    8–No, but moving into college I was still recovering from jaw surgery and couldn’t move or lift anything, much less carry it up the four flights of stairs to my room. I got cozy with my very thoughtful and awesome roommate very very quickly.

  2. Thank you! I love that pin. It has been roosting atop many of my outfits as of late. I especially love it with my two new shirts with yellow in it. I feel it gives the sunshiney color that extra pop of whimsy that I enjoy adding to every outfit. 🙂 I’ve gotten many compliments on it, including a question as to whether or not it’s a new “symbol” for a status brand (like the alligator for Lacoste).

    My mister is pretty blind when it comes to my outfits, hard as I try to impress him. Just this last weekend I darn near broke something putting together a flirtatious outfit that consisted of a long skirt worn as a dress, blue shrug, and my awesome new cowboy boots (That I got for completely free at the end of a yard sale. They are amazing and may deserve their own separate blog post). It was one of those outfits that made me look in the mirror and say, “Well, hello, aren’t YOU cute today?!?” Not a peep from the hubby. I have to say, though, that he’s been trying to make a more conscious effort ever since I expressed my disappointment in him not noticing how much I gussied up for him. He looked through my camera and commented on which outfits look good on me.

    Where was I? Oh yes. So I’m looking forward to wearing that black outfit to see what he thinks. We have to get some money first to have somewhere to go in it, though. 🙂

    The belt is super-easy to recreate, and you’re more than welcome to steal the idea! Long pearl strands are plentiful at thrift stores, and JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s is a great place to find clip-on flowers. Just wear at the waist, cinch it so it fits, and clip the flower on at the cinch point. Voila!

    Are you talking about the salted caramel mochas they have at Starbucks? Because if so, I love them, too. I highly recommend their mocha coconut frappuccino, too, if they’re still making them.

    I remember your obsession with ranch-based dip. I seem to recall a time at our place where we went through a HUGE bag of baby carrots with the help of some ranch dip. And you were all the while balancing on a yoga ball, no less! Talent, I tell ya.

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