Pictures to Take Throughout the Year

Photos To Take Each Month:

*This is definitely NOT my idea.  I do not own or claim to own anything.  The original link at Creating Keepsakes can be found here:

January-snowmen, indoor play, people sledding, stacks of sweaters, firsts for the New Year (snow, new outfit, family dinner, book you read), icicles along the roof, kids bundled up to go outside in the cold, a couple snuggling by the fire, bowls of soup or cups of hot chocolate

February-kids in PJs, favorite gadgets, your loved ones, a romantic night out, valentines you receive, Super Bowl party (with food and décor), Mardi Gras decorations and parades, children creating valentines for school, Valentine’s Day goodies (cookies, candy, cupcakes), high-school sporting events (i.e., basketball game or gymnastics meet)

March-your car, kites flying, your pet on a walk, your exercise routine, March Madness events (people filling in brackets, friends watching games, fans wearing favorite team’s jerseys), favorite Dr. Seuss books, the first signs of spring (flowers sprouting, tree blossoms blooming, baby animals playing), children playing in the yard, loved ones playing in puddles after a rainstorm, St. Patrick’s Day festivities featuring green, flowers peeking through dirt or snow, your toes with a fresh pedicure and nail polish, the yard after its first mow of the year, family members working in the garden, outdoor sports (i.e., soccer, softball, tennis)

April-rainbows, friends hiking, Easter celebrations (religious activities, family dressed in “Sunday best” to attend Easter service, egg hunting, egg decorating, new Easter dress), umbrellas and rain boots, flats of flowers

May-BBQs, grandma’s hands, prom happenings, photos with Mom, flowers in the garden, Mother’s Day presents, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, students moving out of the college dorm, cemeteries decorated for Memorial Day, people drinking mint juleps or wearing hats for Derby Day

June-baseball games, photos with Dad, animals at the zoo, outdoor activities (badminton, picnics, evening walks, backyard movies), Father’s Day events, feet wearing flip-flops, strawberries on the vine, graduates dressed in caps and gowns, children on the last day of school, brides getting ready for the big day

July-farm fields, family reunions, camping activities, fun in the sun (water fights, pool time, people boating, swimming lessons), concert in the park, girls playing hula hoop, ice cream or snow cones, watermelon ready to serve, 4th of July celebrations (firework displays large and small; parades, people wearing red, white and blue; flags flying; military personnel in full regalia) a boy holding a worm, frog or bug

August-sprinkler fun, corn on the cob, summer sunsets, people on bike rides, vacations and travels, a pitcher of lemonade, NFL preseason parties, a couple holding hands, back-to-school shopping, county/town/state fairs

September-football games, tailgating parties, fishing excitement, family in sweaters, apple-picking events, freshly baked cookies, leaves changing color, visits with grandparents, happenings on the first day of school (catching the bus, wearing the first-day-of-school outfit, packing the first lunch, meeting the teacher, stacking the kids’ schoolbooks, seeing or walking into the new classroom, reading the school schedule, buying new backpacks and shoes), car rides through the canyons or mountains

October-hayrides, bare trees, scarecrows, corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkins at night, World Series parties, kids jumping in piles of fallen leaves, a train rolling across the golden landscape, homecoming celebrations at school

November-baked pies, geese flying south, family gatherings, Thanksgiving dinner (loved ones preparing the food, people setting the table, home décor, family at the table, people watching a game after dinner), Black Friday madness, the first snowfall, family photo shoot for holiday cards, dogs/kids playing in the first snow, Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, family members turning on Christmas lights

December-hockey games, snowball fights, canned food drives, community service, friends sharing a laugh, Menorah being lit, New Year’s Eve parties, family gathered around the fireplace, slippered feet lined up in a row or in a circle, Christmas activities (gifts being wrapped, holiday shopping, cookie plate placed out for Santa, children writing letters to Santa, loved ones visiting Santa at the mall, home décor, Nativity scenes, carolers, trimmed trees, mantle with your hung stockings, outdoor décor, the holiday table, shopping bags filled from mall outings)


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