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Making Memories Monday: Blasts from the Past

Pictures to Take Throughout the Year
June (week 2)

I’ve fallen pretty behind on my picture-taking list this month.  So much so that there are three items that I’ve lost my opportunity to take in my area.  So I’m cheating a little bit and providing those pictures from my own life.  The good thing is that of course there are memories attached, so at the very least I can share those.  The fourth item is also a blast from the past, only because I don’t know anyone getting married this month, and I’m not the type to stalk either places of worship or wedding venues.  Enjoy!  🙂

Graduates dressed in caps and gowns

My high school graduation.  I’m pretending I don’t know where my diploma went (in case you can’t see it, it’s on top of my head.  It blends in well with my cap).

My university graduation.  I’m showing off my awesomely-decorated cap.  🙂  Also, you can’t really see it here, but my hair has purple.  It was very slight…it was only deposits (no bleaching involved).  When the sun shined, it looked like I had grape jelly in my hair.  I LOVED it.  It was my then-boyfriend/now-husband’s graduation present for me.  😀

My university fellow graduating class.  I’m in the fourth row on the right-hand side.  😀  (Really, I am!)
Children on the last day of school
I don’t have any school-aged kids (or any kids at all, for that matter), so I didn’t have any current photos (and wasn’t about to go stalk kids…ew…creepy much???).

Awesomeness is exuding from this picture.  I was 15 here, so technically I was still a child.  This is my last day of 9th grade.
The bangs, the lime-green shirt with heart-shaped zipper pull, the scrunchie with neon-colored flowers…aaah, the good life.  🙂

Brides getting ready for the big day

A quick story on my wedding photos:  on our actual wedding day, the photographer was a no-show.  My incredible maid-of-honor rallied everyone with cameras and went down the shot list to make sure I had all the pictures I wanted.  On our first year anniversary, Gruffy and I went back to our wedding venue, all dolled up again in our wedding garb, and had a professional photographer (obviously a different one than we hired for the wedding) take professional photos as an anniversary present to ourselves.  The first three pictures are from the professional photographer* and the last one is from the actual wedding day.  I think in the last one, I’m admiring myself right before I walk down the aisle, and you can even see me “ooh”ing in approval.  😀
*In our photography package, the photographer released the rights of these photos to us.  I left her name out so I could keep some of my privacy (it would be easy to pinpoint where I live if I mention her name), but if you really enjoy these pictures, please let me know in the comments below (with your email info) and I’ll be happy to email you her website.  🙂

To Recalling Some Happy Memories of Your Own,


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