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Fashion Friday: Fashion Went to the Birds ***Updated with picture***

Or just one bird, as it were.

I know what you’re probably thinking:  I thought up a clever pun to introduce all the things in my wardrobe with a bird theme to it.  As much as I like bird fashion, though, I ironically can only think of three things that I own that have anything remotely to do with birds:  two tops with feathers, and an owl necklace.

But nope.  That’s not what I’m going to talk about.  I was busy prepping myself to continue on with my clothing inventory–sweaters, to be exact.  I went through the trouble of making lots of room in my camera, freeing up space for 167 pictures (not that I have that many sweaters; not by a long shot).  As soon as I was setting up to take a shot of my first sweater, hubby came home and told me to hurry downstairs to the garage.

When I got downstairs, he pointed to the corner of the space.  Sitting there, still covered in new yellow feathers, teeny as can be and just-opened eyes, was a wee, chirping little bird.  It was hopping about, pecking at the holes in the peg board, probably wondering where it could get some food.  We couldn’t find its mama, and its wing looked injured, as it had trouble flapping its right one but could flap its left one just fine.  And it looked absolutely freezing.

So we took it inside and followed both instinct and the articles we found online, getting a cardboard box with holes and lining it with a towel so it wouldn’t get its beak or feathers caught, then placed half the box over a heat pad.  We found it a nice, juicy worm and dropped it in the box, just in case.

After about an hour, we went to check in on it (I named it Hopper because it hopped around when we found it), and it seemed much more alert and kinda hop-flapped, better than the shape we found it in.  We gave it some water (it was adorable watching hubby slowly drop some water into Hopper’s beak from his finger), I provided it with just a bit of seed (because I realized I didn’t know if it was a meat-eating bird, vegetation-eating bird, or seed-eating bird), then put it back into the box.

Our doggie Dexter is doing superbly, I’m proud to say.  He’s been giving Hopper space and staying away and being gentle as he can be around the box.  I think he kinda knows what’s up, and that what’s inside the box is fragile.  It gives me bright hope that when we finally get around to having a kiddo, Dexter will be wonderful with him or her.  🙂

Anyhow, since we legally can’t keep the bird for longer than overnight, we’re going to release Hopper tomorrow to see how it does.  If you could please spare a good thought for its little birdie heart, I’d greatly appreciate it.  🙂

**I was going to include a picture of it, but I didn’t want to stress the poor thing out.  Maybe when we release it tomorrow.  :)**

***Update, Saturday, April 13th:
When I woke up this morning and went downstairs for a drink of water, I heard much commotion from Hopper’s cardboard shelter.  There were energetic chirps and light thumps and scratches, signs of a much more alert birdie who couldn’t wait to move about!  So we decided it was time to release Hopper back into the “wild” (a nice, sheltered spot in our backyard).  As soon as we opened up the box outside, my heart swelled with happiness to see Hopper not hop, but fly beautifully out of the box.  I was able to get a few pictures of it before we had to leave and do our weekend social obligations.  Here’s the best one:

“Thanks for the help, guys!  Now off to make it on my own.”

When we came back this afternoon, I stole a peek in our backyard in the off chance that Hopper might still be wandering about, but it was nowhere to be seen.  I’m telling myself that Hopper’s out there somewhere having grand adventures instead of perhaps shivering somewhere in the cold, or a worse fate that I don’t want to think about.  Anyhow, Godspeed, Hopper.  Feel free to come and visit sometime.  ❤

To Pleasant Interruptions That Open Your Heart,

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Fashion Friday: All Dressed Up

Okay, okay.  I’m going to be the first to admit how hypocritical this post may seem after yesterday’s post.  But I will remind you that I’m not against the idea of dressing up altogether.  Even though I have just really started to take a fascination with fashion in only the last few years doesn’t mean that I like to present myself poorly.  And I do like dressing up when the occasion calls for it.

That being said, I maintain that my idea of dressing up is different from others’ idea of dressing up.  I’ve never been the type to wear revealing clothes, and I think that is evident through all my dresses.

Also, I may need to reintroduce all of you to my clothing inventory project, which, by taking a quick glance at my blog posts, I haven’t updated since June.  Whoops.  I guess the new year’s as good of a time as any to continue.  Besides, I’ll actually get to use my checkmarks again, and that’s almost always a good thing in my book!

blavatar 2Clothing Inventory to Complete (own all things on list and take pics of them):  Dresses

__2 weekend dresses (for summer)
*Own 0, need 2.  Like, badly.  I really want some fun summer dresses!
blavatar 21 weekend dress (for winter)
Gray sweater dress:  Robbie Bee (gifted).

