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Fashion Friday: Indecision, Partie Une

I’m taking a break this week from clothing inventory, mostly because I don’t feel like gathering up all my sweaters and taking pictures of them.  That’s way more work than I’m in the mood to do at the moment.  Instead, I’m using this opportunity to revisit my old-new love,

If you guys haven’t heard of this website yet, and you’re into fashion, I highly recommend it.  Some have gotten back to me saying that it just makes them cranky because they see all these super-expensive pieces of clothing and jewelry that they can’t buy, but I don’t see it that way.  For one, many of those high-priced items, you can definitely find a less-expensive version if you tried hard enough.  Two, it’s fun to use as a closet-mixer of sorts:  find clothing similar to what you have in your wardrobe, save them into your saved items, then mix and match them to find new outfits that you already own!  Three, they do actually offer options from stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Target, which is much more affordable than couture.

Speaking of couture, I bring you my fashion post for today:  I’m actually looking for advice from you fashion-lovers out there.  I’ll be sure to go into more details after the date happens, but on Valentine’s Day, I’m dressing for a date in Paris.  Okay, so I guess I’m not really speaking of couture, but Paris, couture…relates, right?  Anyway, I’m trying to put together a Parisian-inspired outfit, and I’m having a hard time choosing which outfit to wear.  I have two in mind, and I used Polyvore to illustrate them:

(All items I do actually own…or a simile of each, anyway…except for the beret.  Which, I’m planning to have one in my possession by Valentine’s Day, because c’mon.  You can’t go to Paris and not wear a beret.  I think it’s a law or something.  😉  )

Paris Date
So the things I want to wear for sure are noted in the top half of the picture:  hair in curls, fabulous beret, black and white striped shirt, black cardigan, heart necklace, hugs ‘n’ kisses earrings.  For some reason, the whole striped shirt/black cardi combo seemed very Paris to me, albeit a little “safe” and classic for my normal taste.

What I’m having trouble with is what to wear on the bottom:  should I go dark jeans and silver smoking slippers (they look like Toms), or should I go denim skirt, burgundy tights (to give it a bit of color), and black high-heeled boots?

Pros for jeans/flats combo:  more comfortable (for walking around and perhaps an impromptu picnic in the grass), a touch warmer, and a bigger contrast to the fancy dress I plan to wear later in the evening so that the fancy dress gets more of its own”wow” moment in the spotlight.
Pros for skirt/tights/boots combo:  more color, sexier/looks like I’m making more of an effort to impress (this is a plus in this case), more memorable of an outfit.

So what do you guys think?  I’ll be sure to post a picture of me wearing the real winning outfit on Fashion Friday, February 15th.  Stay tuned, and thanks in advance for your opinions!  (The good ones.  Should anyone leave bad opinions, well then, I wasn’t really asking you.  So there.)

Oh, also, you may have noticed that this is Part One in my indecision.  I’ll be posting the second part at a later date.  More fun to come!

Merci Beaucoup!


One thought on “Fashion Friday: Indecision, Partie Une

  1. My instinct is to scream SKIRT SKIRT SKIRT at you, but mostly just because I like skirts. I think you should go for what you’re the most confident in. And I think you’d look hot in that skirt, and it would still not actually take away from the vavavoom of the evening dress. 🙂

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