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Ta-Da! Tuesday: Making Do With What I Have, and the Most GLORIOUS Discovery!

Dear Readers,

      I originally planned on doing my quill pen canvas art for this Tuesday, but unfortunately, I lacked both the time and the funds to do it.  So now we all have something to look forward to for next Tuesday!

      Instead, I still do have a couple “Ta-Da!”s of sorts to show you.  The first one was completely free:

      On a walk at a nearby park during this sunshiny weekend, I got struck with the inspiration to make my own version of shadow puppets.  My husband made fun of me for dillydallying and taking every opportunity to take pictures (I admit I was quite camera-happy this weekend), but once I pieced this together and put it on Facebook, the accolades I received for this picture was more than worth it!  It was so easy to do, but so gratifying.  First, I took these four pictures of my shadow:

Then edited them all in Paint (read: I was too lazy to reinstall Photoshop and thought it was so easy to put together I didn’t need Photoshop rightthismoment anyway.  Luckily, I was right.  Also luckily, my dear hubby installed Photoshop the next day.).  Basically, I just did a rectangular selection of all the letters, then cut and paste those letters onto a new Paint file.  Then I resized the letters so they were all the same size.  That’s it!  I thought it would be a cute picture idea for an engagement or wedding pic.  Feel free to use this idea (and please post the results!  I would love to see them!).

The second one isn’t a “Look what I made” ta-da! at all.  It’s very much a “Holy cow, I found it!!!” ta-da!.  Do you remember the umbrella I saw that I posted a couple of Mondays ago?  And you remember how driven I was to find it and make it my own?  Well, as I was wandering through JoAnn Fabrics to take the picture of the rainboots from this Monday’s post and to also gather supplies for today’s original idea (and quickly finding out, as I mentioned above, that I lacked the time and the funds), I RAN ACROSS THE UMBRELLA!  I swear it was fated for me to own that umbrella.  I wasn’t about to argue with fate, so I quickly and giddily snatched up the umbrella.  I am proud to say that it is now mine:

I was so excited to find it that I couldn’t wait until I got home to take a picture of it.  So here it is, in the passenger seat, next to its happy new owner.  🙂

It is just so much more fabulous than I remembered it.  Not only does it have the hearts for watermelon seeds, it also has “yummy” printed on it, cute flowers on the green “rind,” and wonderful ruffles and polka dots and a yellow stitch line.  Oh, it’s so absolutely perfect!!

On top of that, it was on sale, so it was affordable.  So with that, I have made an executive decision to award myself a checkmark:
Find (and buy) the fabulous watermelon umbrella I saw at the parade!!!

Hoping you find your own amazing, unexpected “Ta-Da!”s (And if you do, please share!  I would love to hear about it!),