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Friend Makin’ Monday: Inside My Head


Wow, guys.  Last week was intense.  And sucky.  To quote this great tweet:

Dear Jesus, that next week’s news stories be about kittens riding dolphins, a cure for cancer, and Betty White running a unicorn preserve, we pray.

Or, ya know, if you’re not religious, let’s just hope this week’s news stories be uplifting.

Anyhow, enough dillydallying.  (Side note:  I love that spellcheck didn’t correct dillydallying.)  Let’s get to this week’s questions, shall we?  And if you’d like to participate, make sure to link up and comment at

 Inside My Head

(I’m just going to do speed-answering and write whatever comes to mind first, so warning, there may be silly answers.)

I like…unicorns.  A lot.

I don’t like…seeing people spit.  So gross.

I love…unicorns.  Oh, wait, darn.  I already answered that.  How about cute doggies?

I dream of…being able to indulge in any food I want without any health repercussions.

I wonder…if I’ll ever be able to understand Daylight Savings Time.  Like, I know why we do it, but my mind can’t ever figure out what the “real” time is.  Like, it can’t be 2:00am again, right?  Or we can’t just go from 1:59 to 1:00am.  Boggles my mind.

I know…Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez’s rap part to TLC’s “Waterfalls” and can recite it flawlessly.

I went…to India yesterday.  Sort of.  More info on that tomorrow.

I think…about my to-do lists a lot.

I plan…things meticulously, down to every detail and second.  But when the event finally happens, I often am okay loosening my original plan.

I regret…not taking some opportunities in my past because I was too scared.  Honestly, though, I don’t have a lot of regrets because I usually go out of my way to fix them.

I do…absolutely love my house.  It’s weird, because I’ve been talking to friends who wouldn’t say the same.  But I feel I fall more in love with my house every day.

I drink…coconut water with the pulp in it.  The pulp is so yummy!  Not so much in orange juice, though.

I wish…for eternal world peace an end to hatred and violence.  The world has just been breaking my heart lately.  We need a lot of healing.

I am…(ironic, considering the sentence above) finally understanding why guys like to blow stuff up in video games to relieve frustration.  I’ve been super-obsessed with Bejeweled Blitz.  Shiny things, organization, and blowing up inanimate objects on the computer screen instead of in real life.  I’m okay with that.

I am not…a very social person when I don’t have to be.  Pretending to be extroverted (in a retail position, for example) takes a lot out of me, and at the end of the day, I unwind by keeping to myself.

I need…creative outlets, especially writing, to feel like me.

I hope…that the Kate Young for Target necklace that I really really want isn’t sold out by the time I get around to buying it.  Last I checked, it was already out of stock in a lot of stores around me and limited stock at the closest one, and that was a few days ago.  😦
Kate Young Necklace

I originally wanted the silver one (it also has crystals instead of pearls around the heart), but that one’s sold out everywhere.  So this one will definitely do.  Isn’t it adorable?  It’s been on my mind ALL WEEK, guys. 

I want…honey lavender gelato.  Like now.  Mmmm.

I sometimes…make up my own lyrics to songs, oftentimes with a dog theme in tribute to my doggie Dexter.

I always…”shut my house down”:  I have to double (sometimes quadruple)-check that all doors are locked and the stove is off.

I can…become extremely engrossed in a project and not come up for air if I’m really committed to it.

I cannot…handle being around mosquitoes or bees.  I WILL freak out.  Anything that buzzes causes me extreme panic.

I avoid…drama.  It sucks all the life out of you.

I will…eventually become a poetry therapist, if I have anything to say about it!  🙂

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