Things to do Before I Die

Things To Do Before I Die:

Inspired by A Walk to Remember (both the movie and the book), I made a list of things I would really like to accomplish before I die. Some are harder to accomplish than others, but that’s what dreamers are for. Some seem so simple, but sometimes the best things in life are simple things.  I have to admit right now that I have already accomplished some of these things, which I’ll put stars next to and will definitely write turn it into a Making Memories Mondays post.

What’s on your own personal bucket list?  Is there anything I’ve missed that I should add?  Have any of you accomplished any of the things on my own bucket list, and if so, how was it?  I’d love to hear your stories in the comment section below! 🙂

*1) Walk around Penn State campus…breathe Penn State air…touch Penn State ground…*drool*

2) Believe in soulmates again

3) Visit the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, which are:

*  Grand Canyon

  Great Barrier Reef

  Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

  Mount Everest

  Aurora Borealis

  Parícutin volcano

  Victoria Falls

…which means a trip to Arizona, Australia, Brazil, Nepal/China, Northern Canada (for prime Aurora viewing), Mexico, and Africa are in order…good spread!

4) Get the tattoo I’ve wanted since I was 18…

5) Do at least one session as a full-fledged, o-official poetry therapist

6) Completely let go of past regrets

7) Learn to play the guitar well enough to do an open mic

8) Take professional singing lessons

9) Be responsible for at least one person getting published and becoming a bestseller

10) Find the true definition of love

11) Figure out the one common, universal thing that makes a girl attractive to a guy

*12) Meet and pet a chinchilla

13) Prove that unicorns exist/existed (close: they found a “unicorn deer” in Italy!)

14) Finish, publish, and play the song I’ve been working on since I was 19 (I actually have to find the thing first. 😦 )

15) Find a best friend that will last forever

16) Go to Alaska and experience a “day with no night”…24-hour sun, baby!

17) View the stars, unobstructed, no light pollution, from all hemispheres of the Earth. (I’ve done north, east, and west. Just gotta do south! Trip to Australia, Antarctica, Africa, or South America, anyone? [I’m partial to Australia])

18) Build and live in a working igloo for at least a day.

*19) Frolic through a huge field of daffodils.

20) Dye my hair obviously purple (I’ve done it before, but it’s been subtle…).

*21) Go to a dome or stadium concert.

22) Learn to snowboard well enough to go on at least three different lifts/runs at a resort.

*23) Be a part of a flash mob!

*24) Start a blog and maintain it for at least one year (on my way to getting there!)

25) Ride a tandem bike.

26) Take a ride in a hot-air balloon.

27) Do at least one of the following extreme activities: skydiving, bungee jumping, or ziplining.

28) Reach my goal weight and cash in on my husband’s promised prize of a $1000 clothing shopping spree. (With this prize in mind, you’d think I’d have been more aggressive in reaching my goal weight, but for some reason, I guess I haven’t fully grasped how awesome an incentive that is.)

29) Fly first class.

*30) Perfect a macaron recipe.


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