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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Learning to Be Selfish

DSCN5167Saying “screw it” with satisfaction

So I want to carry this theme throughout my entire post today.  First and foremost, I fretted over putting the words “screw it” in my post.  I didn’t want to offend.  But you know what?  You can’t please everyone, and really, in this case, the phrase “screw it” really seems to be the best way to describe my frame of mind.  So.  That was “screw it”, part one.  🙂

Screw it, part two: I so wanted to have a big ol’ checkmark today, and I spent much of the morning trying to figure out which thing on my crafting/recipe/etc. list that I wanted to take on.  I had many grand plans:  try out a new recipe, help my mom clean out her closets (yep, you read that right…more than one closet), finish unpacking from my trip to Banff, do some spring cleaning and finally finish my craft room, try my hand for the first time at a mixed media collage…

Unfortunately, none of those things came to fruition.  But you know what?  Sometimes, there are days where nothing on your to-do list gets done.  And there’s really nothing you can do about it, because the day’s already done.  So you have to just say screw it, and let go.  I’ve said before, only half-jokingly, that an item on my to-do list was to make a to-do list, and it was so satisfying to check that off.  I think that sentiment would apply to today.  Which is why I treated myself to the checkmark above.

Screw it, part three (and four):  I often feel guilty treating myself to anything.  There are many other things that money can go to (bills, house payments, food, debt, etc.), and even when that’s all taken care of, I more often than not treat other people before I treat myself.  That’s just how I am.  So it was really hard telling people we were going to go to Banff, spend a week in a beautiful winter wonderland, and stay at a hotel that had a rooftop hot pool with a view of the mountains (which, ironically, was one of the LEAST expensive hotels in Banff), especially when we are so hesitant to spend any amount of money at social outings.  On the same token, when I spied a gorgeous journal at Rock Paper Silver (best name for a store EVER), I walked by it not once, but twice, on two different days.  My hubby even gave me the okay to buy it on the third day, and even then I felt so much guilt and hesitated for a good forty minutes before finally saying screw it and treating myself to the journal.  I’m so so so happy I did.  His name is Miles, and I’ll most likely do a separate post just on him (probably tomorrow).

Oh yeah.  The fourth part of screw it?  I was going to take a picture of Miles to show y’all, but I’m too lazy to figure out where I put my camera, then transfer the photo to my computer, then load it onto this post.  So instead, I give you Kelly Rae Roberts’ page, the artist who designed the journal.

Embrace The Chaos
I think this artwork in particular fits the screw-it-all sentiment.

If I could, I would fill my craft room with hers and Tim Holtz’s stuff.  I’d be a happy girl, indeed.  🙂

And because I can’t think of a good way to end this post, I say screw it to that, as well.

To Screwing It (err…that came out wrong.  But you know what I mean),



4 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Tuesday: Learning to Be Selfish

  1. Good for you for letting go! It is okay to just say screw it, and I know I have so many days filled with that sentiment. Hobbies and crafts and the fun stuff are never supposed to be a chore, so it’s always good to be able to stop and pause when they start to look like just one more thing to get done 🙂 Enjoy your new journal–you deserve it! And you better have enjoyed the heck out of the roof top hot tub, since you guys deserved that trip too.

    1. So well said about how the fun stuff is never supposed to be a chore. When you get really into something, sometimes that’s hard to remember.

      As far as my new journal, I’ve already logged ten pages. That sucker may fill up before I’m ready for it to! Just an excuse to buy another journal. Poor, poor me. 😉

    1. I highly recommend going if you have a chance. It really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Eventually, I’ll post pictures from the trip, but it really doesn’t do it justice at all.

      And yes, trips are definitely important! Even if it’s just an unexplored town 10 miles away, I always feel the need to see something different at least once a year. It’s good for us creative types. 🙂

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