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Ta-Da! Tuesday: A Garden of Weeds is a Garden in Need

I’m feeling lazy tonight.  Anybody else feeling the same?

Originally I was going to post about our trip to “India” (something I was also kinda lazy about…hmm…hoping this pattern doesn’t continue), but I got sidetracked listening to 90s music, watching the episode of The Talk about Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne’s relationship, and clicking through  The last item on here is SUPER addicting.  I happened upon it on a friend’s Pinterest page and spent a total of about half an hour last night and another half-hour today.  I could easily spend an entire day there.  If you guys haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend it.  The blogger takes cheap, tacky/ugly things from the thrift store and turns them into something stylish.  Here’s just one example:


Too-big housecoat to…


Adorable dress.

Anyhow, let’s get on to the task at hand, shall we?

I will leave India for another day.  Today I’ll make this short and sweet and say that my ta-da! moment of the day was weeding.  I admit I’ve never really weeded before in my life, and certainly not to the extent that I did today.  In hindsight, I should’ve taken a before picture (and an after picture, for that matter).  For now, though, I’ll leave you with a picture of all the weeds I pulled up so far:


Hopefully now, my roses can grow.  Um, but first, I should probably figure out how to care for roses.  We have a beautiful, huge, park-like backyard, and we’re trying to upkeep it as best we can.  We’ve inherited many beautiful plants and trees and flowers in that backyard, and many hours days of reading and research must be done before we can figure it all out.  Until then, though, we’re hoping for a miracle that our brown thumbs temporarily go away if we act like we know what we’re doing.

Off to sleep I go.  I’m hoping to actually have some substantial writing done for tomorrow’s post, so we’ll see how that goes.  Good night!  🙂

To Infusing Beauty Into Life (and sometimes taking some time to relax and be lazy),



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