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Spring Awakening

I’ve never actually seen the musical or read the play, so if you’re here looking for a review on either, I’m sorry to tell you you won’t find that here.

I do, however, feel like I’m coming up for air after pretty much being asleep this winter.

I loathe small talk, but I’m too polite to turn it away. I always try to respond when people ask me the banal, “How’s work?” “What have you been up to?” “Anything new going on?” “How are your parents?” Blah blah blah…  It’s most likely a part of my introverted nature, but every time I am asked one of these questions, I cringe internally.

But you know what? There are a lot of new things going on. In October, my dear 12-year-old doggie made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge. In January, we got a new dog. I also got a new job, and, after about a month of having to carry a fire extinguisher in the passenger seat for fear of my car spontaneously catching on fire, I got a new car.

All this newness came with relatively no pomp or circumstance; just exhaustion and disbelief. I haven’t really given myself to let it sink in that this is my life now.

Now that it is spring, perhaps I can snap out of the sleep I’ve been in last season. I want to do some significant spring cleaning, do more crafting, create and follow through with a vision board for the year, finally start reading and writing again.

And start this blog back up to maybe document it all.


To Starting Fresh (and all the caffeine with which to accomplish it!),



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