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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Take a Seat

Own a house with a window seat.

Okay, okay.  I must admit that this wasn’t on my “Things To Do Before I Die” list, or any of my crafting lists.  That’s probably because it’s one of those things that I never thought would actually happen anytime soon, if ever.  But as fate would have it, it has happened, and I realize now it’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

In the 1980s (and a small sliver of the 90s), I lived on a military base in (then) West Germany.  We had one channel on our TV:  the “U” channel (seriously.  On the dial it had a big “U” on it.  I think maybe it stood for U.S., but who knows?).  Well, we did have more channels, but of course they were all in German and I couldn’t really understand them.  So it stayed on the U channel the entire time we lived in Germany and we could either take or leave what was on the TV.  During times of Twilight Zone, X Files, and Unsolved Mysteries, I would hide out in my room like the scaredy cat that I am and read.  For the most part, though, I indulged in the TGIF lineup and Saturday morning cartoons a la Touche Turtle and Magilla Gorilla.  One of my favorite TV shows, though, was The Torkelsons.  I related most to Dorothy Jane, who would have long talks with the Man in the Moon.  And where did all these talks take place?  On her bedroom window seat, of course!

Ever since that show, I had an obsession with window seats.  I longed for a place to kick up my feet and gaze out the window or read books or write or even take naps.  It was the epitome of a comfortable home to me, and I always half-jokingly commented that as long as a home had a window seat, I wouldn’t need anything else; I’d be satisfied.

So when my husband I bought our home, I was determined to have a window seat in it.  Luckily, he knew how much I loved window seats and was happy to oblige.  We also have a bay window (actually, we have two) in our house, which just begged to have a window seat built under it.  So I did some research and saw that the project didn’t look too difficult at all.  Originally I used this link as inspiration for directions, but when it got to a day before building the seat, I realized the directions were a bit incomplete for the amateur builder.  So I found this video to use as a supplement, and we tweaked some things specifically for our window.  If you’d like our complete step-by-step instructions, please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to do that for you!  But for now, I give you pictures of the project:

1) A before picture of the bay window before the window seat.
2) Starting the project by taking of the moulding.
3) One part of the moulding done.
4) All moulding off and front part of frame built.
5) Back part of frame being screwed into the wall.
6) Almost finished!  Hinges put in for storage space.
7) View of window seat storage.
8) The gorgeous upholstery fabric from JoAnn Fabrics that I fell in love with.  The purple, red, and green perfectly matched the colors on the walls on the main floor, and the leaf design echoed some artwork I have up in the dining room.  I looked at many alternatives, but I kept coming back to this one.
9) My mom (who graciously sewed the cushion cover for us!) putting on the finishing touches.  Shows the window seat after it has been stained to match the flooring.

**Not shown:  building the rest of the frame, stud finding, wood staining, and super-blurry (because I’m so happy and excited and couldn’t stand still) shot of me sitting on the finished product.

What about you guys?  What have you always dreamed about having?  Do any of you remember The Torkelsons?  What was your favorite show from the 90s?

To Having Places to Relax, Dream, and Read!


2 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Tuesday: Take a Seat

  1. That looks so awesome! When David and I have a grown up home of our own we’re coming to you guys for the window seat. And that fabric is definitely a great find. Looks so perfect for your style!

  2. Thank you! We worked so hard on it. And hey, I didn’t hurt myself with power tools (which, in my opinion, is the biggest accomplishment)! We’ll definitely build one for you guys. 🙂 With all the requests we’ve been getting, perhaps we could turn window seat-building into a side job as a nice way to earn some extra cash. *in Transylvanian accent*: “But for you? Free.”

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