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Making Memories Monday: March Catch Up and April Suggestions

I know this is over two weeks late, but I really was excited about the March pictures to take.  So I decided to finish it up today.  But sit tight afterwards!  I need some advice from you.  🙂

March Pictures to Take (in April!)

DSCN5167My Car

I took a different spin on this one and decided to take several pictures of my car, telling a story.  His name is Wink, because he’s periwinkle.  I didn’t really dig the name Perry as a shorthand, because it was too human of a name, and thought Wink was more creative.  Wink was gifted to me after I graduated college.  He used to belong to my dad.  He’s 14 years old at the moment, and I hope he has at least a few more good years, because I don’t drive him very far very often.  That doesn’t mean he’s without a few bumps and bruises–character, as I like to call it.  So here’s a tribute to my trusty Wink:

105_2851  2 105_2849

3 105_2859 4  105_2854105_2855

6105_2856 7  105_2857 8  105_2858

9105_2853 10105_2850

1 & 2:  Some dings that Wink has taken:  the back is from a hit and run near the mall; the front one is from my latest apartment complex.  The neighbor’s emergency brake was on the fritz and when I was pulling out of my driveway, their car slowly slid into mine.  😦
3:  I have to have tunes, and more often than not it’s a CD (I’m still “old school” and don’t play MP3s in my car.  This is a sort of exception, though.  It’s a mix CD I made on iTunes specifically for my 30th birthday.)
4 & 5:  Soon after the car was gifted to me, the hubs got me some fuzzy unicorn stickers.  I don’t remember if it was his idea or mine, but one of those stickers got stuck onto my steering wheel.  I suffer from anxiety, so I took to rubbing the unicorn for comfort.  Eight years after the fact, all the fuzz has worn off and the horn has all but crumbled because I not-so-secretly believe in the soothing qualities of the unicorn horn (thought it was a horse, didn’t you?).
6 & 7: Around 2007 or so, the driver’s side visor no longer liked to stay up.  The plastic that it was anchored to had worn down so much that it had nothing to support it.  So for a few months, I just left it in the down position until one day the plastic couldn’t even hold it up that way.  I’ve taken to always having sunglasses in my car as a precaution and have just gotten used to it.  I do still have the visor in the off chance that someone knows how to affix it back on in working condition.
8:  I’ve laid down towels in the backseat to receive my doggie after muddy or wet outings to the park or beach.
9:  On my back window is a sticker of the Filipino flag, bleached and worn from the weather.
10:  See those three square-shaped dents/scratches?  That’s from me being over-confident.  Outside my old apartment complex is a keypad.  You have to enter a code to get into the gate.  I got much too close to the railing that surrounds the gate.  The railing had three posts, all of which made a hearty bang as my poor Wink scraped them because I underestimated my distance from it.  This is why I’ve only been through a fast food drive through once in my entire life.  That’s a story for another time, but let’s just say my friend and I laughed ’til our sides hurt.

DSCN5167 Toes with a fresh pedicure and nail polish


This is as good as it’s going to get for awhile, folks.  To put things in perspective, I’ve been meaning to paint my toes for about a month and a half now.  But it was good to treat myself to a some bright toesies.  Looking forward to the full-on, lotion/foot soak/massage pedi when I get around to it, though.  🙂  Nail polish:  Sally Hansen in Blizzard Blue, Wet ‘n’ Wild Burgundy Frost.  Necklace:  Charming Charlie.

DSCN5167March Madness events (people filling in brackets, friends watching games, fans wearing favorite team’s jerseys)

I’m not much of a sports fan.  Originally I was going to do a mock bracket, with my picks for which mascot would win, but never got around to doing it.  Then I was going to take a picture of me in my college sweatshirt, but wasn’t able to get a good picture and grew impatient.  So I give you a blast from my past, when I did elementary school cheer camp.  Close enough, right?
5 (37)

Self critique:  that high V is definitely not sharp enough.  😉

Now comes to the other part.  As you can see, I haven’t posted any April pictures yet.  That’s where I need your help.  Now that I’ve done a full year of my pictures to take series, I’d like to mix things up a little and take new pictures.  I’m going to scour Pinterest since Google didn’t really turn up any good suggestions, but I’d also like to hear what things you think are must-take pictures for certain months of the year.  Obviously I’d really like to hear ideas for April, but one of my goals is to compile a completely new list, so suggestions for other months are also up for grabs.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!  🙂

To Picturing the Future!  🙂



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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t really get around to painting my toes often, so when I do, it really cheers me up to look down at them. Especially when I’m stretching at the end of a particularly-challenging exercise session. 🙂 I say do it! Why not treat yourself to a pedi? You deserve it!

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