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Making Memories Monday: March-ing On

On to my second post of the day:  pictures!  🙂

I wasn’t actually able to do all the pictures like I wanted, so I’m thinking I’m going to tack them on to April.  Mostly because they’re awesome.  Especially the pedicure.  I want and need one SO BAD and I have a nail polish I’ve been dying to use but just haven’t gotten to yet.  Anyways, without further delay:

March Pictures to Take

DSCN5167Kites flying


This was one of the pictures that I honestly wasn’t expecting to get this month, because I feel it’s actually a little too early for kite-flying weather.  It was a happy surprise, though, to be driving by our local park and see some people flying kites!  Special thanks to the hubby for being able to capture this on his phone (while at a stop sign…wouldn’t have happened otherwise!).

DSCN5167St. Patrick’s Day festivities featuring green

105_2145 105_2146
At the Irish pub we visited during our “trip to Ireland”.


DSCN5167the yard after its first mow of the year

105_2188 105_2190  105_2198

This was definitely a highlight of the month.  I’m lucky that hubby likes to mow the lawn, mostly because we have a HUGE yard.  But I had a lot of fun chasing around the lawnmower to get good pictures, and Dexter (my doggie) was only too happy to try and help by following at his side with a tennis ball (perhaps he thought that was HIS lawnmower?).  The yard looked great after the mow!  Beautiful mow lines.  🙂

DSCN5167family members working in the garden


Okay, obviously there are no pictures of family members, but here are the fruits of the garden-working labor.  And I suppose I’m my own family member, right?  Anyhow, for many weeks, I’ve been looking at the dried-out, brown hydrangeas out my dining room window.  They looked beautiful, but I saw some green buds coming in to replace them, so I thought it was about time to pick the dried ones off to make room for new growth.  I then gathered the dried ones to make this pretty bouquet.  Wouldn’t be a beautiful centerpiece for a fall wedding?  🙂

To Being Okay With Leaving Things Undone (as long as you’re left with pretty things!!),




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