Who doesn’t love a good sweater dress?  So this may look boring, but this is just one of the ways I styled it, and I love the way it looks and that the dress is so versatile:


blavatar 2 1 evening dress (for summer)

Black dress with purple flowers: connected apparel (thrifted 2010).

blavatar 21 evening dress (for winter)

Black dress with handkerchief hem and taupe flowers:  S.L. fashions (bought at JCPenney 2009)

__1 daytime party dress (for summer)
*Own 0, need 1.

Extras (dresses that I own that are in addition to those on the “you’re covered if…” list):
Okay, fashion readers.  Here’s where I need your help.  Seriously, I didn’t really think I had a lot of dresses.  And I still don’t think I do, compared to others.  In the Lucky manual, it actually lists 4 additional dresses to what I’ve listed here (2 work dresses for summer & 2 work dresses for winter), but I’m not much for wearing a dress to work.  I feel a little uncomfortable in a dress at work; I’m more of a slacks and shirt kinda gal.  I wear skirts to work on occasion, but even that’s pushing my boundaries.  But I do like having dresses in my arsenal.  Problem is, these extra dresses don’t fit into any category listed in my clothing inventory list.  I don’t really know where to wear them; I’ve worn them as being a party hostess, to family dinners, and I think to my birthday party, but they don’t really fit in neatly anywhere because they’re all sort of fall-like–neither winter nor summer.  If you disagree with me, feel free to let me know.  But here they are:


Strappy star-print dress (with POCKETS!!!):  Torrid.
I’m in absolute love with this dress and wear it every day if I could.  I’ve already worn it three different times to three completely different things:  an outing to a movie with friends (casual), our Halloween Housewarming Party (pictured above.  I was the night sky.), and a semi-formal date with the husband.  Once in the summer, once in the fall, and once in the winter.  So I’m not quite sure where to place the dress and whether or not it’s daytime or evening or party or weekend.  It’s quite versatile!

  FF3aFF3 FF4

Leopard-print dress:  MNG by Mango (gifted, but I’m pretty sure it’s from Macy’s, 2012).  Shirt & belt:  Too lazy to look up.  Robot ring:  Charming Charlie (bought 2012).  Turquoise necklace:  ??? (thrifted).
I may or may not have mentioned it before, but it’s my mother that introduces “scandalous/risque” items into my wardrobe.  I’m the prim and proper one, and she’s the one who wants me to sex it up a bit.  The irony is definitely not lost on me.  Anyhow, she had a mischievous little giggle when she handed me this leopard-print number.  I didn’t think I was sassy enough to wear it, but it was a few weeks before my 30th birthday party that I was gifted it, so I thought it would make the perfect “Dirty 30” ensemble.  Because a leopard-print dress is about as dirty as I’m daring to dress.  😉  I know, I know, I’m a coward.  Anyhow, I ran across a website (can’t recall what it is now) that gave tips on how to style leopard print so that it worked more as a neutral than as a wild print.  It suggested pairing it with red, much as you would pair red with anything brown or black and white.  I had fun with this outfit, but haven’t had the courage to wear it out yet.  What do you guys think?  I also want to be able to wear this dress more often, but am still too shy to.  Hopefully I’ll get over it soon.  Again, though, it’s more of a fall item and I can’t figure out which category it fits in.


Black dress:  J.B.S. Ltd. (thrifted 2010).
Ah, the trusty LBD that you can take into any season and any occasion.  Just doesn’t fit neatly anywhere, and that’s okay by me.


Black dress with brown spangles:  R&K Originals (bought 2007??? from JCPenney???).
This dress makes frequent appearances because I think it’s a really neutral dress and I reach for it when I want to throw on something semi-fancy and don’t know what to wear.  It’s been featured at many a Thanksgiving dinner and, most memorably, my own bachelorette party.  I wouldn’t wear it in the summer, but it doesn’t seem like a weekend or party dress, either.  I don’t know.


Dress with blousy top and black skirt:  connected (gifted 2012).
If I wore work dresses, I think this would be my ultimate work dress.  The only problem is I think the top is too provocatively cut.  I do like the way it looks at me, but can’t for the life of me think of a place to wear it.

FF13 FF14

Black/gray/green plaid dress (pattern shown in second picture):  ??? (gifted 2011).
Again, if I wore work dresses, this would be top contender.  But I can’t think of where to wear it right now.  I feel (shocker!) that this is actually much too conservative to be worn anywhere else.


Brown ruched front dress:  elementz (bought at Ross??? in 2007???).
Again, like the brown spangled dress, this is a catch-all dress.  The second picture is of me at my 28th birthday party, but I’ve also worn this to a lot of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinners.  I don’t quite know what to do with it otherwise.

Dress I ended up donating:
Brown and white polka dot dress:  American Living (bought at JCPenney 2009).
I was in denial about this dress.  It was a really really cute dress with a retro vibe to it, and for a few years I fooled myself into thinking it looked good on me.  But during my major wardrobe rehaul of 2011, I realized the bust line didn’t hit me in the right place, and the sleeves fit awkwardly on me.  It served me good while it did, but alas, I had to let it go.

