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Written Word Wednesday: Intro to Miles, and a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In yesterday’s post, I briefly told you about my new journal that I bought in Banff, which I named Miles.  I was too lazy yesterday to post pictures, but now, I feel I can give it the attention it deserves.  So, dear readers, this is my beautiful Miles:


Back, with the wonderful self-affirming quotes.  I’m such a sucker for self-affirming quotes.

I love this journal.  Oh so much.  My hubby actually picked out the name after I told him it was going to be my special travel journal (Miles.  Get it?).  I already wrote about my travels to Banff in it, and I plan to write about all my other trips in it until it’s all filled up.  We take about one trip a year, whether to a foreign country or just to a bordering state, so it’ll be an annual treat to write in Miles.  I think it was quite appropriate to introduce something I’ll be writing in on a Written Word Wednesday, don’t you?  Okay, moving on.


Prompt:  “A picture is worth more than a blank page.  Take out those dusty photo albums.  Pick out photo #14.  Count however way you like, but make sure you stop at photo #14.  Look at the photo for 2-3 minutes.  Then for 10 minutes, write all the feelings that photograph made you feel.  Don’t censor yourself.  Just write.”

Weed in the bush - Copy

At my latest apartment complex

5 (14)

Me at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania in 1990 or 1991.

I went a couple different ways with this, and I loved both pictures so much, and saw an odd relationship between the two, that I decided to tweak it a little.  I have my photos organized in certain folders, and these were both #14 in the folders.  I’ll try to stop writing at the ten-minute mark, but if I feel I still have more to say, then I’ll do twenty minutes (ten minutes for each photo).  Kinda still within the parameters, right?  😉  Here goes.

(c) Copyright VC/GS

Finding the Beauty in the Abnormal

      The thing that struck me so much about both of these pictures is that there is something that isn’t normally seen as classically pretty, yet they both stand out in a beautiful way.  In the top picture, I’m wearing Christmas colors in the summer (AND my coveted Popple bag!!!  I miss that thing).  In the bottom picture, there is a weed rising out of a lush, green bush.

      I wasn’t wearing what all the other kids were wearing.  The other girls at my school were wearing stirrup pants and neon colors.  I was content with my baggy plaid pants, and yes, I probably would’ve rocked that Hershey Park shirt if school was in session.  And I probably would’ve gotten mercilessly teased for it.  But I’ve never really been the type to wear what everyone else wore (though there was that time in fourth grade where me and my two best friends had “triplet” day, where we’d all wear black stirrup pants, black shoes, our D.A.R.E. shirts, and matching hand-beaded lanyards).  When everyone in junior high was wearing jeans, I liked to wear corduroys and the now-popular highwaters (better-known as capris).  Even in high school, I was much more of a skirt and printed stretch pants girl (a particular favorite of mine were periwinkle plaid bootcut stretch pants…wore those all the way into college!).  But I loved my clothing choices, and I still do.  I looked in the mirror and saw beauty in my uniqueness, because I didn’t look like everyone else.

      When I walked by this bush, I was automatically struck by the dandelion in it.  It was so stunningly beautiful to me because it stood out so much among the bush’s leaves.  Even though it was a weed, something that gardeners turn their noses up at, it was in such an unusual place (how in the world did it get high up above the ground instead of in the dirt?!?), and such a brilliant gold among the green, that I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of it.  Again, something that’s usually seen as ugly or not typically beautiful was seen as gorgeous in my eyes.

(c) Copyright VC/GS


Well, that’s all for now.  Guess I’m feeling less inspired than I thought.  Hopefully better stuff next Wednesday!  🙂

To Finding Your Own Unconventional Beauty,


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