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Fashion Friday: An Announcement

Dear Readers,

I’ve been on a pretty good roll keeping my posts short and sweet (at least my version of short and sweet, which means 500-page novel vs. trilogy), so this one will be no different.  I won’t have time to do my (long-awaited) dress inventory.  That’s because I’m taking a cue from yesterday’s post and getting away from technology for the weekend.  Except for my digital camera…baby steps, I guess.  😉  I’m going to go out camping with friends, hang out by the water, go hiking, possibly play board games at the campsite.  And before you say, “perfect time to steal her stuff!”, 1)  You don’t know where I live (most of you, anyway) and 2) there will be a housesitter who will rip your eyes out should you try.

Ahem.  Where was I?

Oh yes.  Announcement.  So after a few gentle suggestions from a friend to start a fashion blog, I decided I’m going to jump in and do it.  My new fashion blog, Celebrity Fashion Fiction, will be up and running on Tuesday, August 1st!  You can catch a very quick preview here.  For the most part, this is going to be a fun, no-nonsense, light-hearted blog.  Basically, my guilty pleasure blog.  Don’t worry, I’ll continue to do my listing and loving and laughing right here.  After all, this is my original!  😀

Can’t wait for you guys to see it.  Until then, hope you all have a great weekend!  (And try the non-technology thing!  I wasn’t kidding about that!)


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