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Ta-Da! Tuesday: The Spirit of Aloha

…without having to leave home!

A few months ago, I saw this link on Pinterest, and I was immediately inspired.  I’m a little reluctant to reveal that, because sometimes I want to feel like I came up with awesome ideas on my own.  But if you haven’t seen that link on Pinterest yet, feel free to check it out and use the idea.  That’s what it’s there for, or at least that’s what the Dating Divas say.  🙂

So I took the idea and ran with it.  It was one of the presents I gave my hubby for Christmas, and I love how it’s a present that lasts all year long.  I’m going to give him one travel date a month.

In January, we travelled to Hawaii, which actually wasn’t technically one of the places listed on the Dating Divas page (the closest was the Caribbean).  So at least there’s a little bit of individuality there.  Anyway, I thought it was fun to think about going somewhere tropical to give a break from the cold winter weather, and I have to say that I had the hubby fooled for a bit that we might actually be going there!  I do have family in Hawaii that we have an open invitation to visit, so it wouldn’t have been too far off.  So I kept him guessing and kept coy until the actual day.

I was a bit nervous that he might be disappointed that we didn’t actually go, but I really had nothing to worry about!  He had a great, relaxing, fun time, and I think I did a great job of bringing Hawaii to us.  I don’t think I have a better recap than what I posted in my journal, so I’ll just cheat a little and copy and paste, then follow up with pictures of the adventure.

So we arrived home safe and sound from the beautiful island of Oahu.  We started the day taking our “preferred” seats on Hawaiian Airlines.  Shortly after arriving, we had a typical Hawaiian plate lunch:  I had kalua pork with cabbage, he had BBQ chicken, both of our meals of course had rice & macaroni salad for sides.  Finished it off with drinks with umbrellas in it:  I had a Lilikoi fruit Hawaiian Sun, him just plain ol’ H20. When we arrived, we of course both got lei’d (ha).  Afterwards, we went for a dip in Waikiki Beach, then a stroll on the shore, loving the feeling of sand beneath our toes, the smell of sand and ocean and tropical fruit, and picking up pretty shells that we saw along the way.  Made a quick stop at Ala Moana for some cheesy souvenirs:  straw hat for him, grass skirt for me. Then we hopped on a bus to do the Circle Island Tour.  We had stops at Diamond Head where we climbed the 99 steps to the crater, Kahala, the Hanauma Bay Lookout, Halona Blow Hole, a short hike at Makapuu where we saw the not-so-super-secret old hang glider landing strip, and saw a fantastic view of an island through one of the pukas (holes) in the rocks.  Next stop was the super-windy Pali Lookout where we saw nature coincide with traffic; it was crazy to see cars driving through the tunnel, surrounded by so many green trees!  Freaked me out a bit to see a “Caution:  Bees!” sign as the first thing that greeted me. After that, we made a stop at the Dole Plantation.  We rode the Pineapple Express, took some pictures by the “distance to…” sign in the fields, then went through the pineapple maze.  Holy cow, that thing is HUGE!  And, I’m happy to say, we found all the hidden secrets.    We totally have evidence.  We stopped by for a little while and watched some surfers on the North Shore before the tour ended. We got dropped off at the Polynesian Cultural Center to watch some of the presentations.  I have to say my favorite one was the Tonga drummers.  That dude has ENERGY and puts on a great show.  We had lots of great belly laughs from it.  But watching the Maori stick game was a lot of fun, too.  Oooh, and the Samoan coconut husking and tree climbing! We took a quick dip in a waterfall then headed back for the evening shows at the Center.  There were so many great dances I don’t know which one I liked the best.  They were all so talented!  Then we watched some fire knife dancers.  WOW. Then we headed home and was able to watch a gorgeous view of Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head through the window.  All in all, a great vacation!
Okay, fine, not really.  So this is how I did it: I printed out the “preferred” seating sign and put it on our car seats.
*Picture to come (need to get it off hubby’s phone)*
Went to a local Hawaiian Grill,
*Another picture to come
then to a local indoor (heated!) pool to serve as Waikiki.
When we got back to our house, we had leis from the store.
I did recreate the beach with real sand and seashells on the floor.
Smells came from specifically-scented candles that I picked up.  (Turquoise Sky, Waikiki Melon, Black Coconut, Pineapple Cilantro)
Made a makeshift Ala Moana sign and hung up our souvenirs (they really were a straw hat and grass skirt).
Then we hung out on the couch as we watched a YouTube playlist that I queued up of all the real stops on the Circle Island Tour.
When there was a place we had to walk, we took steps in place in time with the video.  The Makapuu Trail was us climbing our staircase, with me doling out pictures of the real views along the way.  I was able to simulate actually looking through a boulder hole with some clever rearranging of furniture.
I made a makeshift “distance to” sign with a floor lamp and arrows made out of scrapbook paper.  It turned out really good!
And I printed out a picture of the pineapple maze, where he and I sat down with a pen and actually found our way through.  I hid the secrets around the house and we really did find them all! Then the Polynesian Cultural Center, I queued up some more videos, and they were spectacular!  The waterfall was our shower, scented with coconut (and colored turquoise!  Was going to originally dye the water with food coloring, but no need because the shower gel had enough color in it).  And more night shows with candlelight. It was still a great time, and in both of our minds, we got a great taste of Hawaii.
Hope You’re Creating Your Own Sense of Fun Accomplishment!  🙂

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