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Making Memories Monday: Earth Day Edition

As mentioned in last Monday’s post, I’ve been looking for new lists of things to take each month.  I have several things I want to capture before the end of April, but since today happens to be Earth Day, I want to feature some shots of nature I took during the month of April.  Enjoy!  🙂


An eclectic and beautiful mix of trees in my town.


Tulips outside a coffee shop.


Lovely golden daffodils at a local park.


Cherry (??? not sure; cherry trees look very similar to another kind of tree) tree outside a library.


View of a park through a rainy car window.  Looks almost impressionistic to me.


Spring flowers that popped up around a tree in our front yard!  We didn’t know they were there, so it was a nice surprise to see them!

To Appreciating the Wonderful Gifts of Nature (and working hard to keep them here for years to come)!  🙂



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