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Written Word Wednesday: Living is Grand!

I have a great idea for a little writing short, but I’ll need a bit more time than I currently have.  I do want to be able to get a little bit of writing clocked for today, though, so I’ll do something shorter that requires less thinking.  This is taken from a writing prompt from WordStew:

“Write about a moment that made you feel that being alive is a grand thing.”

Side note:  LOVE this prompt.  It’s good to remember what’s great about life, especially when it feels so hectic.

*Also, this is totally stream of consciousness writing.  I just write what’s on my mind, no editing.  This is just for fun and by no means is it a final draft.

(c) Copyright VC/GS

Snow Day

Like a bit of thread finally getting through the hole of a needle belonging to a farsighted granny, our car slowly eked through the holiday mall traffic.  Big flakes of snow acted as a beacon for us to follow.  The whiter and fresher the snow, the better.  Other cars, unaccustomed to driving in a bit of winter weather, avoided where the new snow fell for fear of slipping and losing control.  It seemed as if the whole city was contained in that parking lot, because as soon as we escaped the retail jungle, it was a virtual ghost town.

We ditched the freeway in favor of virgin back roads–pure, untouched, and shining with the iridescence of mother-of-pearl.  With no one else around, we felt as if we’d escaped to our own deserted glacier, free to do anything we pleased.

We reached our destination, a performance of The Nutcracker ballet, in plenty of time.  When the performance of the Waltz of the Snowflakes came up, a curious thing happened:  the outside leaked in.  I watched the ballet dancers sway and twirl in the breeze in their twinkling leotards and tutus until it became a glorious flurry, and for that moment, those things I saw onstage weren’t humans dancing at all.  They blurred together, playing quite the convincing role of frozen water crystals.  At the end of it, I applauded wildly, knowing what I just saw awaited me after the show.

Immediately after the closing notes were played by the symphony, we escaped outside, back to our winter wonderland.  It had snowed several more inches, and it was still coming down.  In my mind, I donned the uniform of a snowflake, becoming a prima ballerina that blended in with my surroundings.  I made up steps to my own snowflake waltz, spinning and spinning with glee, not getting dizzy at all.  In a moment of pure glee, I opened my mouth, creating a chute for a cool flake to escape into.  I savored it like it was the most delicious dessert I’d ever eaten.


I felt whisked away to elementary school age, celebrating a snow day.  In the magical world we entered, time didn’t matter, so it was no problem at all to linger a bit.  Feeling inspired and a little silly, I sought out the first pile of snow that I came to, flung my purse with abandon, and made my first snow angel in decades.


I shut my eyes, letting all my other senses fully take in the moment: the dusty swish swish of my legs opening and closing, the muted crunchy feeling under my back, the smell of the snow falling on my face–fresh and crisp and chilling my nostril hairs as I breathed in.  For a second, I just relaxed there in the fluffy bed I made myself, not at all cold, enjoying this little slice of paradise.  When I opened my eyes and saw the array of lights flickering from behind the mist and my husband smiling down at my display of childlike wonderment, I couldn’t help but think that these are the moments in life that make it worth living.

(c) Copyright VC/GS

To Finding Your Own Reasons for Thinking Life is Grand,


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