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Fashion Friday: Stylin’!

Today I’m continuing with my simple, sweet, and short (at least for me) blog post run.  If I happen to have time and motivation, I will do my usual clothing inventory post (next thing on the list is dresses!  woohoo!), but as of right now, I have neither.

Instead, I give you this picture:

Floral shirt:  local market in the Philippines (bought in 2011).  Cobalt blue shorts:  Mossimo (bought at Target in 2012).
Bracelet:  gift shop in Germany (bought in 2010).

I fell in love with this top after seeing it at a local market during vacation in the Philippines.  The cut and style was unique and so unlike anything else in my wardrobe, and I loved the colors (I’m a sucker for pretty much anything purple).  I hadn’t yet treated myself to anything of signifigance yet, and being that it equated to roughly $10, I had to have it.  Once I got home, though, I got fashion styling block (comparable to writer’s block) and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the heck to wear the shirt with.  When I first tried to style it, I tried to go the fancy and formal route, as I thought the shirt was so flirty and feminine and dressy.  I paired it with my skirts and put it over a few sleeveless dresses, but nothing looked quite right.  Eventually, I gave up, and this gorgeous shirt remained unworn for over a year.  Every time I opened up my closet, it looked back at me, mocking my lack of creativity.

A few months ago, I tried again, thinking maybe I could pair it with jeans.  It still looked wrong:  I felt out of proportion and it didn’t seem to showcase the shirt the way I wanted it to.

Then, a few days ago, something strange happened.  I was feeling part daring and part “I don’t really care if I match today, I have no one to impress”.  I literally took the three articles of clothing closest to me–the top, a pair of bootcut khakis, and a jean jacket–and threw them on together, just for the heck of it.  As I turned to the mirror, I fully intended on me looking silly and immediately wanting to change, but I was very pleasantly surprised!  I loved the outfit and I felt quite accomplished that I finally figured out an outfit to go with the top (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the amazing outfit).  I proudly sported the outfit when we went house-hunting (I always like looking put-together when meeting with the Realtor so he knows I’m professional and serious about home-buying).  Then yesterday, I wanted to test and see if that lucky styling was just a fluke.  This time, I very deliberately picked out the shorts pictured above, thinking the blue would compliment the colors in the shirt perfectly, and I was right (or, at least, I’d like to think so)!  I would never, ever, ever have considered the combination before, but after finally seeing it, I have no idea why I didn’t think of it sooner.

I think the trick to styling this shirt is that it’s meant to be more casual than formal.  It helps to give a little bit of extra pizzazz to an outfit that you could just wear a plain white t-shirt with.

I feel as if I’ve finally given life to this shirt, and it has now quickly become one of my favorites.  I’m looking forward to where the next styling will take me.  🙂

What do you guys think?  Does the pairing look good to you?  Would you have thought to pair it with khakis and a jean jacket (and does that sound bad or good to you)?

I’m also actually looking for advice on how I possibly could style it formally.  I really would like to wear it on a fancy date dinner night out, but honestly, it seems to repel any pairing with anything remotely dressy.  I even tried pairing it with a jean skirt, and I think it just looked at the “skirt” part of it and stuck out its tongue.  I mean, you know, if shirts actually had tongues…

Ahem.  Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  And I hope that maybe I could get out of my stressed-out funk and get my dress clothing inventory out of the way.

To Your Own Successful Styling,


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Stylin’!

  1. Very cute! I won’t lie, I harbored some skepticism regarding this top, but I like how you wore it! Next up–posting a full body shot so we can get a peek at the shorts? What shoes did you wear it with?

  2. I always appreciate honesty, especially if it prevents me from looking like a disaster when I step out! 😀 But I value your fashion opinion because I love your style.

    I have to say that I couldn’t initially picture myself wearing it. After all, part of the charm was that it looked nothing like anything else in my wardrobe, and maybe that was a sign that it shouldn’t be there to begin with. But I was determined to make it work because it looked oh-so pretty on the hanger and I wanted it to look equally pretty on me. 🙂 (Selfish motives revealed!!)

    I included a full-body shot (at least as close to one as I could muster from the only place in my apartment that I can set up a self-timer shot) above the close up so you can see the shorts better. You can kinda see it in the closeup one (they’re really short and almost look like they’re a bottom colorblocked layer of blue and part of the shirt).

    The shoes were nothing special; just a pair of white sporty mesh maryjanes. A bit lackluster compared to the rest of the outfit, but comfy and sufficient. 🙂

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