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Friend Makin’ Monday: Childhood Flashbacks

After two weeks of being on a blogging vacation, I’ve decided that today I’m going to do two posts, mostly because I have a TON of pictures from March to show you and I didn’t want to do one super-long post.  So first, I’m going to do Friend Makin’ Monday, which has a really fun topic this week!  🙂  If you want to participate, too, be sure to link up and leave a comment at


Childhood Flashbacks

1. Did you have a set bedtime as a child?  If so, what was it? I’m pretty sure I did, because I don’t remember staying up super-late unless it was the weekend, and it was to sneak some reading in with a flashlight and a blanket thrown over me.  It was around 9PM.

2. Were you taught to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Did it have affect your eating habits as an adult?  Hm.  I don’t remember ever having a problem cleaning my plate, but I also don’t remember my parents forcing me to clean my plate.  My mom always made yummy stuff, and if there was something she made that I didn’t like, there were always some elements that I did like, so when the serving plate/bowl came around, I only grabbed the elements I enjoyed.  I was, however, taught to be polite, so when I eat a meal at anyone’s house, I always clear my plate so as to not offend.  At a restaurant, though, I almost always ask for a take out box for the leftovers.

3. Share one thing that you were not allowed to do as a child. Oh, gosh.  SO MUCH.  My parents were really strict.  I wasn’t ever allowed to have my friends over when my parents weren’t home, and I wasn’t allowed to do sleepovers at friends houses until I was 16.

4. What is the cheapest gas price you can remember?  I didn’t really ever pay attention to gas prices until I was an adult.  I do remember when I was in college when everyone sought out the one gas station in town that had gas for 99 cents a gallon.

5. What was your favorite thing on the playground? I loved hanging bars.  I was that kid that hung upside-down from them and did flips around them (of the “hook one leg on the bar and spin around and around” and “hang on with your hands and do a flipping dismount” variety).  But I also adored teeter-totters (see saws).  It’s a shame playgrounds around here aren’t allowed to have them anymore.

6. Share one thing that your parents always made you do that you didn’t like doing.  Stay home.  I wanted to go out and play with my friends much more than I was allowed to.

7. Do you remember your first kiss?  If so, share the details!  Technically, I was 4 and I kissed some guy on a cheek (there is a picture floating around somewhere for proof).  But the first legitimate kiss was when I was 20.  It took a few tries from the guy, because the first attempt took me by surprise and so I turned my head away out of surprise, and the next couple of attempts were awkward and giggly.  The fourth (and finally successful!) attempt was on a warm June day, and we were hanging out having a picnic on a blanket in my dorm room, and he just leaned over and kissed me.  Then immediately afterwards, I took the reigns and kissed him back.  I am now married to the guy I had my first kiss with!  🙂

8. Did you prefer to play inside or outside? It depends on the season.  I’m much more of an inside person in the summer, but I have to go outside and play in the winter.  If left to my own devices, though, I’d take curling up in bed with a book any day.  When I was a kid, though, I did get out a lot and rollerskated (NOT rollerbladed!!  I’m old school), rode my bike, sat down on grassy hills and made daisy chains, and colored in a coloring book and played with Polly Pockets on my friend’s deck.

9. What was your favorite TV show growing up?  I don’t know if I had one specific favorite show.  I really enjoyed game shows as a kid:  Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Double Dare, Gladiators, the one with video games, the child adventure one that was very “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-y, Win Lose or Draw, Card Sharks, $10,000 Pyramid, and the one with word puzzles, which I think had Alex Trebek as the host.  Now I have to look up the names of them on Wikipedia.

10. Share one awesome childhood memory.  Filling numerous paper bags with rocks that I collected from the baseball field at my housing complex.

Bonus: Share a picture of yourself as a child. 

5 (40)

I was about 10 years old in this picture.  My mom had found THE MOST AMAZING dress-up trunk at the thrift store.  It was all in a pink cardboard trunk with fuchsia writing designed to look like an old luggage trunk.  I believe I still have that trunk in my childhood room, filled with some of my favorite books.  Anyhow, this was one of my favorite outfits in there, and I actually wore it to my elementary school’s talent show:
5 (41)

Wishes For Your Own Happy Childhood Memories,



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    1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 Welcome to my blog! I think a lot of people remember having lots of rules as a kid. Well, except for my hubby. But that’s another story for another time.

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