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Friend Makin’ Monday: Have You Ever?

I haven’t done this in awhile, but it’s late so I’ll get right to it.  🙂

friend makin mondays

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Have You Ever?


1. Jumped out of an airplane?  No, but I want to!  There is a place near me where you can do it virtually, so I think that would be a fun alternative.

2. Lived alone?  I guess it depends on what you mean by “alone”.  The closest I’ve been to living alone is having my own room in college in a suite-style dorm.  Does that count?

3. Met a celebrity? Nobody super-famous.

4. Said something to someone that you immediately regret saying? I’m sure I have, but I can’t think of specifics.

5. Had a manicure/pedicure? Yes, but not often.  Probably have only had 4 professional ones in my life.  I do my own mani/pedis pretty frequently, though.

6.  Gotten a hickey? Nah.  Not really a fan of them so I try to avoid it.

7. Owned a pet that was not a dog or a cat?  Yes!  I’ve had a rabbit and have had fish and hubby had a couple of snakes when we first started dating, but I guess that wasn’t officially mine.

8. Been outside of your home country? See, I don’t really know what my “home country” is because I’m an army brat, but I’ve been to many different countries, so I’m sure I have.

9. Kissed your best friend? Hm.  Well, no.  Unless you take the whole “my husband is my best friend” approach.

10. Eaten food that fell on the floor?  Three-second rule, baby!  LoL.  Only if the floor looks immaculately clean, though.

11. Met someone online? Yep.

12. Been on TV? I don’t think so, but I’m sure I have been briefly like in the background or something.

13. Had braces?  No, though I was told when I was a kid I’d probably need them.  And now that I’m an adult, many people ask me if I’ve ever worn braces ‘cuz I guess my teeth are straight.  (They’re not.  I have an overbite and my bottom teeth are crooked, but I do like to smile.)

14. Gone skinny dipping?  Yes, but I didn’t enjoy it.

15. Been to the opera? Yes!  Lots of fun.

16. Been caught making out by a policeman?  Can’t say that I have.  Not much of a PDA girl, I gotta say.

17. Sung in public? Nothing big; just choir concerts and karaoke nights and stuff.

18. Handed out candy on Halloween? Yes!  I love doing it, though nobody goes trick or treating in neighborhoods anymore.  So disappointing.  Every year I get all excited and stock up on candy and then NOTHING.  Hubs and I resolved to have our house totally decked out for Halloween this year and be a beacon for kids so there would be no mistaking that we have goodies to give out.  We’ll see how that goes.

19. Been snowed in? Not technically, but I’ve had snow days.  A couple of winters ago we didn’t feel like taking our car anywhere, and the power had gone out due to the snow, so we walked everywhere.  That was fun.  I heart snow.

20. Fallen in front of other people? Oh, I’ve lost count how many times.  🙂  All a part of my charm.

21. Cheated on a test? Not that I remember.

22. Regretted saying “I love you” to someone? Never.  I’m picky about who I say I love you to, so every time I’ve said it, it meant a lot, and it’s nothing I regret.

23. Finished a meal in a restaurant and realized that you didn’t have your wallet? Oh that would be so horrifying!  But no, I don’t think so.

24. Shot a gun? Went to a shooting range with a friend and it scared the living daylights out of me.  He took pity on me and took the gun from my hand and shot off the rest because he could tell how freaked out I was.

25. Heard a song that was written for (or about) you? No, but that would be so cool!!!

Can’t think of any clever way to sign off today.  Too tired.  So I’ll just bid you all a good night and sweet dreams!  🙂



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