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Scholastic Saturday: 100th Post Retrospective–What I Learned From Being a Blogger

I can’t believe this is my 100th post!  It has been such a fun ride so far, and I hope to continue with hundreds more posts.  To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to share what things I’ve learned (mostly about myself) from being a blogger.

*I feel extremely accomplished when I’m able to do a full week of daily posts.
*While I do enjoy people paying any attention whatsoever to my blog, I see it as an extra-special treat to get comments instead of likes.
*Sometimes the best posts come about from stream-of-consciousness writing.
*I don’t have to take myself too horribly seriously.  Blogging is supposed to be a hobby, not a job.
*Short posts are just as good as long posts, much like short-yet-language-rich poems are just as good as marathon Russian novels.
*It’s good to set goals for your blog, if not for anything else but to say you’ve accomplished something.
*I absolutely love participating in what I call “community posts” (honestly, I don’t know what the technical blogosphere term for it is…link ups, I think?), such as Friend Makin’ Mondays, where the blogging community gets together and either answers the same questions, or when there is a fashion theme to complete and show off, or writes to the same prompt (there are most likely others, but these are the ones I’ve come across most often).  It’s a chance to get outside of your own head for awhile and see other bloggers’ personalities and there’s just something so great about that.

Okay, so…you didn’t think I’d make it out of this post without another checklist, did you?  😉

Also to commemorate my 100th post, I’m going to make a list of other “100s” I want to complete before my 200th post (I’ll work this into my blog days somehow…perhaps on Scholastic Saturdays):

__ Have a total of 100 comments (right now I have 64).
__ Have 100 new people read my blog (this is different from having 100 followers, which may be too lofty a goal for me at this moment).
__ Consistently burn at least 100 calories with my workouts (right now I’m sitting at about 50 calories per workout, but I want to work my way up).
__  Write 100 pages of a story.
__ Have worked 100 hours in a new job (I almost want to say 100 days, but again, maybe too lofty?  We’ll see).
__  Legitimately earn a total of 100 more checkmarks ((this can be a total of picture checkmarks, writing project checkmarks, bucket list checkmarks, goal checkmarks, and clothing checkmarks).

I’m sure I’ll think of much more as time goes by, and I’ll add to this list, but for right now, a full day awaits me.  🙂

What about you bloggers out there?  What have you learned from being a blogger, and do you have any goals for your blog for the months ahead?  What has been the easiest thing about blogging so far?  What about the hardest?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.  🙂

Wishing You (at least) 100 Things to Be Grateful For,


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