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Fashion Friday: Feelin’ Fiona (Fine)

So I’m cheating a little bit on my “reaching out”/Link Ups for Lent series.   I found a link up for Thrift Style Thursdays, but there were a couple of problems for me.  First, it was a Thursday link up that clashed with the fact that I do fashion on Fridays.  That wasn’t such a big deal, because I figured I could use the prompt then link up the next day.  The second problem, and the (admittedly lazy) reason I chose not to formally link up, was because the link up’s rules involved sharing it on a Twitter account.

Confession time:  I don’t have a Twitter account.  Mostly, this is because I have a “dumb” phone (i.e., not a smartphone).  I love my phone, but it’s stuck in the past as far as cell phones go.  I do realize I can start an online Twitter account, and maybe I will one day, but I don’t really feel the need to do that just yet.

My solution was to use the Thrift Style Thursday prompts for my Friday inspiration, but not formally link up.

This Thursday’s link up prompt was “movie-inspired style”.  Honestly, that prompt couldn’t have been more perfect for my weekend plans!  There was a local production of Shrek the Musical here.  I’d seen it live a few years ago, and I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to share it with the hubby as an anniversary outing of sorts.*  Just for fun, I decided to give a little nod to Princess Fiona when I put together my sassy little outfit.

I combined elements from two different Fiona looks, as I love the combination of blue and green:

I’m not quite sure why I chose to do the ogre-version of Fiona in both these pictures.  She’s cute either way, though.  But ya know…true love’s form and all.  🙂

Here’s what I came up with:
101_4954 101_4956 101_4962

The breakdown:


*blue sweater as a nod to her blue gown (Mossimo) //  *green dress as a nod to her green dress (Evan-Picone) // *green tights, not pictured (Merona)
101_4985 101_4988

*heart necklace (??? gifted) looks similar to her blue gown necklace // *headband (Target) suggests silver crown worn with her blue gown // *earrings with dragonflies on them (local bead store), as I think of fireflies when I think of a swamp for some reason


*hair in side braid, a modification of Fiona’s hairstyle

My favorite part, though?  My Shrek-inspired nails.

101_4936 101_4943 101_4944

*green=Sinful Colors “Happy Ending” // *lime green=Sinful Colors “Innocent” // *light blue=Sinful Colors “Cinderella” // gold=Sally Hansen Lustre Shine “Firefly”

I love how the intersecting dot motif turned out!  The pattern reminds me of a sludge, so that’s a nod to Shrek and the swamp.  The green nails should be self-explanatory if you’ve seen anything Shrek-related.  The ring finger accent nail matches Fiona’s blue gown look, and the gold part, besides looking beautiful with blue, reminds me of the color of Fiona’s hair.

Who knew an ogre could be such a style inspiration?  🙂

*So when we got to the box office, it turned out that it was sold out for the day.  I was pretty bummed about it, but when we got home, we found the Broadway recording on Netflix.  We decided to visit a friend who was on bed rest after suffering injuries in a car accident and we all watched the movie together on her big, comfy bed.  It was kinda like a slumber party.  We ate cupcakes and chocolate and chips & salsa and chatted so much during the whole thing that it ended up being more background noise than anything else.  It was absolutely wonderful.  🙂

To Having an Ogre-the-Top (in a good way) Weekend!


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Fashion Friday: It’s Never Too Late for Love

Ahem… *tap tap tap*

is this thing on?

Hi Dear Readers!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  In fact, a little over half a year has passed since my last post!  Holy moly!  Well, no time like the present to get back into the groove, right?  I have to say that I fell in love with this blog over the months that I developed it.  So it’s never too late to rekindle it.  Mostly because blogs don’t judge you back or talk back to you, much like journals.

Anyhow, that’s not the real reason behind my title (though that was convenient, wasn’t it?).  This is a late Valentine’s Day outfit post.  Like many who shun or are not fans of the holiday, I agree that love shouldn’t be a one-day thing.  It should be an all-year thing.  As such, it’s not too late for Valentine’s Day outfits, because wearing outfits that make you feel fabulous shouldn’t just be a one-day thing.  Ignore the fact that this picture was taken on actual Valentine’s Day and that I’ve since been a bit too busy and lazy to wear anything too fancy since that day.  That needs to be remedied.  Starting tomorrow.