What I’ve learned:
*I have entirely way too much black and brown in my dress collection and not nearly enough color!  Shocking for me, as the rest of my wardrobe is filled with bright colors that make me happy.  That needs to change.  Also, I’m due for a good sundress sometime.  The other thing is that I believe little black dresses are overrated.  I would actually love to see a shift to a little (navy) blue dress.  It’s such a flattering color on everyone, and the blue lends itself to be mixed and matched with a variety of great pop colors such as yellow, pink, turquoise, burgundy, or gray.  Those colors with black, while they match, just don’t seem as fun.

Dresses I haven’t worn yet:
Leopard print dress (not in public, anyway);  blousy-topped, black-skirted dress; and black/gray/green “work” dress.  I really want to work up the nerve to wear the leopard print one, and I think I do want to try to wear the black/gray/green work one, but the blousy-topped one, I think I may have to donate.  I just can’t see myself wearing it anywhere, much as I love the way it looks on me.

Final dresses shopping list:
__2 weekend dresses (for summer)
__1 daytime party dress (for summer)

These are the kind I’d want to buy that would fit the bill for the above (I didn’t end up buying the first one because it rode up way too much in the back, and didn’t do the second one because both of the people I tried it on in front of agreed that it didn’t look good on my body type):

Blue floral-printed dress with yellow belt:  Jason Wu for Target.  (On a side, vain note:  my hair looks AWESOME in this picture.  I wish it would look like that more often!)

Multicolored feather print dress with orange belt:  American Living???, JCPenney 2012.

If you’re still reading by now, I’d like to send you a big thank you and hug for letting me indulge in this clothing inventory.  I owe you a big, shiny gold star (and if I know you personally, possibly a coffee or beer or glass of wine)  🙂  .  It feels really good to finally be doing this again, because this is huge on my to-do list and it’ll be a great accomplishment for me when I finally get it all done.  I’ve been wanting to organize and catalog my wardrobe for years.

And finally, if you wish, here are the usual questions to answer:

1)  What is your favorite dress out of the above?  Your least favorite?  (As in, do you have any “what was she thinking?!?” impressions of any of the above?)

2) Aside from what is noted above that I need to add to a shopping list, is there anything glaringly missing from my collection?  Is there anything you would suggest to round out/compliment what I already have?

3) After seeing the pictures, do you think I’ve miscategorized anything?

4)  Do you have dresses that are strictly for the fall or spring?  And if so, how do they differ from winter or summer dresses?  Or do you think every dress you own should be able to span all four seasons?

5) Do you think any of these dresses are out of place in my wardrobe (i.e., does one or more dress(es)) not fit the fashion profile/personality of the others)?

Hoping You’re Making Good Progress on Getting a Big Item Crossed Off Your To-Do List Too!  🙂

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Fashion Friday: On Being Top-Heavy (In More Ways Than One!)

Clothing Inventory to Complete (own all things on list and take pics of them):  Tops

Hi, my name is Violet, and I have a top problem.

When comparing my actual top inventory to Lucky’s “You’re covered if…” list, I’m totally covered, and then some.  Here I am, thinking I am utterly lacking in some clothing categories.  Not so for the mighty top.  As you’ll see below, I have many “fun tops”, so apparently I shop to go out for fun.  I’ll probably be lacking in work tops, though, for a very specific reason:

I have another top problem.  I’m a little top-heavy.

Top:  east5th women (bought at consignment shop).  Jeans: Avenue (bought 2012).
Necklace:  Criss Creations (bought at hometown founder’s celebration 2012).

Okay, fine.  I mean, I’m a little (a lot) top-heavy:

42D-worth of top-heavy to be exact.  Which, congratulations, Dear Readers!  Not a lot of people know my bra size because I’m much too embarassed to tell.  Now, I know some would be happy to have my “problem,” but for me, it’s quite annoying.  That’s because no matter how thin or chubby I’ve been in my life, my chest has been disproportionately larger than the rest of my body.  It’s made shopping for a dress or button-up shirt (which is what I commonly wear as a “work shirt”) more frustrating and difficult than jeans-shopping (and y’all know how stressful that is!).  Either it fits perfectly across my chest and fits the rest of my body like an oversized, shapeless potato sack, or it fits my body fine except my “girls” are popping out like they need to be on tour at a burlesque show.  Which, I have nothing wrong with burlesque, but I myself don’t have the chutzpah to do something like that.  (Side note:  Who else loves the word chutzpah as much as I do?  What’s that?  I’m just a crazy word geek?  Well, fine.  😛 )

I’m also in that crazy in-between where I’m too fat to be skinny and too skinny to be fat.  It gets me nasty looks in both regular-sized stores (what I think they’re thinking:  “Oh honey, no.  Do you really want to look like a sausage squeezed into a casing?”) and plus-sized stores (what I think they’re thinking:  “Girl, you have no business being here.  Get out and stop rubbing it in our faces that you’re better than us.”).  You’d think all of these stressors would stop me from shopping, but really, when I avoid eye contact and make it a point to not buy anything unless it fits me exactly right and I love it, then shopping’s not so bad.  🙂

