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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Bookshelf Vignettes

I have to admit that I’ve had these pictures for awhile.  Like, eight months awhile.  I’ve had it in my cache but haven’t gotten around to posting it yet.

Originally I was going to post my latest Passport to Love project:  a trip to “China” that I took with the hubs this weekend.  Frankly, though, I’m too tired to do this now.  This is much easier to do.  Guess I’ll have to wait until next week.

But I wanted to keep the posting momentum going, so here it goes.


For a long time, I’ve been envious of those who had cute bookshelves.  The arrangement on their shelves had purpose.  They were whimsical, cute, sorted by subject.  Knickknacks were scattered about, giving the whole thing a less-buttoned up, more personal look.

I wanted that.  I wanted to show off my books on a shelf so that the result was a work of art.  So I took it upon myself to do just that when I setup the books in my new home.  I took my over a decade’s worth of retail experience with merchandising, combined it with my random artistic larks, and infused it with personality.  I had so much fun with it and am really happy with how it turned out!

We have two bookshelves in the reading room.  Here’s the one that contains my books  (top to bottom):

My Sweet Valley Twins collection that I started when I was in the 4th grade.  Still looking to complete it!
My “classics” shelf.


My nonfiction shelf.
Fiction shelf.

Poetry/writing shelf.

And here is my hubby’s shelf (some of it, anyway.  Not pictured:  the shelf with all his travel/trail books and the bottom shelf with his books and binders from college, mostly because it has his name on it.)



You know what’s funny?  When both kids and friends come over, they gravitate towards the hubs’ shelf instead of mine.  Not gonna lie; a part of me dies inside, because I’m the reader in the family, not him.  I mean, he’s even openly admitted he doesn’t really like to read.  So yeah, it kinda stings that my bookshelf isn’t appreciated more.  Admittedly, though, his shelf is more colorful and full of pictures.  🙂  And I was the one who styled his bookshelf, so really, I should take it as a compliment to my styling.  😉

I’m a horrible person.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  Hopefully I’ll have some writing to show you tomorrow for Written Word Wednesday!

To Showing Your Own Personality through Décor,


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