I really hesitated to go all-out passionate heart day outfit this year.  Don’t get me wrong; I love outfits that are well-suited for the day of love.  In fact, I recently put as a Facebook status that I wouldn’t mind dressing like it was Valentine’s Day every day of the year.  I love clothing in all iterations of Valentine’s Day:  hearts, red, lace, sexy, purple, pink, cute, feminine, girly, graphic tees with love birds or perfume bottles.  I soak that cheese up, because it just makes me smile when I wear it.  For some reason, though, I didn’t want to scream Valentine’s Day.  So this year, I decided to only have a tiny bit, by way of a rose at the waist:

101_4916  101_4921
Oh, and you can’t really see it here, but my tights are also red (burgundy, actually).  I’m also pointing to my awesome Valentine’s Day present from the hubs in the second picture.  Have you guys ever heard of Origami Owl?  I’ve been singing their praises ever since I stumbled upon them at a convention.  I love them!  Anyhow, here’s a closeup of the chain and charm he got me:

Isn’t it amazing?  He did all kinds of awesome for me that day, but seeing as this is a fashion post, I’m continuing on.

The day before Valentine’s Day, I held a “Gal”entine’s Day crafting night with a couple of my friends, and it was a blast.  I like any excuse to get together with my loved ones, so this was just the icing on the cake.  We had some yummy treats and great conversation, then made Valentines, Hershey kiss roses, and painted our nails.

For that occasion, I did a more subdued and casual Valentine’s Day look:  gray corduroys, red t-shirt, comfy and fuzzy cowlneck lavender sweater, and some red heart jewelry to top it off.  That outfit I didn’t actually get a picture of.  I did, however, get a shot of the nails that resulted from Galentine’s Day:


Now’s usually the time in my post where I tell you what colors all the polish is, and also what brand all the components of my outfit are and/or where I bought them.  But seeing as it’s getting late and I’m slowly dipping my toe back into the blogging world (and also my hubby has been patiently waiting to use the computer), I’ll just leave it at this.

I’ll be back tomorrow, though!  How were your Valentine’s Days?  Did you do anything fun?  How did you dress?  Do you like to incorporate red?  Or do you celebrate Singles Awareness Day and wear all black?

Love, Hearts, Fluff, and Glitter (in the best possible ways!!!),

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Fashion Friday: Fashion Went to the Birds ***Updated with picture***

Or just one bird, as it were.

I know what you’re probably thinking:  I thought up a clever pun to introduce all the things in my wardrobe with a bird theme to it.  As much as I like bird fashion, though, I ironically can only think of three things that I own that have anything remotely to do with birds:  two tops with feathers, and an owl necklace.

But nope.  That’s not what I’m going to talk about.  I was busy prepping myself to continue on with my clothing inventory–sweaters, to be exact.  I went through the trouble of making lots of room in my camera, freeing up space for 167 pictures (not that I have that many sweaters; not by a long shot).  As soon as I was setting up to take a shot of my first sweater, hubby came home and told me to hurry downstairs to the garage.

When I got downstairs, he pointed to the corner of the space.  Sitting there, still covered in new yellow feathers, teeny as can be and just-opened eyes, was a wee, chirping little bird.  It was hopping about, pecking at the holes in the peg board, probably wondering where it could get some food.  We couldn’t find its mama, and its wing looked injured, as it had trouble flapping its right one but could flap its left one just fine.  And it looked absolutely freezing.

So we took it inside and followed both instinct and the articles we found online, getting a cardboard box with holes and lining it with a towel so it wouldn’t get its beak or feathers caught, then placed half the box over a heat pad.  We found it a nice, juicy worm and dropped it in the box, just in case.

After about an hour, we went to check in on it (I named it Hopper because it hopped around when we found it), and it seemed much more alert and kinda hop-flapped, better than the shape we found it in.  We gave it some water (it was adorable watching hubby slowly drop some water into Hopper’s beak from his finger), I provided it with just a bit of seed (because I realized I didn’t know if it was a meat-eating bird, vegetation-eating bird, or seed-eating bird), then put it back into the box.