I also feel much better when I go shopping by myself.  My mother is cute and petite and fits into anything she pleases and she likes to rub that in my face.  I don’t blame her; if I had a cute little frame like she did, I may or may not do the same.  When something doesn’t quite fit me but I think it would look cute on her, her immediate answer is, “Oh, no.  I’d be swimming in that.”  Which, yes, is honest, but still…ouch.  It gets even worse when I go shopping with any friend that’s below a size 12 (which constitutes 99%, if not 100%, of my friends).  I politely go into the H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Hollister, watching them try on cute things and sincerely oohing and aaahing over them and knowing full well that I would never be able to fit into even their XL sizes (super-awesome exception goes to the adorable gray & black color blocked H&M skirt that I scored at the thrift store!).  It gets awkward when they, bless their hearts, try to make me feel better and ask me what size I wear so that I can try on the said cute piece of clothing with them.  Usually I pretend I didn’t hear them and head to the jewelry and/or accessories department because those fit everyone.  So, yeah, venturing out to the store by myself is much less likely to make me want to hide my head in the sand.

But I’d like to think that I’m fashionable even though I’m plus-sized.  I think I’m pretty darn cute, and the main reason I’m working on my body is for health reasons.  But when I look into the mirror, I smile and embrace my curves.  That’s why the top two pictures are featuring plus-sized clothing.  I love those two pieces and by no means do they read dowdy to me.

So those are my personal thoughts for today.  Now, onward with checking things off my list!  😀

__??? (Checked off depends on workplace) 5 work tops

White button-down shirt:  Preview (thrifted).
The only button-down shirt that I own, and it fits me PERFECTLY!  Need to figure out where to buy more.

Now, in a super-professional setting, this shirt would be the only acceptable work shirt.  So the list would stop there.  The following are shirts that would qualify as work shirts to me in a not-so-super-professional setting:

Lavender “twofer” shirt: augustsilk (gifted).

Gray ruffled shirt:  caslon (thrifted).

Black and white floral shirt: east5th (bought at JCPenney in 2009).

Black ruched shirt: Worthington (bought at JCPenney in 2009).

*Own all 5 in a more casual work environment; own 1 need 4 in a more professional work environment.

3 fun tops (for going out at night)

Red sequined top: Covington (gifted).

Black sequined tank:  east5th (gifted).

(My third shirt is the feathered one I’m wearing above.)
4 weekend tops (t-shirt alternatives)–short-sleeved

Gray cowlneck shirt:  Lane Bryant (bought 2009).

Red textured shirt with keyhole cutout in back:  liz&co (bought at JCPenney in 2008).

Off-white textured shirt with keyhole cutout in back (yep, I’m the one who buys something in more than one color if it fits just right and I have the money to do so):  liz&co (bought at JCPenney in 2008).

Teal button-sleeve top:  Xhiliration (bought at Target in
4 weekend tops (t-shirt alternatives)–long-sleeved

Lavender feather-printed shirt:  a.n.a. (bought at JCPenney in 2011).

Gray bow shirt with printed black keys: east5th (bought at JCPenney in 2011).

Blue shirt with grommets:  Lane Bryant (bought in 2009).

Light teal shirt with buttons:  Lane Bryant (bought in 2009).

Extras (tops I own that are in addition to those on the “you’re covered if…” list):
Oh, and here is my revealed my not-so-secret shame.  I didn’t realize how many I actually had until I had to wrangle them all for this post.  Holy moly!I have many extras, but they were oh so pretty!  Here goes nothing lots of things (and my humility):

Rose-printed top:  redherring (bought at consignment shop).

Red button-up polka-dot tank:  Merona (thrifted).

Navy blue polka-dot open-shouldered top:  a.n.a. (bought at JCPenney in 2012).

Dark teal & black-striped “twofer” top with rosettes:  Alyx (bought at JCPenney in 2011).

Silver, gray, and white floral tank with white lace edging:  CJ Banks (bought in 2012).

Sheer gray tie-dyed cowlneck shirt:  DKNY Jeans (thrifted).

Dark blue/light blue gingham tank:  ???–There was no brand tag attached, only a size/care tag (thrifted).

White pleated & bowed tank with dark purple, plum, fuchsia, and pale yellow floral print:  local market in the Philippines (bought in 2011).

Royal purple tank:  east5th (gifted).

Red and black geometric printed cowlneck: Mixit (thrifted).

Gray off-the-shoulder shirt with black/white floral ruffle:  handmade by me! :)–gray tee bought at JoAnn Fabrics  (Instructions to come later.)

Black boatneck shirt with pink/white geometrical design:  Worthington (bought at JCPenney in 2008).

Lavender tank with paisley print:  GAP  (bought soooooo long ago!!!).

Plum/black/white plaid shirt with attached gray vest:  Lane Bryant (thrifted).

Brown tank with gold sequins:  Old Navy (gifted).

