Clothing Inventory to Complete (own all things on list and take pics of them)

Clothing Inventory (modified from the 2003 issue of The Lucky Shopping Manual):

**I do not have all of these, this is just what Lucky states “you’re covered” if you own.  On Fashion Fridays, I’ll go category by category and check off what I have and include pictures of them.

After reading the inventory, let me know in the comments section below: Is this inventory too sparse?  Too full?  Is there anything glaringly missing?  How does it compare to your own wardrobe?  Do you own the 2012 version of this shopping manual, and if so, is it vastly different from the 2003 version (by the same token, do you think this inventory is outdated, and if so, how should I update it?)?  What are your opinions?


__2 all-season work skirts (tropical wool)

__1 day-to-night skirt (dress it up or down)

__1 denim skirt

__2 summer work skirts (crisp and structured)

__ 2 summer weekend skirts (dress them up or down)


__ 2 good white tees

__ 2 good black tees

__4 tanks

__ 1 striped tee

__ 1 henley or polo

__5 t-shirts in unpredictable colors

__4 more fun tees


__5 work tops

__3 fun tops (for going out at night)

__ 4 weekend tops (t-shirt alternatives)—short-sleeved

__4 weekend tops (t-shirt alternatives)—long-sleeved


__2 weekend dresses (for summer)

__1 weekend dress (for winter)

__ 1 evening dress (for summer)

__ 1 evening dress (for winter)

__ 1 daytime party dress (for summer)


__2 fitted pullovers for work (v-neck or crewneck)

__2 cardigans (for evening and office)

__1 black turtleneck (thin and fitted, not boxy)

__2 weekend sweaters (at least one that’s truly warm)

(since I love sweaters, add: )

__ 1 evening sweater (sexy, whether vintage or slouchy)

__4 more weekend sweaters (fun and trendy)

__one vintage sweater


__ 1 pair to wear with heels

__ 1 weekend pair I can wreck

__ 1 pair to wear with flats

(bonuses: )

__white jeans

__another of my favorite pair


__fun jeans


__3 pairs of winter work pants (tropical wool or a comparable blend)

__3 pairs of summer work pants

__2 pairs of all-season weekend pants

__1 pair of lightweight evening pants

(since I don’t really wear skirts, add:)

__more winter work pants

__a pair of fun pants

__velvet or satin evening pants

__more summer work pants


__2 classic suits (serious for work, but versatile)

__1 skirt suit (a trendy shape for work or nighttime)

__1 evening suit (I don’t really need this…don’t wear suits a lot)


__1 everyday bag (black or dark brown)

__1 small work bag

__1 work tote or briefcase

__1 casual tote (for supermarket, beach, gym)

__1 evening bag

__1 small going out bag (just big enough for wallet, keys and lipstick)



__2 pairs of knee boots

__1 pair of good office shoes

__1 pair of casual shoes

__1 pair of evening shoes

Lucky Extras (Winter):

__Another pair of knee boots (in a heel height you don’t have)

__Ankle boots

__Flat office shoe


__2 pairs of good office shoes

__1 pair of good flat sandals

__ 1 pair of flip-flops

__1 pair of strappy, sexy sandals

Lucky Extras (Summer):

__ More fun strappy sandals (3 max)

__Light-colored office shoes

My Lifestyle/Rainy Weather Extras:

__1 pair warm boots for playing in the snow

__ 1 pair rain boots

__ 1 pair hiking boots

__ 1 pair shoes to walk doggie in that can get trashed/dirty

__ 1 pair workout sneakers

__ 1 pair comfy sneakers I can beat up


__1 good wool blazer

__1 short jacket (lightweight wool or blend)

__ 1 denim jacket


__7 pairs of everyday underpants

__3 everyday bras

__1 pair of evening hose

__1 black bra with pretty straps (under sleeveless black tops)

__1 nude stretchy camisole (for sheer tops)

__1 silky camisole (with lace so you can show off under v-necks)

__1 pair of thin wool tights for winter (solid or tweedy)

__1 convertible bra

__1 cute set to sleep in

__as many pairs or work hose as you need


__ 2 swimmable suits (not fashion ones you’re not supposed to get wet)

__1 top cover-up

__1 bottom cover-up


__ 1 overcoat (classic styling)

__1 warm parka (long enough to cover hips)

__1 spring jacket

__ 1 fall coat

__1 raincoat

(more coats…)

__ an evening coat

__some fun coats

__a lightweight, casual jacket


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