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Making Memories (and friends!) Monday: Short Snippets

I think I’ll switch it around this week and do the Friend Making Monday before the pictures.  Think I may just blow through this post quick.  Just one of them days…


If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Simple Questions

1. Outside my window I see…glorious trees, even though they’re shaking a bit more than I’m comfortable with due to the wind gusts…

2. My kitchen counters are…spacious even though they’re topped with many appliances.

3. Yesterday I drank…the rest of my XXX VitaminWater with breakfast.

4. My cell phone is…probably the most archaic thing you’ve ever seen, but I’m so technologically illiterate that it’s just perfect for me.  Though I guess I’d actually want a phone with a keyboard or touch screen so that it doesn’t take me an entire to day to send a text message.  (Still have to do the old school way of texting where you have to press the “2” button three times to get the letter c.

5. My computer is…ummm…multitasking?

6. My favorite reality show is…hmm..I’m sort of a reality TV junkie, so it’s hard to choose.  I’d probably say Project Runway, though I do like The Bachelor/ette, Dancing With the Stars, and many of the cooking competitions like Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, etc.  Looking forward to The Taste, which premieres on Tuesday the 22nd.  (Do cooking competitions count as reality TV?)

7. My workouts are…nonexistent since moving in September.  My “workouts” consist of walking the dog at the park and dancing to the radio.

8. The last book I read is…there’s a difference between “book I read” and “book I FINISHED reading”.  Last book I read was “Quiet” (the one about introverts), but it was only the sample on the Kindle.  I’m strongly considering buying the whole thing, though, because the sample was definitely enough to capture my interest.  Last book I finished was “Beautiful Redemption”, which is the last in the young adult Beautiful Creatures series.  The movie that corresponds with the first book in the series is coming out on Valentine’s Day, and truth be told, I did a very non-30-year-old squeal when I saw the trailer for the first time last night.  Before I hear any Twilight comments, let me just say that the writing in this book is 1000 times better, so please read the series before you judge.  I also really really hope that the movie does it some kind of justice instead of a horrible Hollywood mockery.

9. My week will be….the first week with a choir rehearsal in about a month.  Interesting.  Then poker party on Friday, so that should be fun.

10. So far 2013 has been…encouraging.  I have a feeling that this just might be my breakthrough year where I have a lot of success on many different fronts.  Here’s hoping!

And now on to the picture portion of the evening!  Since I didn’t have the chance to get the rest of the December pictures and haven’t run across any January pictures yet, I decided to instead post my favorite 12 Making Memories Mondays pictures from 2012.  After all, that’s really what this project was supposed to be for, anyway:  to glean pictures from the year to use as gems for your scrapbook.  So here’s a recap!


Peeled Easter eggs still tinted on the inside.
April 2
A rare and probably never-to-be-duplicated picture of my father and I on a hike.  This was on his birthday.


May 1
A shot of a grave on Memorial Day.  Probably the gutsiest picture I have ever taken, given that I’m terrified of cemeteries.
May 2 May 3
For those of you who are actually counting, I see these two pictures as one package deal.  These are pictures of mine and my hubby’s grandmas, our only living grandparents.  Upon reviewing these pictures today, I find it so sweet that both of them still wear their wedding rings.  Both of them were only married once in their lives, and both of their husbands have long since passed away.
This was during a picture month where I had to grab old pictures because I couldn’t find any current pictures of what was on the list.  Indeed, this is from my own wedding day, which wasn’t in June.  It was in March, almost 5 years ago.  🙂  Such a great day!



Fireworks from the 4th of July celebration I attended.

July 2

Picture from a mini-roadtrip the hubby and I took in the summer.


Checking something off my bucket list:  my first Flash Mob!  😀



Playing with dough leftover from making 595 pies.

November 2 November 3 November 4

Christmas decorating 2012!

I’m looking forward to getting a full year of pictures in 2013.  Stay tuned for Mondays!  🙂

To Knowing Sometimes the Best Things are Short and Sweet!


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