Black/yellow/gray wave-print shirt:  Worthington (bought in 2012).

Tops I’m Thinking About Donating:  (not quite sure yet)

Turquoise shirt with plum/navy floral print:  Croft & Barrow (thrifted).
Reasons for donating:  I bought this because I desperately wanted a turquoise shirt with print on it.  I wore it tons of times the year I bought it (two years ago), but haven’t really reached for it as of late.  I still love the color, but compared to my other shirts, this one just seems to go on a ten-years-older version of me.

Red cowlneck shirt with lace inset:  Worthington (gifted?? or bought a loooong time ago).
Reasons for donating:  I swear, this shirt is magical.  I’ve had it FOREVER and logically, it shouldn’t fit (it’s a size medium, which, after reading my first couple of paragraphs, would make it an impossibility to fit on my body).  Then I reach to donate it, put it on to prove my point that it doesn’t fit, and when it does, it looks so good on that I can’t bear to part with it.  But I really only wear it around the holidays (namely Christmas and Valentine’s Day where pretty, dressy, red tops are abundantly worn).

What I’ve learned:

*I really, really think I’m good on shirts, considering that I have as many “extras” (16) as I do “you’re covered if”s.  Except for button-up work shirts.  And really, that’s only if I happen to get a professional job.  Other than that, I don’t really wear button-down shirts, so I don’t have to worry about it.
*I swear up and down, cross my heart, that I didn’t mean for my tops wardrobe to become an advertisement for JCPenney, but holy man!  Do I own a lot of shirts from there!  (15 of these shirts are JCPenney brands, with 11 that I bought and 4 thrifted/gifted.  That’s almost half of all the shirts!)  I guess I’m just drawn to that store because they have cute but affordable clothes.  Not to mention their clothes tend to fit me.  That’s more than I can say for other department stores such as Macy’s.  I’m also a huge fan of Target.  I also have to give extremely honorable mention to CJ Banks (the plus-sized companion to Christopher & Banks).  I absolutely love their clothing but can’t afford it very often.  To those who make more money, I highly recommend either one of them (if you have a similar style to me, that is)!
*If I find something I love, it’s really hard for me to ever get rid of it for fear of never finding anything else like it (I’d be remiss if my liz&co textured shirts stopped fitting or got ruined!  And I can’t find anything yet to replace my GAP paisley tank.)
*I think I’ve finally outgrown (age-wise and weight-wise) graphic tees.  In a way that makes me sad to say goodbye to something I’ve loved for so long, but I really think it’s made way for more age-appropriate clothing.  Though if I find an awesome shirt with a unicorn on it that happens to fit, all that would without a doubt get thrown out the window with glittery gusto.

Tops I haven’t worn yet:

Preview white button-down, rose-printed redherring top, red polka-dot tank, blue gingham tank, royal purple tank, handmade shirt.
**I know, I know.  That’s a lot.  But considering that’s only 6 out of 32, that’s not a horrible ratio.  The white button-down I fully intend
to wear, but I’m such a klutz and all my clothes tend to be a food magnet that I’m a bit terrified to wear that perfect shirt for fear of
staining the only button-down shirt that’s fit me so well and I worked so hard to find.  Guess I just need to suck it up.  Maybe
tomorrow?  The rose-printed top is a super-recent purchase and I absolutely love it and desperately want to wear it but I’m just
waiting for warmer weather to roll around so I can wear it without freezing.  It’s going to be a part of my first print-mixing
outfit and I’m excited about it.  The red polka-dot tank?  I fear the top-heavy curse may
have somehow hit it overnight (or while it was in the dryer).  I tried to put it on the other day and it didn’t QUITE button over my chest.
I swear on my life that it fit me perfectly when I tried it on at the store, though.  So I’m going to try again soon and pray for a miracle and see
what happens.  Because I adore that shirt.  Gingham tank is also a recent purchase and also waiting for warm weather to show it off.  Purple tank
I just haven’t found a dressy-enough occasion to wear it yet.  It’ll come.  I hope.  Maybe a summer date night sometime.  And the handmade shirt
I’m also waiting for warm weather.  So I guess I’m just waiting for nicer weather, and then I can incorporate these pieces nicely into my wardrobe!

Final Tops Shopping List:
I do not need anymore new tops.  This is just ridiculous.  I repeat:  NO MORE NEW TOPS!!!  (Unless I get a professional job, and ONLY work shirts allowed!)

And finally, my usual questions to my readers/fashionistas out there:

1)  What is your favorite top out of the above?  Your least favorite?  (As in, do you have any “what was she thinking?!?” impressions of any of the above?)

2) After seeing the pictures, do you think I’ve miscategorized anything?

3)  Do you think any of these tops are out of place in my wardrobe (i.e., does one or more skirt(s) not fit the fashion profile/personality of the others)?

4)  What are your opinions on my “possible donate” list?  Should both of them go?  Are there any of my tops that should probably be donated instead?

5)  Any styling tips?

