Descriptions of Each Blog Day

More About Each Blog Day:

      For those interested in the nitty-gritty, here’s a guide on how to navigate my blog:

By all means, you can just jump in headfirst and read my blogs in chronological order.  But if you happen to have certain things that you gravitate towards, you can choose a specific day of the week (or days, if you please).

      In true lister form, I have a long list of things I’m interested in.  Instead of having to choose just one to focus on, I decided to have a different topic (and in most cases, a different list) for each day of the week*:

Making Memories Mondays will essentially be a journal of me crossing things off on my “Things To Do Before I Die” list.  On the Mondays that I’m not doing those things (which will be most Mondays, since I currently don’t have the thousands of dollars that I’d need to accomplish most of the things on the list), I will be posting memories via photos that I take.  There is a Creative Keepsakes list that has the best pictures to shoot each month, and I decided I wanted to take as many of those pictures that I can.  Accompanying each photo will almost certainly be a story behind it.

Ta-Da! Tuesdays are where I’ll show off my latest creation (with or without—most likely with—flaws and all), whether it be a craft, recipe, or attempt at interior design.  You can view my growing list of things I want to make, cook, or rearrange on my Pinterest page.

Written Word Wednesdays are where I will work on finishing drafts of various projects, including National Novel Writing Month novels and projects I’ve been wanting to start.  Sometimes I will also suggest written word for you all out there to read, along with my own review of that book.

Thoughts On…Thursdays are sort of like an op-ed section.  I will share my thoughts and opinions on myriad topics, such as current events, pop culture, music lyrics and TV shows.

Fashion Fridays are devoted to organizing my closet.  This will be mostly a photo-heavy post, with solicitations for comments.  I fully admit that this section is more for me checking off things on my list than for anything else.  After I received The Lucky Shopping Guide as a gift from my mother, I decided to create a clothing inventory.  Each Friday I will be focusing on a different part of the inventory and taking pictures of what I own.  On the rare occasion that I happen to buy or receive one of the missing items from inventory, I will consequently post photos and rave about my fabulous new article of clothing.

Scholastic Saturdays encompass my Ultimate Goal Timeline.  Since at the moment I lack the funds and the volunteer hours to obtain my master’s degree, I plan to use this part of my blog to educate myself.  I will post what I learned during the week about existential-phenomenological psychology/counseling by writing a report on it.  Once I start school and start to make my way towards my career, I plan on writing about the steps to get there and what I learn along the way.

Spiritual Sundays are my musings on religion or lack thereof.  Because this will undoubtedly be a hot-button topic, I ask that all commenters be respectful to everyone else participating in the conversation.  I realize that this is something I can’t completely control, but it couldn’t hurt to ask, right?  Even though these will probably be the most difficult posts for me to write, I think it is also the most necessary for me to write.  Bear with me.

*And really, I’ll just take any opportunity I can get to practice my wicked alliteration skills.