Our doggie Dexter is doing superbly, I’m proud to say.  He’s been giving Hopper space and staying away and being gentle as he can be around the box.  I think he kinda knows what’s up, and that what’s inside the box is fragile.  It gives me bright hope that when we finally get around to having a kiddo, Dexter will be wonderful with him or her.  🙂

Anyhow, since we legally can’t keep the bird for longer than overnight, we’re going to release Hopper tomorrow to see how it does.  If you could please spare a good thought for its little birdie heart, I’d greatly appreciate it.  🙂

**I was going to include a picture of it, but I didn’t want to stress the poor thing out.  Maybe when we release it tomorrow.  :)**

***Update, Saturday, April 13th:
When I woke up this morning and went downstairs for a drink of water, I heard much commotion from Hopper’s cardboard shelter.  There were energetic chirps and light thumps and scratches, signs of a much more alert birdie who couldn’t wait to move about!  So we decided it was time to release Hopper back into the “wild” (a nice, sheltered spot in our backyard).  As soon as we opened up the box outside, my heart swelled with happiness to see Hopper not hop, but fly beautifully out of the box.  I was able to get a few pictures of it before we had to leave and do our weekend social obligations.  Here’s the best one:

“Thanks for the help, guys!  Now off to make it on my own.”

When we came back this afternoon, I stole a peek in our backyard in the off chance that Hopper might still be wandering about, but it was nowhere to be seen.  I’m telling myself that Hopper’s out there somewhere having grand adventures instead of perhaps shivering somewhere in the cold, or a worse fate that I don’t want to think about.  Anyhow, Godspeed, Hopper.  Feel free to come and visit sometime.  ❤

To Pleasant Interruptions That Open Your Heart,

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Fashion Friday: Tales from the Adventure Closet

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve had a few shelves in a closet that contained seemingly-forgotten-about clothes:

As you’ll see soon, there are quite a bit of clothes missing in this closet.  Don’t worry, all will be revealed!  🙂

They’re clothes that are definitely not fashionable, for many different reasons:  they’re much too baggy, they’re not the right color, they have rips in them, they’re stained, they’re outdated.  On first glance, one might assume I’m a hoarder when it comes to clothes.  “Good gracious!”  one might exclaim.  “Why in the world hasn’t Violet donated these yet?!?”

I never reach for anything on those shelves when I’m looking for something to look good in–something flattering.  So why do I even have these clothes if they look like they’re from a stylish girl’s nightmare?

I’ll tell you why:  because these clothes serve a very important purpose.  I do reach for them.  Not often, that’s true, but I do reach for them.  When I do reach for them, you know something awesome is about to happen.  Only these clothes specifically get to experience the awesomeness with me.

These are my adventure clothes.  They have seen me through many momentous occasions:  times of adrenaline rushes and times of leisure; quiet, reflective times and loud times where I didn’t have time to think.  These clothes are the ones that I don’t mind getting dirty or wet or torn because I don’t have an attachment to them.  They’re the paper plates of my wardrobe, meant to be used and perhaps dropped and not given a second thought when they’re thrown away or set on fire, as opposed to the fine china that are my favorite dresses and dry clean only coats.  They’re my clothing military, put on the front lines to do all the dirty work so as to protect my other precious clothes from harm.

The reason why my adventure closet is a little empty is because, as I’ve mentioned before, I just got back from Banff.  Not only that, but right before the Banff trip, I went on the annual weekend camping trip with friends and family that we go on to celebrate my and husband’s wedding anniversary.  So it’s missing quite a bit, as I haven’t done all the laundry from those trips yet.

So today I’d like to pay homage to the clothes in my adventure closet, since they deserve as much respect and time in the sun as the clothes that I reach for time and time again:

Plum t-shirt:


Dressed up for an 80s-themed reading by one of my very favorite authors, Jen Lancaster.  Note the side pony, neon accessories, leggings, socks, and YES, that IS a slap bracelet!



With my mother-in-law on a Mother’s Day bike ride.


(seen here as an under layer, paired with my periwinkle hoodie):  See that grassy hill behind me?  Yeah, this was me when I was about 27 or 28, decades from the last time I rolled down a hill.  But I saw that hill and I was DETERMINED to roll down it.  So here I am, post-roll.  It was amazing, guys.  Simply amazing.

Periwinkle Hoodie:

(seen above, too!)


This year during our annual anniversary camping trip, in front of the venue where we were wed (can’t really see it here; it’s sorta hidden).

Turquoise fleece sweatshirt:


Me on my hardest and most epic snowshoe to date.  That grimace on my face was because I didn’t think I would make it to the top (it turned into hand-over-foot climbing, y’all).  But I did!  🙂 



On my way to snowboarding.  In case you’re wondering, I do have a little bit of a black eye in this picture, because my clumsy self managed to accidentally drop the corner plexiglass cube square on my face.  Ouch.

