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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Spicing Up My Life

So originally I was going to post about mine and my husband’s date to Hawaii (you’ll have to wait for it…it’s worth it!), but that’ll take a lot longer than I have the patience for right now.

How was everyone’s weekend?  (also too tired for a good segue…)  Mine was kind of a roller coaster.  On the bright side, I am getting paid to do a job for the first time in over a year.  And it was for editing, so it was something enjoyable and something I’ve had experience in and–most importantly–something I went to school for.

As cool as that was, I started to get a horrible case of cabin fever after staring at a manuscript on a computer screen for a combined total of 20 hours.  I wanted to get out and have fun in some in snow.  The hubby and I were originally planning to go snowshoeing, but we had to cancel because we were both feeling under the weather.

Instead, we planned to do something a little less strenuous:  still play out in the snow, or take a walk in a park, or go on a bike ride.  It never happened, though.  We tried again on Monday, but still no park.  It made me super-cranky, and hubby tried to make it up to me by saying we could go out for dinner somewhere and eat and read.  Perfect way to my heart, right?  Except I got way too indecisive about where I wanted to go out to dinner that we ran out of time for the night and had to cancel everything.  Again.

Today, I decided to be proactive and actually do something.  I got my dose of the outside by walking the doggie, but then I took the $20 we had set aside for the date and did a three-part date of sorts.  So I present to you, a three-part, under $20 date:

Part 1: Candlelight dinner (with candles we already had), 99-cent green tea-flavored ginger ale in wine glasses to make it look fancy, rice (made at home), $3.50 chicken coconut curry (it was a soup in the “fresh-made food” section at the grocery store, but it was pretty much curry, not soup, so I put it over rice to make it more filling), $1.50 coconut water, $6ish dollars on “other stuff” (which I’ll go into later in this post).

Total: approximately $12.

Part 2: Relaxing and reading at a cozy cafe.  About $7 for our drinks.

No worries; we were able to afford a drink for each of us, but one person* likes to chug their coffee a little faster than the other, so this was the only cup left after I decided I wanted to take a picture.

Added to the running total: $19.

Part 3: This is my “ta-da!” moment.  I don’t know why it never occured to me before, since hubby and I are huge fans of chips and salsa, but it hit me only today that it would be fun (and less expensive!) to make some pico de gallo from scratch.  So I bought the chips and the ingredients to make pico de gallo, which we made after dinner and let marinade while we grabbed the coffee.  It was GENIUS, because we have vastly differing opinions when it comes to what kind of salsa we like.  Our compromise has come in the form of medium-hot Pace Picante Sauce, but if we were left to pick our own, he would pick flaming-hot Pace or pico de gallo or salsa verde, and I would be all about a milder, sweeter salsa like mango-peach.  Or just do guacamole.

So when we made this pico de gallo, we made separate batches for each person.  He added a ton of garlic and jalapeno, and I added a big helping of the red onion and lime juice and had much less cilantro than is usually found in your typical salsa.  We were both happy campers at the end of the day, and we each enjoyed our yummy batches with some chips as we caught up on the latest How I Met Your Mother and giggled at the Inauguration Day recaps from John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.


Super-blurry…and only… picture of my batch before it all disappeared.

It was a great night and it helped to put the crazy weekend behind me.  Bring on the rest of the week!  🙂

*Okay, fine.  Hubby actually drinks his coffee at a pretty normal rate, while I can make a cup of coffee (or in this case, an Irish Cream hot chocolate…try it if you never have), even if it’s just a 12 oz./tall, last all freakin’ day long.  Truth be told, this picture wasn’t even taken at the cafe.  This is at the end of the night, in our bedroom, 3 hours after I received the drink.  And there was still a few good gulps left in it.  🙂

Wishing You All a Chance to Turn the Bad Into Good,


2 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Tuesday: Spicing Up My Life

  1. I love reading things that prove I’m not the only one who gets so horribly indecisive about what to do that nothing ends up happening and I sit at home grumbly. Also, though, yay for turning it around! I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me to make salsa, but you’re a genius, and David & I will be making some soon.

  2. Yeah, apparently the hubs was so impressed by the whole pico de gallo thing that he’s convinced he’s never going to get salsa from the store again, kinda like when we got a bread machine and life has never been the same. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh-baked bread wafting through your place.

    Anyhow, when we went grocery shopping a few days ago, he was all excited and wanted to grab some ingredients to make more pico de gallo. It was really cute that he loved it so much.

    Can’t wait to hear how yours and David’s adventure into salsaland goes! 🙂

    And thank you…I like to know I’m not alone in my grumbly indecision, too.

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