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Friend Makin’ Monday: The ABCs of Me

I really can’t think of a clever way to intro this, and my mind is blank as far as life news, so I guess I’ll just jump into it.


FMM: ABC’s of Me

Here’s how it works…you’ll choose topics about yourself, your likes, dislikes, etc. according to each letter in the alphabet, and share a little with us.

A) A lot:  One of my biggest misspelling annoyances is this word.  Many people like to squish the whole thing together and write alot.  I don’t know why it drives me so bonkers.

B) Buggy: This is my favorite nickname to call my doggie.  🙂

C) Contemplate:  This is my favorite word.

D) Diamonds: are not this girl’s best friend.  I much prefer a unique stone, or even a crystal if it’s in a pretty setting.  My engagement ring is a star sapphire.

E) I have to say that I once tried the game that the Life & Death Brigade played on the Gilmore Girls, where everything you say can’t use any Es.  It’s really difficult; I think I only lasted about 30 seconds.

F) Forever is a word that I always take with a grain of salt now.  I’ve heard it too many times, only to be disappointed to discover that “forever” actually has an end.

G) I think I’ve told you guys already that my real name isn’t Violet; it’s a pen name that I’ve been using for at least a decade.  Anyhow, my maiden name initials were GGG.  No joke.  Cool, huh?

H) Hearts (the shape, not the anatomical kind):  I’m a sucker for these in every bit of fashion.  I love tops, bottoms, tights, purses, jewelry, shoes…anything with hearts on it.  I ❤ ❤ ❤ them!  😀

I) Igloos:  It’s on my bucket list to build and live in one of these for at least a day.

J) Jewelry:  (and pretty much any other accessory, like scarves and purses and hair stuff) are my favorite things to shop for when I’m out with friends because we can go in the same stores.  It’s different (and a little frustrating) shopping for clothes, because we go to places like Urban Outfitters and Ann Taylor Loft where there are no plus-sized clothing and then I get jealous and uncomfortable when they try on cute shirts and dresses and I can’t.

K) K:  This is my least favorite text to get.  EVER.  Unless it’s followed by other stuff, but I hate it when I just get “k”.  Am I alone in this?

L) Latin:  My favorite kind of dance, as opposed to ballroom.  Hubby and I broke out into a surprise salsa dance at our wedding, and it was a lot of fun!  I also want to learn the tango (especially the Argentine), paso doble, rumba, cha cha cha, etc.

M) M&Ms:  I miss the purple M&Ms, which were available for a limited time.  I know they all taste the same, but my favorite one is blue (although, according to the Wikipedia site, there’s a rumor that green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac.  Weird).  My favorite kind of M&M is the pretzel kind.  Though I haven’t had the coconut kind yet, so we’ll have to see.

N) Nectarines:  I like raw nectarines better than I like raw peaches.  Mostly because I like the smooth skin and slight crunch of a nectarine, as opposed to the fuzzy skin and squishy juiciness of a peach.  Also, why doesn’t anybody make nectarine cobbler, nectarines and cream, or nectarine pie?  And now, nectarine is turning into one of those words where it starts to look like it’s spelled wrong after typing it over and over again.  🙂

O) Orange:  is a color I can’t wear, for fear of being a walking advertisement for Halloween.  Also, I spent a day trying to prove wrong the notion that nothing rhymes with it.  I didn’t have any luck.  😦

P) I think the majority of awesome things start with the letter P:  Pinterest, Polyvore, penguins, purple, pandas, paint, pianos, play, pretend…

Q) Q is my favorite letter of the alphabet.  I think it’s because it’s the most uniquely-shaped letter of them all, especially in cursive.  🙂

R) I pride myself in being able to roll my Rs.  In elementary school, I got the part of Lucifer the cat in our remake of Cinderella play, solely on the fact that I could roll my Rs better than anyone else that tried out for the part.  When I said, “It’s purrrrrrfect,” I’m pretty sure I had the part on lock.  🙂

S) Snow:  I love it.  A lot.  I get cranky when we don’t get enough of it, much like when some people don’t get enough sun.  So sometimes I make pilgrimages to play in snow.  🙂

T) Telephones:  I miss landlines.  I’m not really a huge fan of cell phones.  If I had my way, we’d still have those really cute rotary phones.  My parents still have a really swanky-looking one in ivory and gold.  I should find it and take a picture sometime.

U) U-turns: scare the heck out of me!  It doesn’t matter if I’m the one who’s doing it, or if I’m in the passenger seat while someone’s doing it, or if I’m on the lookout for oncoming U-turns who go into my lane.  I don’t enjoy them.

V) Valentine’s Day is my second-favorite holiday, after New Year’s Eve.  Must be the whole obsession with hearts thing.  🙂

W) WB shows were the best:  Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek…does anyone know if the WB even exists anymore?

X) X-rays of my mouth during a dentist visit hurt.  :\  I hate when those metal things they put in your mouth to take the x-rays pinch the inside of your cheek or poke into the roof of your mouth.

Y) Yelling:  So I fell for a big Internet prank (it may have been an April Fool’s joke) that stated that polar bears yell when they poop.  I saw it on Pinterest, then proceeded to look up videos of polar bears pooping on YouTube, to no avail.  I looked at the comments and saw I wasn’t the only one who looked up pooping polar bear videos for “research”.

Z) Zendaya:  I think she dances much more mature than her 16 years on Dancing With the Stars.  If she doesn’t make it to the finals, I will be floored.

Don’t forget to link up with Kenlie at if you want to join in on the fun!  Have a great week, everyone.  And I think I may have to forgo pictures today.  I may do a belated picture post tomorrow.

C U!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Friend Makin’ Monday: The ABCs of Me

  1. I totally LOVED Buffy, Charmed, Angel, etc. I’m not sure if they still have the WB or not.:( I also would rather have rubies or sapphires instead of diamonds.:)

    1. Confession time: I’ve never watched an entire episode of Buffy, only snippets. I feel like I’m being done a great disservice because everyone I know loves it. One day I’ll start watching it from the beginning. I’m thinking they don’t have the WB anymore, but at least I can watch their shows on Netflix or something. 🙂

      I do love color in my rings, or at least something unique. I guess I wouldn’t have minded diamonds if it was set in a vintage style. But to each their own. I know a few ladies with gorgeous diamond engagement rings that are very fitting for them. But I’m biased in thinking mine is just absolutely perfect for me!

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