Gray & Lavender Roxy Jacket:

Just as an aside, I absolutely love this jacket.  I think I’ve had it ever since I was in the 11th grade (except it was baggy on me back then instead of kinda tight), and it keeps me dry and warm like no other jacket I’ve ever had since.  I coveted it when I was in high school because I’d always wanted a Roxy jacket and I was so ecstatic when I saw one in my favorite color on sale and in my size.  It was fate, I tell you.


On a recent trip that my hubby treated me to so I could enjoy the snow I so craved (we didn’t get much this year)!  So sweet.


During last year’s road trip to sand dunes!  Such a magnificent experience.


On a snowshoe trip that I took in honor of a tragic death in our community. Tying a ribbon around a tree in remembrance.


Thank you, adventure clothes.  Though you may seem forgotten about, you never really are.  You’ll have a special place in my closet, and heart, for years to come.

In Celebration of All of Life’s Adventures,

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Fashion Friday: The Best Accessory

…besides a smile, of course, is


A couple days ago, I was lacking enough of this to be able to pull off the outfit I’m about to show you.  But I reached down deep, read a few articles about how to be fearless with fashion, and took a deep breath.  And guess who found enough confidence to wear an outfit that was a fashion risk by my standards?


This girl!

So here’s the story:
For the longest time, I’ve wanted burgundy pants.  Mostly, I wanted something colorful to go with the overwhelming amount of gray clothing I seem to have accumulated (which is weird, because I’m usually all about bold and/or bright colors in my wardrobe).  Of course, it would also go with black, but what I really wanted them for was for one of my all-time favorite color combinations:  turquoise and red.  There’s just something so vintage yet modern at the same time about that combo, and I was excited to try it out.  Sure, I’d done many experiments on, but the closest I came to doing it in real life was turquoise and purple (another one of my very favorite combos, by the way).

Now, I’m not the type to shy away from combining two (seemingly) non-neutral colors.  Nor am I the type that finds comfort in monochromatic outfits.  Far from it.  (My mother, on the other hand, is the Queen of Monochromatic, and she does it amazingly well.  But that’s for another discussion.)  But for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to rock this outfit in public.  My confidence was lacking, and when that’s lacking, you can’t sell any outfit you wear, no matter how good it looks.

Then today came around, and this outfit kept zipping around in my mind.  I summoned up the courage to just throw it on and walk the dog, because, let’s face it.  Not many people put their best fashion face forward when it comes to walking the dog.  So I figured nobody would care.  I was going to venture out to the mall afterwards, so underneath the turquoise sweatshirt, I donned the pink striped shirt that I planned to wear with the outfit I was going to wear to the mall.  When I threw the sweatshirt over it, though, something magical happened.

I looked in the mirror and I LOVED how it looked on me.  It was missing something, though.  Feeling inspired, I threw one of my favorite belts on to tie all the colors together, put on some silver smoking slippers, and BAM! Confidence hit me like a ton of well-dressed bricks.  🙂

I think the problem with this outfit the first time around–the reason why I was so hesitant to wear it–was because I was afraid of looking frumpy in it.  I pride myself on looking well put together and sophisticated, and indeed, when it WAS just the sweatshirt and pants, it looked all sorts of messy.  So I turned it down that day.  But it was the determination to wear it, my belief in the fact that the two clothing items paired together WOULD look good, it just needed something, and that little oomph that the striped pink shirt provided was enough to put a smile on my face.

And you know what?  I loved the result so much that I decided to stroll confidently to the mall and show it off.  Which is saying a whole lot, because the small-ish, country/farm-y town that I live in doesn’t care much about fashion (given the many occurrences of the reflective safety shirts that have those three horizontal stripes on it).

105_1957 105_1968

Ampersand sweatshirt: Mossimo (bought at Target, 2012).  Pink-striped shirt:  jcp brand (bought at JCPenney, 2013).  Belt:  ???  (thrifted 2011).  Burgundy jeans:  Lee (bought at JCPenney, 2013).  Silver smoking slippers:  Charming Charlie (bought 2013).

What about you guys?  Is there an outfit you’ve always wanted to try out, but were a little to hesitant to?  Have you ever “accidentally” put together an awesome outfit that you never would’ve thought of?  What trends take you a little outside of your comfort zone?  Sometimes we all have to give ourselves the reminder that fashion is supposed to be fun.  I’m glad that this outfit gave me the kick in the (burgundy) pants that I needed!  🙂

To Taking Steps to Becoming a More Fearless Fashionista!