Crafting Projects I Want To Do

Crafting Projects:

Long-term crafting projects to finish-

1) Wedding scrapbook (I’ve been married for four years now, so it’s a little overdue)

2) Dr. Who scarf (the original Tom Baker one…the longest one with the most colors…I’ve been working on this since 2007 and I’m only ¼ of the way done)

3) “Dream mantle”

4) Guest room decorating

From Pinterest- (that website is so addictive!)

**For anyone curious about any of these crafts, leave me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with the link!

1) Thumbprint guest book

2) No-mess water jumping bag

3) Coffee filter wreath

4) Handmade headbands

5) Scrapbook papers flower on canvas

6) String art word

7) Kaleidoscope

8) Crepe paper daffodils

9) Daffodil string lights (daffodils are my favorite flower)

10) Herbal fire starters (no comments from the peanut gallery please)

11) K-cup sandals

12) Upcycled palette art

13) Rose prints from cabbage

14) Cherry blossom prints from soda bottle

15) Covered journal

16) Ruffle shirt

17) Magazine rack shelf

18) Wax paper transfer on wood

19) Newspaper nail art

20) Crate shadow boxes

21) Scrabble family name art

22) Galaxy nails

23) Bleach pen design on t-shirt

24) Cards/letters ring journal

25) Paper flowers

26) Sea glass tray

27) Non-poppable bubbles

28) Index card “calendar”

29) Newspaper ornaments

30) 3D sand footprints

31) Sand playdough

32) Pressed penny charm bracelet

33) Homemade mosquito repellant

34) CD case picture frames

35) Tea bag wreath

36) Homemade charms

37) Jellybean daffodils

38) Dictionary shoes

39) Firefly jars

40) Geometric photo art

41) Heart-shaped elbow patches

42) Homemade tea bags

43) Word transfer art

44) Canvas transfer art

45) Heart nails

From my own mind-

46) Quill pens

47) Nibs on canvas

48) Ombre Nails

49)  Make a mixed media collage



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