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Written Word Wednesday: “Only in My Dreams”

I was fully intending on writing for an hour and posting the results here, really I was.  I read over this story that I haven’t read in over a year so I could start where I left off, so I did accomplish that.  But writing a scene?  Never panned out.

I didn’t want to leave you guys with absolutely nothing, though, so I’m going to post the start of this story.  If I’m lucky, maybe you guys will like what you read and encourage me to continue it.  Win-win, right?  🙂  (I’ve officially given up the war against using emoticons.  It’s too difficult for me.)

So here is what I have so far (click on “Only in My Dreams” link at the end).  Like “Quest for Perfection,” this is a raw draft, unedited and with some random thoughts that might not make sense in parentheses.  My usual process is to write through to the end, then go back and edit.

Please let me know what you think if you happen to read it.  Thank you!

Only in My Dreams

Again, this is all copyrighted.  Just ask me permission before quoting it and there’ll be no hard feelings, okay?  I’m fine as long as you don’t try to pass off this hard work as yours.

Happy Reading!


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