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Fashion Friday: If it Were 13 Years Ago…

It would be back to school time for me (freshman year of college).  Or at least back to school shopping time.  I realize some schools start in August, but I never ran across that.  It was always in September for as long as I remember (sorry for the accidental rhyme).

I’ve been seeing advertisements for back to school sales for clothes, which got me wondering what I would wear if I still had a “first day of school” to go to.  Here’s what I came up with:

back to school outfit

I used Polyvore to create this, but I own *a version* of this entire outfit, which is really what I was going for.  Quick breakdown:  dark jean jacket, light gray tank top, layered chain with stars necklace, burgundy jeans, brown boots, and messenger bag (so essential.  I love messenger bags and would totally rock them if I were still in school.  I currently have one for my laptop).

If any of you care one iota about your appearance, you know how time-consuming picking out the perfect back-to-school outfit.  Here are my criteria:

1) Look cute enough to attract any good-looking people in your class, but…
2) Pull off looking like you’re not trying too hard.
3) The outfit MUST be comfortable enough to last throughout the day.  (In college, for me that could be as many as 10 hours’ worth of class.)
4) It must be unique enough to stand out from everyone else.
5) It must look put-together enough so that professors/teachers don’t assume you’re just some teenybopper that doesn’t take education seriously, but…
6) Casual enough that you don’t look like a school marm.

I think I pulled it off quite well, and I would definitely rock this outfit!  In fact, I think I may just put it together for my first fall get-together with the community choir I belong to.  🙂

Full disclosure:  I was working on two different outfits and was going to choose between the two, but this outfit came together so quickly and easily (seriously, when does that ever happen?!?), and I was spending too much time on the other outfit (the base of which was a pair of gray corduroys and a denim-colored Jansport backpack) that I decided to go with the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

What about you guys?  Anyone lucky enough to be going back to school soon?  What are/were your criteria for back to school outfits?  And did anyone else enjoy buying new notebooks and pens as much as I did?!?

To Presenting Yourself in a “Class”-y Way (eh? eh?  see what I did there?),



2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: If it Were 13 Years Ago…

    1. Thanks Lauren! 🙂 Not gonna lie; I’m waiting for it to get just a bit chillier just so I can wear it. The great thing about this outfit is that all elements are versatile so you can definitely wear each thing with different stuff.

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