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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Dublin Over With Fun

Okay, okay.  I apologize for the horrible pun.
So the next destination in my Passport to Love series (quick description:  taking foreign places and bringing them to us) was Dublin, Ireland.
I’m going to make this as quick as possible and then update it when I get the chance.  I started this post like two hours ago, but due to some nerve-racking distractions coming from the outside, I haven’t had the concentration to be able to write.  But I do want something logged for the day.

–Watched the St. Patrick’s Day parade on the 16th, since when the day falls on a Sunday, it is a holy day.  However, in recent years, they’ve started to loosen those rules.
–Started the day listening to a live singing of Irish songs:  Wild Irish Rose, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, and Danny Boy being among them.
–Wandered over to a pub to watch a bagpipe and drum band.
–Took a detour to the Blarney Castle; climbed it and kissed the Stone.
–Visited Croke Park and tried out some Gaelic football (so much fun)!
–Went on a four-leaf clover hunt (cheesy, I know, but fun).
–Had some corned beef and cabbage for dinner (I realize this is definitely an American, not Irish, custom, but it’s yummy).
–Grabbed some Irish soda bread and a bottle of Harp beer (from the makers of Guinness) and perused the Science Gallery at Dublin’s Trinity College.
–Settled down at the Brazen Head Pub for some Irish music and folktales.

What actually happened:
–Watched the New York City St. Paddy’s parade online (though it’s the biggest St. Pat’s parade in the world).  Oh, and had Lucky Charms for breakfast as we watched it.  🙂
–Went to a local restaurant who had a barbershop quartet singing Irish tunes.  Adorable.
Green With Envy
My green outfit for the chill part of the day, pre-hiking and climbing up tall things.
–Okay, the third item was all true, except it wasn’t in Dublin, it was local.  🙂
–Went to a park and walked around.  There’s a climbing rock that posed as the Blarney Castle, and I took a rock from our backyard, cleaned it, and labeled it “Blarney Stone”.  We did lean over on our back as per tradition and kissed it, but we had some kids help us out by holding the stone out (edited them out so I can respect privacy).
Blarney Stone Me 2

Before the terrifying leanover.  (It doesn’t look like it here, but I was easily eight feet off the ground, my head dangling off the edge of the rock.

Blarney Stone Me

Kissing the “Blarney Stone”

Blarney Stone 1
Hubby’s turn!

From our walk, post-Blarney Castle craziness.  This is what I picture the scenic green countrysides in Ireland would look like.

–Went to a nearby outdoor sports complex and played Gaelic football as best we could with two people, following the rules in this video (the actual talking begins at about the one-minute mark):

Croke Park 1 Croke Park 2

Prepping for our Gaelic football debuts.  🙂
–Went on two different hunts (I was going to originally do it outside in a field, but it was raining):  one consisted of a “field of clover” that I cut out of green paper in which I scattered a few four-leaf clovers amongst the three-leaf ones.  The second was a free online game that was quite challenging and addicting.  (If you’re about to go and try it out, you’ve been warned.)

Hubby giggling uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of my “clover field”.  I didn’t have enough time to cut out the hundreds of clovers like I’d originally planned, so the “clover field” was literally about only 20 teeny-tiny cut outs scattered on about a 1/4-inch piece of carpet.  He wasn’t making fun of me, just taken aback.
–Corned beef and cabbage was real.  Made by me.  🙂  Oh, and we also had some green apple soda, which was delicious.  Originally wanted some Green River, but everywhere was sold out.
105_2179 105_2180
Yeah, I added rice.  It’s the Asian in me.
–Irish soda bread & Harp was real; Science Gallery was a custom-made YouTube playlist from their website that I tailored to our specific interests.  Quite possibly the most fun of the entire day.  We were hypnotized by it.
–Brazen Head Pub was me reading an Irish folklore book that I checked out from the library, with an Irish CD I also checked out playing in the background.  The ones I read so far were fascinating, yet super-creepy.  On the bright side, I learned how to pronounce Labhhradth Loingseach (Louw-ree Leen-shock.  Yep, never would’ve guessed it without the translation at the bottom, either.)

To Your Own Adventures Filled With Luck & Magic,


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