My Exhillirating, Anxiety-Inducing, Big, Bad, Celebration-When-I-Accomplish It All Goal Timeline!

This one’s the doozy.  The most important list of all lists.  My long-term, lifelong goals.  Wish me luck! (Also, if it looks familiar, it’s because it’s one of the sticky notes in my background and my “About” section.  Oh, yes.  All those sticky notes are my real-life lists!)

My ultimate goal, written out:

*to be a part of a community college or university’s counseling services center as a mental health counselor.

*Counsel students and surrounding community on common college issues.

*Setup group poetry therapy workshops as part of the counseling services offerings.

*Become a lecturer or professor of mental health counseling at a CC or Univ and try to get the word out about poetry therapy.

*Become an NAPT Mentor/Supervisor in the area.

*When I don’t have clients, volunteer at alternative high schools, juvenile detentions, and/or organizations

and lend my poetry therapy expertise.

*Open a poetry therapy institute in an available retail space here in the area. Have weekend poetry therapy retreats during the summer (can be funded by scholarships, etc.) for anyone who wants to join (at local nature preserve and the conference rooms there).

To fully accomplish the above, I will have to, during the course of my lifetime, do the following:

1.get a master’s and licensure in mental health counseling.

2.get certification as a poetry therapist or facilitator.

3.make connections at a CC or univ.

4.volunteer at any of the above nonprofit orgs.

5.get business degree or team up with someone who has a business degree to open an institute.

6.make connections with the groundskeeper/event coordinator nature preserve and let her know my intentions.

7.possibly get a teaching certificate in order to teach at CC or Univ., but not necessarily needed, as you can teach at either if you have good credentials and a master’s degree.

Goal Timeline:

Now: raise finances for schooling

-work on getting 3 letters of reference for master’s application

-rack up 600 hours of volunteer work in human/social services by January 2013

Spring/Summer 2012:

-apply for volunteer work at local alternative school

-take prerequisites for master’s degree

Fall 2012-Summer 2013: volunteer at alternative school

-take prerequisites for master’s degree

University application deadline: Jan 2013

-apply for writing residency summer (June) 2013

writing residency fall/winter 2014

-graduate 2015, apply for jobs in field

-start poetry therapy certification fall 2015, gain certification 2017


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