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Fashion Friday: The Best Accessory

…besides a smile, of course, is


A couple days ago, I was lacking enough of this to be able to pull off the outfit I’m about to show you.  But I reached down deep, read a few articles about how to be fearless with fashion, and took a deep breath.  And guess who found enough confidence to wear an outfit that was a fashion risk by my standards?


This girl!

So here’s the story:
For the longest time, I’ve wanted burgundy pants.  Mostly, I wanted something colorful to go with the overwhelming amount of gray clothing I seem to have accumulated (which is weird, because I’m usually all about bold and/or bright colors in my wardrobe).  Of course, it would also go with black, but what I really wanted them for was for one of my all-time favorite color combinations:  turquoise and red.  There’s just something so vintage yet modern at the same time about that combo, and I was excited to try it out.  Sure, I’d done many experiments on, but the closest I came to doing it in real life was turquoise and purple (another one of my very favorite combos, by the way).

Now, I’m not the type to shy away from combining two (seemingly) non-neutral colors.  Nor am I the type that finds comfort in monochromatic outfits.  Far from it.  (My mother, on the other hand, is the Queen of Monochromatic, and she does it amazingly well.  But that’s for another discussion.)  But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to rock this outfit in public.  My confidence was lacking, and when that’s lacking, you can’t sell any outfit you wear, no matter how good it looks.

Then today came around, and this outfit kept zipping around in my mind.  I summoned up the courage to just throw it on and walk the dog, because, let’s face it.  Not many people put their best fashion face forward when it comes to walking the dog.  So I figured nobody would care.  I was going to venture out to the mall afterwards, so underneath the turquoise sweatshirt, I donned the pink striped shirt that I planned to wear with the outfit I was going to wear to the mall.  When I threw the sweatshirt over it, though, something magical happened.

I looked in the mirror and I LOVED how it looked on me.  It was missing something, though.  Feeling inspired, I threw one of my favorite belts on to tie all the colors together, put on some silver smoking slippers, and BAM! Confidence hit me like a ton of well-dressed bricks.  🙂

I think the problem with this outfit the first time around–the reason why I was so hesitant to wear it–was because I was afraid of looking frumpy in it.  I pride myself on looking well put together and sophisticated, and indeed, when it WAS just the sweatshirt and pants, it looked all sorts of messy.  So I turned it down that day.  But it was the determination to wear it, my belief in the fact that the two clothing items paired together WOULD look good, it just needed something, and that little oomph that the striped pink shirt provided was enough to put a smile on my face.

And you know what?  I loved the result so much that I decided to stroll confidently to the mall and show it off.  Which is saying a whole lot, because the small-ish, country/farm-y town that I live in doesn’t care much about fashion (given the many occurrences of the reflective safety shirts that have those three horizontal stripes on it).

105_1957 105_1968

Ampersand sweatshirt: Mossimo (bought at Target, 2012).  Pink-striped shirt:  jcp brand (bought at JCPenney, 2013).  Belt:  ???  (thrifted 2011).  Burgundy jeans:  Lee (bought at JCPenney, 2013).  Silver smoking slippers:  Charming Charlie (bought 2013).

What about you guys?  Is there an outfit you’ve always wanted to try out, but were a little to hesitant to?  Have you ever “accidentally” put together an awesome outfit that you never would’ve thought of?  What trends take you a little outside of your comfort zone?  Sometimes we all have to give ourselves the reminder that fashion is supposed to be fun.  I’m glad that this outfit gave me the kick in the (burgundy) pants that I needed!  🙂

To Taking Steps to Becoming a More Fearless Fashionista!


One thought on “Fashion Friday: The Best Accessory

  1. So much awesome in this outfit 🙂 Way to be bold and brave! You know how I feel about ampersands, so I’m definitely loving that you created a look with that sweatshirt.

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