6)  What are your favorite stores?  Any that are plus-sized friendly?

7)  How do you deal with your own body insecurities?  (Okay, you don’t have to answer that one, but it’s always good to know I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with clothes shopping sometimes.)

To Being Proud of Your Own Unique & Beautiful Body,

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Tying Up Loose Ends

Maintain Blog
Since we are coming up on the end of spring, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little bit of blog spring cleaning of sorts.  These are updates, pictures I’ve been meaning to post, and various other miscellany.  Enjoy!  🙂

1) Since posting my first two Fashion Friday posts, I’ve acquired some clothing to fill in the gaps that I had.  I’ll also update the actual posts, but I’ve had several requests to actually see the clothing on me because they’re curious about my style, especially after my posts on my DIY yellow shoes and shirt-to-skirt.  So I put together some outfits with my new additions.  Much fun was had!  😀  Here are the results:


2 more tees in unpredictable colors (preferably navy blue & yellow)

Navy blue t-shirt: Mossimo (bought at Target in 2012).  Khaki shorts:  Eddie Bauer (gifted).
Belt & feather necklace: ???
*Author’s Note:  Coincidentally, I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago, and this is the first
official picture that I have of it.  Mostly because this is the very first day that I didn’t loathe
the way my hair looked.  🙂

Yellow t-shirt:  Merona (bought at Target in 2012).  Jeans:  Avenue (bought 2012).
Earrings: Target (bought 2012).  Scarf:  ??? (gifted).  Owl pin: handmade by Sequins–check out her & her friend’s awesome fashion blog!!  🙂 
1 cream or white long-sleeved tee

White long-sleeved t-shirt:  Herman Geist (thrifted).  Dark purple pinstriped skirt (part of a skirt suit): J.B.S. Limited (thrifted).
Gray fedora: Charming Charlie (on loan indefinitely 🙂  )  Gray belt (shown here tied around neck as a necklace):  ??? (gifted).
*Author’s note:  I had fun putting together the styling on this one.  I know the typical, classic styling of a white
tee is with jeans and perhaps a scarf, but I wanted to show the versatility of this classic piece, so I pushed my
fashion boundaries a bit.  I love the result!

1 all-season work skirt

Gray & black colorblocked skirt: H&M (thrifted!  score!!!).  Black sweater: Charter Club (thrifted).
Earrings: ??? (gifted).  Necklace (shown here tied around waist as a belt): ??? (gifted).  Cream flower pin/clip: booth from an expo (bought 2012).

2)  Confession time:  Even though my Memorial Day experience was indeed memorable and I said it was enough to not make me worry about the fact that I didn’t finish my May pictures to take list, my strong dislike for leaving things unfinished took over.  So here are the missing pictures from the list, no longer missing.  😀


From the pool-opening party at our complex.
Prom happenings
I was unable to actually take a picture of prom happenings since a) I am no longer prom-going age and b) I don’t have a child who is prom-going age.  There were some missed opportunities as hubby and I were driving around these last two weekends, but alas, I forgot to bring my camera.  (One highlight I especially regret missing:  dressed up teens getting into a white with black flames Hummer limousine.  White with black flames!!  Epic, I’m telling you.  Epic.)
So instead, here is the picture I have for you:

Violet’s Senior Prom, 2000.  I thought the gloves were tres elegant, and I custom-made
the shoes by hot-gluing red roses onto them to match the rose pins in my hair (both of
which are hard to see in this picture).  Um, Senior Prom was awful.  But that’s another story
for another time.
Cinco de Mayo celebrations
As noted, my Cinco de Mayo celebration was…interesting, to say the least.  If you didn’t read that particular post, the Reader’s Digest version is that we ended
up celebrating it with a Taco Bell Doritos locos taco by the lake.  Here is the picture I promised:

“Derby de Mayo”, 5/5/2012.
Students moving out of the college dorm
I’d like to go on record to say I don’t just randomly stalk college dorm rooms to see if I could snap a picture of a complete stranger coming out of their dorm rooms.  🙂  That said, here is the last picture I took of the view of the very last dorm room I stayed in my final year of college, right before I locked it up and drove away:

As an added bonus for you, Dear Readers, is a snapshot of the rarely-seen Pointerfingerness Monster.  😉
But seriously…that’s what gives this picture so much charm for me.

People drinking mint juleps or wearing hats for Derby Day
Again, you need to reference the “Derby de Mayo” post to fully understand this picture, but basically we didn’t have mint juleps.

Pie shake combining sour cream lemon pie and vanilla ice cream.  Yummy!

Fabulous Derby hats:

These are pictures from the TV when we watched the Kentucky Derby.  I love the blue hats!  They’re fabulous!

The actual hat I wore on Derby de Mayo (forgot to take a picture of me wearing it); late Derby hat donning with a friend while at the mall (substituted coffee for mint julep).

