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Spiritual Sunday: An Image to Maintain

Some people’s words are harsh,
But I prefer ones that are tamer.
So before proceeding with this post,
Please read this disclaimer.
Thank you!  🙂

So I know in the past, I’ve written about the mixing of public image and religion.  Recent developments have gotten me thinking about this subject again.

I belong to a choir that labels itself as a community choir who gives back to the community through service.  Sounds like a noble mission, and I agree with that.

What got me thinking, though, is that part of what we label as community service is singing at a church.  While I do consider myself religious, I’m a little stumped as to how a church counts as community service.  We do also sing at nursing/retirement homes, have a charity concert for the local food bank, sing for military appreciation days, which sound like a more legitimiate community thing.  We’ve also sung at the library, which, although was fun, I also don’t really consider a community service.

Is it perhaps because churches make up such a large community?  It is true that each church is like a community in and of itself.

However, there are other communities out there that I think could benefit from a choir concert that don’t have to do with religion.  I was told we had an image to maintain:  one that reflects a wholesome community group.  Again, why does that automatically equal church?  I would love to branch out and use our talents/hobbies for good.  Maybe we could do benefit concerts, if not to benefit our own community (contributions to a homeless shelter, funding for music programs in education, etc.), then another community that could use the money: storm help for those on the east coast, for example.

I know I’m missing things, but it’s getting late and my ideas are getting hazy with sleep.  What do you guys think?  What are some non-religious communities that you think could be benefitted with music or money that could be raised with a choir concert? A community consists of much more than its religious parts, and I would love to be the group that makes that sentiment known.  I strive to be part of a group that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

To Finding the True Meaning of a “Good Image”,





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