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Spiritual Sunday: Spiritual Cleansing

The ever-appearing *disclaimer*.  Read, please and thank you!  🙂

Confession:  I have not been doing so good lately, and it all came to a head last night, where the environment that I was in contained all the ingredients to trigger every single one of my insecurities.  My social anxiety, which I am usually okay at disguising and/or containing, came out full force.  I spent the better part of the six-hour get-together with friends and some new acquaintances doubting my self-worth and having a negative tape on loop in my brain saying how everyone there probably thought I was a prudish, uptight, idiotic excuse for a woman who had air between her ears.  The day ended with a complete mental breakdown and the ugly crying that leaves you with red, puffy eyes; snot dripping out of your nose; and a huge headache that leaves you feeling emotionally drained all of the following day.

Besides some good hugs and words of encouragement, the hubby tried to comfort me by offering up the suggestion of organizing my craft room.  Since the move, the room that I had high hopes for and had envisioned to be my sanctuary of creativity became a dumping ground for boxes we planned on unpacking at a later time.  So much so that it became impossible to even step into the room without risk of breaking your neck, stepping on something sharp, or accidentally crushing something fragile in a box behind the door.  In other words, good luck finding the floor.

So began the creation of my sanctuary.  It felt pretty cathartic, to think about organization instead of the demons that were haunting me.  We blasted some music and even got some giggles in.  It felt good to start getting that room in order, especially since it has been something I’ve been putting off in favor of doing more stressful, happiness-sucking things, like job-hunting.  I allowed myself to look at what I unpacked, and for a few blissful moments, I let the dreams of what cute crafty things I can make push out the ugly thoughts I’d been having.  We didn’t finish, but I felt a bit lighter nonetheless, and I’m hoping to make more progress tomorrow.  Afterwards, we allowed ourselves the indulgence of a meal at Arby’s.  Their curly fries dipped in horsey sauce is one of my ultimate comfort foods.  The whole process really helped to put a lovelier note to the end of the week, and for that I’m thankful.

Here are some pictures of the job!


Look!  A pathway!  And a completely-cleared piece of carpet!

105_1737 - Copy

The left side of my newly-organized craft room closet.  This is my gift-wrapping side, with my collection of gift wrap, ribbons, tissue paper, gift boxes, and gift bags…


…and my trusty guard dog, Scout.  He was the first and only stuffed animal I’ve ever won playing a game at the fair.  I think it was one of those shoot-water-in-the-clown’s-mouth-to-fill-up-the-balloon-and-burst-it games.


Wrapping accoutrement compartmentalized into separate bins.


The ribbon bin.  This makes it look like there is SO much less than there really is in there.  Trust me, though.  Layers.  Lots of ’em.


The right side of my closet, which I’ve dubbed the “needle” side.  Which sounds really bad, but I didn’t mean syringes.  I mean it has all the crafts that require a needle of some sort:  knitting, crocheting, sewing.  And of course all the stuff that goes with said crafts, like fabric, yarn…


…and a guardian of the right side to balance out Scout’s presence on the left side.  This is Rocky, named so because he looks a bit like a rock star, more specifically Gene Simmons (or whoever it is in KISS who has the star painted on their eye).  He’s a knitting angel that a coworker made for me a few years ago.  I absolutely adore him.  I love that he has his own knitting needle and ball of yarn!


Better view of my organized fabric, sorted by color.


The trash we accumulated, along with the trash that was in my mind.

To Getting Rid of Your Demons,



2 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday: Spiritual Cleansing

  1. Oh good for you! I don’t know why, but organizing That Room is definitely the hardest part of moving. Did I tell you about my mental breakdown after David & I moved, and that was the only room we hadn’t set up? I spent hours crying about how I slaved away to create a nice space for him and I’m not worthy of a craftroom because I’m a horrible person, etc etc etc. It was an intense ugly cry.

    I’m glad you have your space, and make sure you take time to use it, and be nice to yourself. Because you rock.

    1. You’ve never told me about your mental breakdown, but I definitely sympathize. It never fails to comfort me to know that I’m not the only one who has ever felt a certain way.

      It’s funny how those who are natural caretakers often feel guilty about putting themselves first. At least, that’s a common problem for me. I get the feeling of not feeling worthy of a craft room. In my case, it’s like, “I don’t have a job. That’s what I should be concentrating on; I shouldn’t be wasting time tidying up something that’ll take away from something important.”

      But therein lies the fallacy. Having your own creative space is of the utmost importance, because it’s a way to have an outlet from the stressors in life. Many people forget that.

      Anyhow, thank you for your support. I’m excited for the craft room to be finished. I’ve seen what awesome things you’ve created in your own, and I’m inspired!

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