I know your minds probably have some great comments developing, but just in the off chance that you don’t, here are some questions:

Which of the above outfits is your favorite on me?  Any styling tips?  Any fun Derby de Mayo (and subsequent Super Moon) stories of your own that you’d like to share?  Any stories of tying up your own loose ends?  How was your senior prom?  Tried any new fabulous drinks lately?  What’s your favorite BBQ food item?  Any great moving out of college stories?  I’m all ears!  😀


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Fashion Friday: Desperately trying to define “t-shirt”

Clothing Inventory to Complete (own all things on list and take pics of them)T-shirts

For all those who have been faithfully and daily following my blog (okay, I realize that may be 3 of you at the most, but girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?  And if you’re one of those 3, thank you from the bottom of my heart), I’m BACK!  I did actually finish a Wednesday and Thursday post if you’re interested in those.  If not, no bigs, and welcome to Friday!  🙂

FYI, the reason I’ve been out of commission is because of a strange backache and flu-like symptoms.  Today, though, my blog-update-addiction got the best of me.  That brings me to right now, writing a Fashion Friday post with a Snuggie wrapped around me.  Don’t hate.  😉

So the new section of the Lucky Shopping Manual lists “t-shirts.”  I have a confession:  for the life of me, I couldn’t really differentiate between what they pictured as “t-shirts” and what they pictured as “tops”.  At first, I thought their t-shirt definition was a plain-colored all-cotton shirt in the traditional “T” shape.  But then I flipped through the pages and found a striped shirt (goes against my “plain-colored theory” and a shirt with a blinged-out buckle on its shoulder and an assymetrical neck/sleeve line (which COMPLETELY confused me).  Then I flipped to the “tops” section and found a couple plain-colored, all-cotton, t-shaped ones.  So, dear readers, if you are able to properly draw the line between tops and t-shrits, I would be forever in your debt.  For the purposes of this post, I stuck to plain-colored, basic-shaped shirts, unless otherwise noted (the “stripes” section, to be specific).

I have to apologize for the quality of these pictures.  Unfortunately, I’m working with a horrible camera because the wonderful camera I fell in love with and used for about 4 years and took amazing pictures broke in October.  I sorely miss it.  So I have to settle for this one until I get funds to get an awesome one again.  First world problems, I know.  Anyhow, I’m starting to get a headache again from all this confusion, so to avoid that, I’ll just dive right in:


__ 2 good white tees

White tee:  jm collection (gifted).

*Own 1, need 1 more

 2 good black tees

Stretchy black tee: hillard&hanson (bought at Mervyn’s…Mervyn’s!  You remember that store?!?  2007)

Structured black tee:  Cherokee (thrifted).

4 tanks

Light turquoise tank: a.n.a. (bought from JCPenney 2008ish)

Plum tank: CAbi–the label is capitalized just like that– (thrifted)

Brown tank (??? possibly “top” by Lucky’s definition because of the unique sleeves and bling on the neckline):  dressbarn (thrifted).

Dark turquoise (unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to capture the true rich jewel-toned color) tank: JonesNewYork (gifted).

1 striped tee

Black & white striped tee:  Faded Glory (thrifted).


 1 henley or polo

Dark purple henley: Old Navy** (thrifted)

**Author’s note:  For the most part, I’m anti-Old Navy.  Well, anti-the-whole-Gap-corporation, to be specific.

My husband and I had a very bad experience with the whole corporation, so I’ve boycotted the company.

Unless I run across something I really, really love.  So this is a rare thing in my wardrobe.  Also, don’t take

that as me turning my nose up at anyone else who shops at/works for any of the stores in the Gap corporation.

I’m sure they don’t treat everyone badly.  Rant over.

__5 t-shirts in unpredictable colors

Pink ruched-sleeve tee: GNW (thrifted).

“Lucky Green” (that’s the color they list it as) tee: a.n.a. (bought at JCPenney 2011).

Blurple (that’s my official made-up color…a color where you can’t tell if it’s blue or purple) tee: Merona (thrifted).

*Own 3, need 2 more (I really want 1 navy blue & 1 yellow)

__4 more fun tees

*Own none.  Or at least, no “fun tees” that I would actually qualify as a “top” (because they have different necklines, aren’t cotton, and have print on them).  So, need 4 more?  Maybe?  I think that may be overkill, but what the heck.

**Note:  Since I hail from a part of the world where I need long-sleeved shirts to not suffer from frostbite, I took the liberty of adding the following to my “you’re covered if” arsenal:
1 good long-sleeved black tee

Black long-sleeved shirt: Venezia (thrifted).

__1 good long-sleeved white tee

*Own 0, need 1.  Preferably boatneck.

3 long-sleeved t-shirts in unpredictable colors

Blurple long-sleeved shirt: Eileen Fisher (thrifted).

Gray v-neck long-sleeved shirt:  a.n.a. (thrifted). *I have to say

when I first got this shirt I thought I would only wear it on days

I wanted to keep it simple and casul, but it has quickly become one of

my favorite shirts because I’ve been able to make it so versatile!  Good decision.

