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Fashion Friday: Oh, To Be Young Again!

I’m putting off my clothing inventory for another week, to bring you what I think is SO UNFAIR.

Okay, not really, but kinda.  My mom and I visited a Target not too long ago, just to browse (and I think it was when I picked up Taylor Swift’s new CD, Red.  Yep, guilty pleasure.  Don’t judge.)  We did an obligatory walkthrough of the womens’ section, but I didn’t really find much to be interested in.  As we were leaving, though, I caught a glimpse of something in the girls’ clothing section:

If you don’t know by now, I have an intense love of and obsession with unicorns and stars and glittery things.  So when I saw this, I just about darn near passed out from how much I loved it.  The thing I love the most is that it isn’t overly childish or girly (in my opinion), compared to the cartoony My Little Pony-like unicorns you see nowadays (though I not-so-secretly love those unicorns, too.  What can I say?  I’m equal-unicornity).  And it saddened and embarassed me at the same time that I wanted this shirt so badly but they didn’t make it in grown-up sizes.

After getting over the initial squeals over this shirt, I saw other pieces of clothing that I would love to possess, if only they weren’t made for 4-to-10-year-olds:

A cute silver-grey shrug that has just the right amount of sparkle to keep it interesting,

An adorable star-printed sweater that continued the print up to the sleeves and had a cute crystal-button detail on the collar,

Sparkly sweater dresses in black and white,

Jeans with a heart print,

And a beanie with stars.

That doesn’t even scratch the surface, guys.  I would’ve easily taken pictures of about 90% of the entire girls’ department, but 1) people in the store were starting to give me weird stares and 2) you probably don’t want to see all those clothes.  Because there were a LOT that I loved.

Then I started to feel a little insecure.  Did that mean that my fashion choices are that of an elementary school-aged girl?  I pride myself as having a style that’s sophisticated, not seven-year-old.  And when I add “quirk” to my style definition (sophisiticated and colorful with a little bit of quirk is my mantra when getting dressed), I never meant for “quirk” to equal “touches of pre-pubescence”.  I don’t want to walk around wearing, and being giddy about, the same clothing that a person up to 25 years my junior would be psyched to wear.

Is it just me that wants a grown-up version of those clothes?  Or is it that fashion designers are starting to design kids’ clothing in a way that they feel more grown-up?  I hope the latter is true.  Let me know what you all think.  🙂

Looking for the Fountain of Youth So I Won’t Seem So Silly Wearing Those Clothes,

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Ta-Da! Tuesday: **Updated with final touch-ups!** Dream a Little Dream of Me

Crafting Projects I Want To Do 43) Word transfer art

Oh, Pinterest.  You’re so very addictive and full of ideas I want to try.  This idea is no different.  Once I set my eyes upon this link I knew I had to do it.  So I carved out this Ta-Da! Tuesday just for this project.

I have to confess that I’m probably the only girl above the age of 4 who’s obsessed with unicorns.  I have an entire unicorn collection in the corner of mine and my husband’s bedroom (Bless him for letting me do that.  It takes a real man to have unicorns in his bedroom).  We just recently moved to a new apartment, and while I was unpacking, I ran across this poster:

Unicorn poster, gifted…from husband.  Who is more than okay with me turning it into something else, by the way.

You can’t really see it here, but it had gotten wrinkled beyond respectable presentability.  I was fully intent on donating it until I ran across the above link.

Our bedroom’s main theme (aside from the unicorner) is celestial, with lots of moons, stars, dark blues, golds, and yellows.  So I thought this would be perfect to use for this project because it already had blue and yellow in it.  I originally thought I’d follow the craft exactly, using the white paint, but after some thought I decided to use light yellow instead:

Spray paint:  Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Gloss, “Bright Idea” (bought at Michael’s).

I chose the “Dream A Little Dream of Me” (honestly there’s such a long list of names who’ve covered this song that I can’t even begin to tell you who’s originally credited with it.  I first heard the Dean Martin version, know the Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald one the best, and have heard the Michael Buble one) lyrics 1) because it has the word “stars” and “night” in it, so I thought it would fit in well with the theme of our bedroom, and 2) because during my and my husband’s dating days, when we were long-distance, I’d sing this song to him at night before he went to sleep.  Yes, cheesy, I know.  What can I say?  🙂

So I started laying out the letters:

Chipboard letters:  Pressed Petals Chip Chatter, Tall.

It was supposed to say “stars shining bright above you”, but as you can tell, I lacked several letters to fully form this phrase so I had to make weird substitutions.  🙂

I didn’t know if I wanted to do this phrase or “night breezes seem to whisper I love you”, but either way, I didn’t have the letters.  I contemplated going out and buying enough letters for all of it, but then I decided to just do the whole first part of the song instead.  And then!!  I remembered that my extremely generous friend had given me her whole scrapbooking stash (for which I’ll be eternally grateful).  So I raided that for all the letters and I was ecstatic that I had all of them (and then some!!!).  They were smaller than the chipboard letters so I was able to fit all the lyrics on the poster:

Letter stickers:  Creative Memories, gifted.

As mentioned in the link, I cut the letters out first and arranged them onto the poster to see if I like the layout before I actually stuck them on:

The funny thing is the pre-layout didn’t quite work as well as I wanted it to.  When I started to stick the letters on, of course the width of them were reduced because it didn’t have the white background paper that the stickers were stuck on.  So I had to tweak the layout a bit as I stuck the stickers on.  I know it’s a little off, but I think I actually like it imperfect.  Gives it character.

Then I applied the spray paint:

Side note:  I’d never actually used spray paint until this very project.  I felt a bit mischievous, like someone sneaking up on an abandoned train to tag it.  I admit I giggled a little bit at this scenario.  Anyways, the spray paint was much leaker than I thought it would be.  It was quite drippy.  Perhaps you guys would have better luck with a better-quality spray paint?  Anyone out there who’s well-versed in spray painting have any brand recommendations in case I want to do this again?

I applied four thin layers, letting each layer dry two minutes before applying a new one.  Then I let the whole thing dry for about an hour and a half.

Then the peeling started (be careful during this step!):

When I got done peeling all the letters off, this is what I ended up with:

The original link used acrylic paint and a paintbrush and recommended spray paint because the acrylic paint bled.  As you can see here, the spray paint still bled a little (you can especially see it in the “me” at the end):

but I think that was because of my spray painting inexperience.  I think next time around I won’t coat the paint on so heavily and it probably won’t bleed through.  Also, I’d recommend thicker lettering.  I think some of the problem was that during my heavy-handed spray painting, the paint soaked clear through the thin stickers and that was the cause of some of the bleeding.  So maybe do chipboard letters (like I originally had)?  I have to say, though, that even though at first I was concerned about how the symbols would turn out, I was actually quite pleased with the clouds, music notes, and crescent moon:

The star ended up being a little warped, but that’s okay.  Overall, I had fun doing it and would definitely do it again.  And I think if it really bothered me, I could fix the bleeding by trying to “erase” it with nail polish remover or layering a colored letter sticker on top.  But as of right now, I liked the way it turned out it enough to proudly display it in my bedroom.  So with that, I am off to bed for the night.  🙂

**Wednesday update:  I woke up this morning and the letters that bled through really bugged me, so I ended up taking a nail polish remover-soaked cotton swab and touched it up, and I was really pleased with the result: (so much so that I deemed it good enough for hanging)

Sweet Dreams to All!