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Ta-Da! Tuesday: And Now for Something Different

True story:  I was wholeheartedly planning on making today’s post about the awesome self-mani/pedi I was going to give myself, but I never got around to it.  So I guess that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m still having a hard time getting back into the swing of blogging, and eventually that’s going to not cut it as an excuse.  Perhaps it already doesn’t cut it.  Either way, that’s why I’m at least writing something so I can at least be content in saying that I am trying.

First, the big(ish) news that I mentioned yesterday.  As you may or may not know, tomorrow starts the Lenten season.  For those who celebrate Lent, it means giving up something for some and adding things for others.  I’m going to take the “adding” route, though I may choose to give up something too.  We’ll have to see.  What I’m choosing to add to enrich my life, though, is the broad concept of


To me, that spans many aspects of life, and I plan on covering those aspects.  I want to reach out more to friends–specifically, becoming a better one.  I want to exercise my sincerity in saying I’d drop anything for them:  perhaps take a call at a time I’m usually sleeping, give a ride to someone who needs one, drive out and just hang out with someone who’s been having a hard time, offer childcare assistance.  I also want to be better at keeping in touch:  writing back those who have written me, surprising friends with a random card, letter, or phone call.  I want to reach out more to family –though I love them dearly, perhaps I need to be better at showing it, especially when it comes to my parents.  It’s the hardest to reach out to them, because I’ve spent so much of my life trying to become independent from them and being too stubborn or proud to reach out.  There’s a lot more to that story, but I’ll not go into details for now.  So I want to stop by more often (seeing as they live like five minutes’ drive away, tops), maybe offer some meals together, game nights, hang out time with my mother, etc.  Then for my older brother who lives about an hour away, more texts/emails, letters, and general asking of how life is going.  Though we get along just fine, we don’t really know much about each other’s lives, and I’d like to change that to a degree.  I also want to reach out/contact my extended family–check up on a kids’ family reunion one of these days that my cousin’s been wanting to put together, send out letters, etc.

I want to reach out more to strangers–to not be so afraid of speaking to them, to offering assistance if it appears they need it (help with heavy packages and that sort of thing), to asking a homeless person on the street what their story my be; lending them a listening ear.  To smile at someone who looks like they may be having a bad day.

But that reaching out also includes online–more specifically, blogging.  This is where the fun–and admittedly, some of the anxiety–begins.  I have to say that I love seeing link ups, and I’ve had fun doing the one I do with Kenlie at alltheweigh some Mondays (temporarily taken over by Sarah at losingweightandhavingfun).  Lately, though, I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons and do more.  I want to get outside my timid little box and have a supportive blogging community around me.  I want to start getting to know the people behind the blogs better, and in turn, want them to get to know me a little more.  I’ve seen this “trend”, if you will, of blogger friends doing a package exchange based on each other’s personalities, and I love that idea!  It’s almost like a resurgence of pen pals, and if you ask me, that’s something I’d love to see continue.

Anyhow, all that rambling was a shortcut way of saying I’ve researched and found some pretty awesome link ups that I want to participate in.  I was going to post one today, but laziness got the better of me, and I believe this is a long enough post already, yes?  So I will definitely do it tomorrow, and it will be great.

Oh, and so you don’t feel like you read this post for nothing, I leave you with a cute picture of my dog.  He turned ten years young on Saturday, and this is him at a doggie park that we took him to to celebrate:

So there’s that.

To Reaching Out Successfully,


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