Brown long-sleeved shirt: St. John’s Bay (gifted…not from my

mother this time, but from my older brother for Christmas.  It

was actually something on my Christmas list).

2 black tanks & 2 white tanks (I have to say that these weren’t on the Lucky list, but I’ve read in countless fashion magazines that these should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, and I agree.  So without much deliberation, I chose to not include these on the “Extras” list and instead put it on with the “you’re covered if…” stuff.)

Black cotton & lace tank: Honestly, I’ve worn this so many times that the tag’s worn off, so I don’t know the brand (gifted…I think).

Black ribbed tee:  Another shirt I’ve worn so much that the tag wore off, so again, don’t know the brand (thrifted…though I swear the brand was intact when I bought it).

White cotton & lace tank:  Jockey (thrifted).  *Tip for those not in-the-know:  if you’re looking for a cheap, basic layering tank, totally get the Jockey & Hanes ones.  They usually come in like a 3-pack of white, black and gray.  They’re so comfy and often fit so well!

White v-neck cotton & lace tank: style&co (thrifted).
Extras (tees I own that are in addition to those on the “you’re covered if…” list):

Lavender tank: Xhiliration (thrifted).

Pink cotton & lace tank: St. John’s Bay (bought at JCPenney 2012)

Red long-sleeved henley: liz&co (thrifted).  I love the pearlized snaps!  🙂


I’ve decided I liked the skirt Fashion Friday format so much that I think I’ll adopt that format for all Fashion Fridays.  🙂  So, here it goes!

What I’ve learned:

*Did you notice that I didn’t have a t-shirt to donate?  I’m happy to say that I have worn all these shirts throughout the year with amazing consistency.  All of them work with my wardrobe and serve well to mix and match.  I guess they don’t call t-shirts “basics” for nothing, right?

*For tanks, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty particular about their fit.  In general I look for ones that are long, not short, and body-grazing, not tight or super-loose.  I also learned that I’m attracted to tanks with lace on them, probably because it makes the tank able to be dressed up or down.  Also, it means that I’m not a spaghetti-strap tank person for the most part (my ample chest makes it look sorta like a joke).

*I buy A LOT of stuff from thrift store!  Holy cow, I didn’t notice until I listed all my tees just how much I’ve been thrift store shopping.  I think I’ve become somewhat of a thrift store snob, where I see something at the mall and think, “I could probably find something more unique and less expensive at the thrift store.”  I’ve also noticed that if I do shell out money at a non-thrift store, it’s because I absolutely love it, know I would never be able to find it at a thrit store, am looking for something so super-specific and of-the-moment that I’d really only be able to find it at a clothing store (but not for lack of hardcore combing through the thrift stores first) and/or the fit is impeccable.

*I gravitate towards the a.n.a. brand for t-shirts.  I’ve come to realize that I specifically look for that brand at thrift stores because they fit so well and I love the style of them.  Coincidentally, this is one of the only brands that I specifically set aside money for to pay full-price at the mall for.

Shirts I need to wear more often:

…rather than shirts I haven’t worn yet, because I’ve mentioned, I’ve actually worn all these during the year.  The three that stick out are my red henley*, white shirt* (mostly because I have another white shirt that I favor over that one…but it fits more of the “tops” category), and plum tank (admittedly because of the reason that it’s the clingiest out of all my tanks and I have to be feeling really good about my body before stepping out in that baby).

*A few days ago, just to challenge myself, I brought out the red henley and white shirt, layered them together with some antique-looking jewelry, dark gray jeans, and black pumps, and I loved the result.  It just reinforced the fact that I do indeed like having them in my wardrobe.

Final tee shopping list:

__1 good white tee

__2 tees in unpredictable colors (preferably navy blue & yellow)

__4 fun tees

__1 cream or white boatneck long-sleeved tee

For all you fashionistas/fashion-interested out there, some questions:

1)  What is your favorite shirt out of the above?  Your least favorite?  (As in, do you have any “what was she thinking?!?” impressions of any of the above?)

2) Aside from what is noted above that I need to add to a shopping list, is there anything glaringly missing from my collection?  Is there anything you would suggest to round out/compliment what I already have?

3) After seeing the pictures, do you think I’ve miscategorized anything?

4) Do you happen to know the true definition of a t-shirt vs. top?  Because I am so thoroughly confused.

5) Do you think any of these shirts are out of place in my wardrobe (i.e., does one or more skirt(s) not fit the fashion profile/personality of the others)?–Ironically, I didn’t actually see a cohesive “t-shirt personality” for myself shine through in these choices, so perhaps a more appropriate question is, “What is my t-shirt personality/what do you gather of my fashion personality from these t-shirt choices?”

6) Do you love thrifting as much as I do, or are you morally against thrifting when it comes to fashion?  If yes, what is your favorite thrift store?  If no, what about thrifting turns you off to it?  Also, are there any particular brands that you specifically save your money for?

Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks.  🙂