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Spiritual Sunday: Back from Wintering

I think I did an odd sort of time travel in the days since I wrote my last post.  Last weekend, I held an event called Winter Melt, aptly named because it’s a celebration of mine and my husband’s marriage, which so happened to fall on the last day of winter.  The Winter Melt, then, falls on the days when the calendar on the northern hemisphere says the seasons switch from winter to spring.  But more on that wonderful event later.

After the Melt, hubby and I traveled to Banff, Alberta (which, if you’re Bachelor/ette addicts like I am, is famous for being featured in both Sean’s season and Jillian’s season), specifically for the fact that their winter usually lasts well into the end of March.  In fact, there is a sign in Banff that advertises that it’s winter until April.  Some of you may hate me for saying this (I’m looking at you, Chicago-area readers!), but I felt like I was robbed of a proper winter this year.  Snow was scarce in my area, and I’m such a winter girl that I was desperately craving below-freezing temperatures and the beauty in the stillness of a perfect winter wonderland.

So off we went to Banff, and perfect winter wonderland would be a gross understatement that would fail to capture the utter beauty of the town.  More on that later, too.  With pictures, no less!  🙂  Then when I returned home, the temperature had reached the 70s, which is balmy t-shirt weather to us locals.  The sun shined rather annoyingly in my eyes, signalling that spring had come at last.  I feel like we did spring last weekend, rewinded to winter, than fast forwarded to the thick of spring.  Weird.

And now I’m back to blogging, and I’m happy to be back here.  I’d like to wish a happy Easter to those who celebrate it.  Today brings about a benchmark for me, because it was on the Easter of 2012 that listlovelaugh launched into the blogosphere.  It was my first post, and I remember getting such a rush of adrenaline from doing it.

This year is very considerably different.  I didn’t do anything to celebrate Easter (in stark contrast to concentrating on developing my religious beliefs for Lent last year).  I didn’t give up anything for Lent.  Easter came and went quietly, carrying on my daily routine by grocery shopping and doing chores around the house.  (I was going to make deviled eggs, but since the party I was going to bring it to got cancelled, not even teensy part of Easter was carried out.  There’s always tomorrow, though.)  This blog post is so much less thought out than my first ever blog post last Easter.

I do, however, love the sense of rebirth that Easter brings, and I think that’ll carry through both in my blog (since I essentially took a two-week break) and my life.  Winter gave me just the jolt I needed to appreciate the gifts of nature to both soothe and awaken my spirit.  And this is where the somewhat-religious, but more spiritual, part comes in.  I may have brought it up before, but I keep remembering a conversation between me and a coworker after a particularly beautiful snowfall.  She’d come in from her lunch break, which she spent outside watching the flakes accumulate on the ground.  With a big smile, she wondered, “How could anyone look outside right now and honestly say they don’t believe in God?”  I remember thinking that over and over again in Banff as I experienced one breathtaking scene after another.  So I’ll leave you with that, dear readers.  I look forward to blogging more often in the upcoming days!  🙂

To Your Own Beautiful Rebirth!


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  1. Violet, thank you for your sweet comment on Pillows A-La-Mode today! Tiffany is such a wonderful girl . . . I know you’ll get GREAT customer service! And it’s so nice to *meet* you here in WordPress land! 🙂

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