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Spiritual Sunday: Out of Tune?

Read disclaimer, pretty please!  🙂

I’m slowly starting to get the impression that the fates don’t want me to post my awesome Thanksgiving pictures or decorate for Christmas like a madwoman like I usually do every year.  Nor do the fates want to have me consistently post, apparently.  This round’s lack of posting is due to an attack of extreme vertigo, which I had the dishonor of experiencing on Monday.  If you guys have never had vertigo, I don’t wish it on you for everything.  Mine was triggered by an ear infection, but I think (I could be wrong) that in others, it just happens.  I felt so out of control of my body that I was hysterical on the way to the hospital.  It makes you nauseous and the room spins and you ache and when you come out of it, you can’t walk like two feet without being completely exhausted and in need of a nap.  I’m coming up on day six of recovery, and I’m finally starting to feel okay enough to write with pen and paper again.


But as a poor segue, there were a few things that helped nurse me back to health.  My hubby, for one (of course).  But also my doggie helping with Christmas decorations because I was too weak to do so:
And really, who doesn’t like to post cute pictures of their pet?  😉

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but hubby and I recently decided to join a community choir.  Now it’s obviously the season for holiday music, so that’s what we’ve been practicing and singing.  Yesterday was our first concert, at a library.


This picture actually wasn’t from our singing concert.  It was from when we attended some mutual friends’ bell choir concert.  But I’m holding musical instruments near my mouth and I’m wearing the same outfit I wore to our singing concert, so it’s close enough, right?

As we got to our third song, I started to feel really uncomfortable singing the word “Christian” or “God” so many times at a public place.  I was pretty sure not everyone in the library was Christian, and I didn’t want to seem like a choir that pushed our beliefs on anyone who would listen.  It didn’t help that our choir director, at the last minute, decided to not sing the few secular songs we did have on our program.  If anything, I thought we should’ve kept the secular songs and deleted some of the more overtly religious ones.   Hubby and I did a post-concert wrap-up, and he had the same concerns.  The ironic thing is that today we actually have our program at a church, and now the secular songs are going to be included.  Strange, isn’t it?

I know I have several friends and family members, Christian and non-Christian alike, who get uncomfortable singing/hearing so many super-religious Christmas songs.  Some even go out of their way to not listen to Christmas music because they feel they’re listening to propaganda and/or lies.  Instead, they listen to the instrumental version.

That being said, it is the Christmas season.  What other time than now can we listen to Christmas songs out in the open and have it apply?  (We’ll get into the whole argument of WHEN Christmas music should be played later, but as a sneak peek, I’ll have you know that I’m a Christmas-music-all-year-’round kinda gal.)  Now, I’m certainly not opposed to singing/listening to holiday music from other religions, like Hannukah or Kwanzaa songs, and I have.  And I love them just as much as Christmas music.  I don’t think this makes me a hypocrite.  I think it makes me open-minded and a bit of an audiophile.  🙂

What do you guys think?  Should there be some sensitivity to religious songs in a secular place, or should everything be fair game?  I’ll even go so far as to extend this to the music you hear during the holidays at the mall.  I know some stores specifically avoid any music that says “Christmas” in it, as to not offend shoppers, but there are other stores who are proudly Christian-affiliated that pump Christmas music like it’s going out of style (which, in my opinion, is okay as long as they’re not hurting anyone or making anybody feel bad for not believing what they believe).

Please let me know in your comments below.  And also, if you could please send out good vibes that I don’t fall over during my concert today, that’d be great.  🙂

To Finding Your Own Tunes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!!


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