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Fashion Friday: The Winner Is…

A few Fridays ago, I solicited some advice on which outfit to wear to my Paris date.  Today, I reveal the results.  Drumroll, please…

Side note:  Have you ever seen this article on 8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need?  If not, check it out.  I think this would be the perfect time for the superellipsis.  🙂

I went with the skirt instead of pants, with a few tweaks.  My beret wasn’t gray, it was purple with a turquoise ribbon.  And, even more miraculously, I made it myself!  As someone who hasn’t touched a sewing machine in several months, I have to say it’s quite the feat.  Also, I couldn’t find my burgundy tights (which is strange, since I own two pairs), so I swapped them out for gray cable-knit ones.  The outfit was a hit, which is great, because I ran out of time to wear my fancy dress.  I also kept extremely warm and didn’t even miss the pants!

Thank you all for your votes!  As promised, I will have another opinion poll in the near future.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s a picture.  Unfortunately, I forgot to capture the bottom half with the tights and boots, so I’ll have to remember to don the outfit again and replace this picture.  But for now, there’s this:


Curly hair

Outfit closeup

Closeup of beret (handmade), xo earrings (bought at Farmer’s Market), and necklace (Christmas gift).


Skirt (gifted) and tights (bought at Target, 2012).

Wishes for Outfits That Make You Feel Like a Winner,


(Violet Corniun, NB 😉  )


One thought on “Fashion Friday: The Winner Is…

  1. Way cute! I can’t remember what I voted for, but I think it was the skirt. If not, I’d like to change my vote to the skirt outfit, since it’s adorable. As is the beret!

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