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Fashion Friday: Loving Myself Just The Way I Am Special Addition*

*No, that isn’t a typo, dear readers!  It’s more like a pun, I guess.  I mean, it is a special EDition, but at the same time, it’s a special ADDition to my usual Friday clothing inventory posts, which I will post soon after this one.

Many things cause me to jump up and down and restore my faith in my humanity.  (What can I say?  I’m easily entertained.  That also makes me a cheap date.)  But when my dear friend Ms. Sequins showed me this wonderful link at, my heart grew a couple sizes, I think.  That’s major.  As I told her, I just wanted to reach through the computer screen and give Rachele a big, squishy hug (I mean, in the non-creepy sense) for starting this movement.  In an age where so many people suffer from eating disorders and body image issues and think that the key to their self-worth is how perfect their body is, it is incredibly refreshing to see someone embrace who they are, exactly as they are.  It’s even more incredibly refreshing for this same person to encourage others to do the same.

In this linkup, awesomely called “I Am Proud of My Size”, Rachele invites others in the blogosphere to get gussied up and take a full-body shot of themselves while revealing their clothing size either in the picture itself or somewhere in the blog post.

More fantastically, she stresses that should you choose to participate, “No diet talk, weight loss talk, negativity or any type of body shaming [is] allowed. This is about being happy with your size and shape, not because it is socially acceptable, healthy or better than others.”

That’s the hard part of this for me, but I’m willing to accept the challenge.  I’ve noticed many who have participated in the challenge found it somewhat difficult, and I’m no different.  I feel as if revealing clothing size is just one of those things women never do, like kissing and telling, revealing their true height, or revealing their true age (you know, once they turn 29 again).  But in a previous post I so very bravely revealed my bra size, so I just figure this is another step into the journey of bravery.

So here it is!  I finally got the luck of getting the hubby to be my photographer, so I went a little overboard with the pictures because I got excited that the background wasn’t my pantry.  LoL.  I thought it was the perfect way to fully embrace the challenge and take shots of my body in angles that women are usually uncomfortable taking (i.e., the back, from the side, etc.)  Enjoy!  😀

To Being Proud of Your Own Body, No Matter Your Size!!!  (and, if you so choose, I implore you to participate in this challenge too!  It’s so liberating!)

(For some reason I’ve always wanted to take a picture by a lamppost.  🙂  Also, notice the pair of wedge flip flops by me?  Well, the boots are actually super-comfy, but I had the unfortunate luck of getting my ankles bitten by bugs the last few days, and the boots rubbed in just the right spot that I couldn’t take it.  So while we walked from venue to venue, I donned the flip flops.)

Shout out to one of my very favorite authors, Jen Lancaster!  I thought this book was super-appropriate for this shoot.  🙂

Me trying to wink seductively, but failing horribly.  I just ended up looking like either a female, Asian Popeye or someone with too much sun in one of her eyes.  Haha.

My favorite poolside shot.

Wait.  Don’t take a picture yet.  My forehead’s itchy.

My freakishly, amazingly awesome cowboy boots!  I’ve been wanting cowboy boots for quite some time now, and on a recent camping trip, hubby and I happened upon a fabulous yard sale while walking around the small town we were staying at.  It was getting to shutdown time at the yard sale, and the people running the yard sale  just said to take whatever we wanted FOR FREE, because it was just going to be thrown into a donation truck anyway.  You better believe I snatched up these bad boys when she said that!  I tried to give her money for them (I felt bad taking these beauties without paying), but she absolutely refused.  Oh my goodness I love them so much!!!!

Accessory closeup!  🙂  Blue & brown feather necklace, gold & silver dolphin clasp bracelet (LOOOOOVE!), brown & tan grommet belt:  all gifted.
Diamond wedding band (Fred Meyer Jewelers) and star sapphire engagement ring (Kay Jewelers):  from the hubby (of course). 

Blue, brown, and tan bag:  another score from abovementioned yard sale!  🙂

This my crazy “I-just found-out-about-something-amazing” face.

Brown skirt (worn here as a dress): JohnPaulRichard (gifted).

Twirling with delight!  Navy cardigan:  Christopher & Banks (or CJ Banks?  one of them)

Look!  A leaf!

My “think about something scholarly” pose.  Gold and faux cat-eye topaz earrings:  gifted.

Things are getting crazy!  Stuff is coming off!  (Including my glasses)  😉

In my comfy PJs after the shoot & non-glam.  Still love the way I look!  😀


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