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Written Word Wednesday: Nostalgia

Some people drunk text.  Apparently I drunk write.  Here’s what came out of my brain on a cupful of red wine.  It’s unedited and even I know it’s complete nonsensical crap.  Still, I found it entertaining.  And it gave me an excuse to do a new post after pretty much disappearing off the face of the planet.  Win-win, no?

(c) Copyright VC/GS



I want to go back—

to Dawson’s Creek Days

and hands playfully covering eyes,


it just right there,

in the innocence of young love,

before goodbyes took over

and stargazing became just an afterthought

instead of an everyday occurrence.


to where staying up until two in the morning

and convincing me that sunrises

were more beautiful than sunsets

was the most profoundly poetic exchange I’d ever heard,

and I still cherished the dawn of new beginnings,

still saw the opportunity in starting anew.

I want to run around Borders bookstore

back when it still existed,

and you teased me

about how my obsession with getting lost in literature

would be intimidating to anyone who didn’t know me,

teased me

about being such a believer of soul mates,

teased me

about my childlike heart and undying optimism.

Teased me

until I realized it wasn’t teasing at all,

but rather

it was your sly way

of showing your appreciation for me.

And then when I teased you back,

catching you in your own game,

you slipped off the guise of taunting

and simply said you love me for those things instead.

But now Dawson’s Creek is only in reruns,

just a bookmark in years gone by

and sunrises just sting my eyes with their light.

You wouldn’t have anything to tease me about anymore.

(c) Copyright VC/GS

What about you, dear readers?  What inspires you to write?  What things do you find in your daily lives that are worth blogging about?  What’s the strangest thing you’ve done while drunk? (Hm, on second thought, maybe that’s something you don’t want to share.)  Anyway, happy hump day everyone!  Here’s hoping you get down the other side and enter into the weekend unscathed.

To Finding Strange Ways to Spark Your Creativity,




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